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I'll stay with you...

Chapter I


Maybe I have been here before

I know this room, I've walked this floor

I used to live alone before I knew you

I've seen your flag on the marble arch

Love is not a victory march

It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

"Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainwright

- I will not go there! - growled Tsume, folded his arms and turned away. Kiba gritted his teeth and scowled at him.

- For the third time I will repeat. Your rules are not working there. Now you can shut up and go with us or, which is more suitable for me, you can leave the pack.

- Tertium non datur as they say. - Hige smirked and started running towards the city, Blue after him.

- Let's go, Toboe. - Kiba at once followed Hige not wishing to fight with the grey wolf on the empty stomach.

Toboe looked at Tsume.

- Don't you dare tell me anything! - he yelled - I will not go there!

Toboe's expression saddened more.

- But Tsume... We came here together... And all dangers we got through - we got through together. I thought... We became friends. Maybe... maybe you should explain to Kiba why you don't want to go to the city. I'm sure he'll understand. - the hope shined in Toboe's eyes.

Tsume turned to him and the rage and pain, both mixed in his glance, pushed Toboe away.

- Get out of my sight. We're not friends. And there's no Rakuen. - he hissed.

Toboe, frightened and almost on the verge of tears, stambling, vanished in the direction of the city.

- You're OK? - asked Hige when Toboe joined the three..

- I will be. - quietly answered Toboe looking at the ground.

Hige whispered in Kiba's ear:

- I thought he'll bring Tsume with him.

Kiba nodded but then shrugged his shoulders and moved forward.


He was running... running... from the damn city, from his past and from himself. He was running until he stambled at something and fell in the dirt feeling dust filling his lungs. His powers left him. He raised his head but the city was still there - dark and unmerciful in its glory. The living remembrance of his sin, of his cowardness and of his betrayal. If only he could change the past...

He couldn't but he was sure he got over the pain that was killing him slowly. Obviously he was wrong.

He was lying in the dirt - lost and broken. Only he didn't cry. He never could.

Alone. Again. As always.

Your punishment, grey wolf.

You're lost.


Blue put her arm on Toboe's shoulder.

- Don't worry, Toboe, Tsume will catch up with us.

Toboe smiled and nodded regaining his good spirits.

Hige put his arm on Blue's waist, love and tender shined in his eyes.

- You're so kind, babe...

Blue smiled and pushed Hige's arm away.

- Stop doing this when others are around.

- Doing what? - slyly winked at her brown wolf.

- Sorry to interupt your family idyll but did you notice? - Kiba turned to face others.

- Notice what? - Hige started smeling the air. - Nothing strange...

- Oh, for once, Hige, stop using your nose and use your sight! - Blue rolled her eyes.

- There are no humans. At all. - whispered Toboe.

- The pup is right. - came the voice from the nearest building.

And soon all the four stood in front of a big black wolf whose body was covered with scars almost everywhere. Behind him stood his pack - seventeen wolves - all strained and ready to attack if necessary.

- There are no humans. What brought you here, strangers?

Kiba stepped forward.

- We had no intentions to enter your territory. We're going to Paradise and are very tired. We came here searching for food.

- Paradise? You're going to Paradise? - the black wolf lowered his gaze as if thinking about something. Then he he looked at Kiba again.

- My name is Mor. If you're going to Paradise then be our guests tonight.


Hige lying on the ground with the ful stomach felt that Blue who curled near him fell asleep. The brown wolf sighed happily.

He realized now that all the dangers they coped with were worth it - this moment. True, they've gone through hell - found Cheza, killed Jagara.

Sometimes it seemed to Hige that hell was following them too. When Hubb and Cher trapped in the car drowned in cold waters. When Toboe was almost killed protecting Quent, who died eventually. When Darcia appeared again and stole Cheza for the third time. Well, at least, thanks to Kiba the destraction of the world was stopped..

Hige rested his head on Blue's neck.

If only they could stay like that. Who knows what will happen when they'll find Darcia? Who knows who can be killed?

Hige wasn't worried about himself. He would easily sacrifice his life for Blue's sake. But he also knew he couldn't leave Blue. If he dies she would be alone. Quent was dead and that was a hard blow for her. Hige understood: he had no rights to leave her even if it was for her own sake.

Of course they could stay here. Kiba wouldn't be surprised. Hige caught his questening gaze today during the supper.

But the thing is... They all became friends and they all wanted to find Rakuen. And save Cheza. And that was something that not only he... but Blue also were ready to sacrifice their lives for.

