Letters! Yay! And finally, the long awaited chapter ….. Cindy Vortex.

Dear fanfic writers,

Let me just begin by saying, you are all completely insane! Losers without any lives! I mean come on! Who seriously spends their time writing fictional stories!

They are sappy, have no plots and over 99.9 percent are about me and NUETRON getting together in some way or form! Seriously people! What is up with everyone saying that I love Neutron? I SO do not! I hate the guy, I hate his stinking guts.

I hate his ego, his enormously large sized head, his need to be right all of the time, his inventions that never turn out right and almost always get us into trouble, his need to always push a little bit further. Why do you think there is a league of villains out to kill him? Because people hate him, duh!

And furthermore, I am not jealous of Betty Quinlan! Almost every story I have ever read on here mentions me being jealous of that Miss- I'm- so- Perfect Betty! AHHHHH! I am not jealous of her! I just don't like when Neutron makes eyes at her because it's gross! And so what if she said Neutron was mine? What good does that do me? He still likes her!! Not that it matters, at all……

And just because he's kissed me a few times doesn't mean that we're in love! I mean come on you kiss your grandma don't you?? I mean there's just as much emotion in that as there is in the kiss he gave me in that blessed alley.. I mean… that wretched alleyway! I mean, who are you guys kidding? We will never end up together! We don't want to end up together! I never have said I love him! Yes, you think I have because I've said "Jimmy, I lov, I love..." but that was only because I thought we were all going to die! I get caught up in the heat of the moment! I mean come on, I'm a drama queen, it's what I do.

So in conclusion of this rant, let me repeat, I do not LOVE Jimmy! I do not love his big blue eyes, I do not love the tingles I get when he looks at me, I do not love the way I feel when he touches me! I do not love him! Nor will I ever!

Okay now that we've got that all straightened out I am going to find Neutron and terrorize his cute self.

Your fan, Cindy Vortex.

P.S. Ignore that last few lines or I will find you and punch you so hard in the mouth it will wake up your dentist.

You all know I will.