So when he opened his mouth after supper to raise the topic he suddenly felt Blue's fingers covering his lips.

- We'll go.

The decision was made and all they had to do was rest trying to find strength in each other's arms.


Kiba was a little bit surprised when Mor woke him up during the night and called him for a walk.

The two wolves found a quiet place in some ruins. Mist covered the ground making Kiba shiver under its cold wet touches. Finally Mor sat on the stone and looked at the white wolf.

- I feel that you have questions about the whole place. I have the answers you need.

His golden eyes sparkled.

- Feel free to ask me. About everything. But nothing is ever given for no particular reason. I have questions too. And I guess the questions wouldn't please you.

Kiba frowned.

- I warned you. And now you have the choice. You can leave in the morning and forget about this place or you can leave with the knowledge but you surely will loose something. Even I can't say what will it be. Do you understand?

Kiba nodded.

- Then ask... - Mor's pose relaxed a little, lost its threatening features.

Kiba glanced around himself not understanding why his own words sounded so... reluctant. As if his mouth wasn't willing to say them.

- What is this place? Why does it smell of humans but in truth there is noone but your pack?

- It is our home. Many years ago humans lived there and we had to hide ourselves among them. But then this world started changing. And soon noone was left. Except us and hunters. Jagara's hunters.

Mor's eyes filled with rage and hate.

- At first we tried to fight. But it was useless. So we tried to escape from the city. They had been waiting for us. We had no choice. To save my pack I decided to stay and... hide.

- What? - Kiba growled - And what about your pride?

Mor sent Kiba such a deathful glare that the last immediately calmed.

- They could see us even in human form. And pride is nothing compared to the pain of loosing your friends. Next question.

- Jagara is dead. Why don't you lead your pack to Rakuen?

Mor smiled sadly.

- I've thought about it recently. But we are old. Old and tired. Those of us who wanted and the young of the pack had already left. My son leads them. Maybe you'll meet them someday... Others stayed with me. You see the wolves who don't have powers to go to Rakuen and who simply don't want.

Kiba blinked.

- You don't want...

- Drop it, kid. You won't understand. Not now.

- Why did you help us?

- Well... You're young and you travel. The news from the outside world do interest us. We knew about Jagara's death but you came here and told us how it happened. Today's supper was one of the best in my life. Besides you will leave tomorrow. So why not help you? Of course there is one more reason... If you are ready for the question - the only question - I want to ask you.

The intonations of Mor's voice changed. They became more serious, more watchful. Kiba took up the challenge.

- Ask.

Mor stood up. His eyes fixed on Kiba.

- You smell of a wolf. The one who isn't with your pack now. Where is he?

Kiba obviously strained.

- Why do you ask me?

- I'll answer you. And trust me: you won't like it.


Toboe could sense - something was wrong with Kiba who has just returned.

Tsume wasn't here. So Toboe was worried about him and couldn't sleep preferring to be tired in the morning than seeing a nightmare. He noticed when Mor and Kiba went away and now was willing to know what did they do or speak about. But judging by Kiba's shocked look it wasn't a good idea. And he decided only to wonder if Kiba was Ok. He came to the white wolf and asked.

Kiba turned to him slowly and looked at him. The feelings reflected in his eyes were changing fast. Shock, doubt, assurance, loss, rage, humility, search... decision. And pity.

Somehow Toboe felt that the last was aimed at him. He shivered.

- Go to sleep, Toboe. There is a long journey ahead of us. - came a hursh response.

Scared brown wolf did as he was ordered.

Something bad was going to happen. Very bad.

Toboe closed his eyes.

Nightmares were nothing compared with the feeling.


Tsume suddenly caught the familiar scent. Before he could remember whom did it belong to sharp teeth pierced his leg. And sharp claws pinned him to the ground.

He saw two wolves upon him. The third was standing not far, ready to help his brothers if necessary. A paw was on his throat. A black one.

- Run away. And never return, traitor. That's what I said to you several years ago. And you came here. Care to explain?

Mor grinned but the eyes held no satisfaction. Pain was printed in them.

- F-father... - whispered Tsume.

Pure hatred captured Mor.

- Don't ever call me that. My son died the day Jagara almost killed us. I only came to make sure you won't try to enter the city. By the way... that young white wolf... was very surprised to hear about your past.

Tsume even couldn't move after these words.

What will Toboe think?

Mor turned away and vanished in the night. Tsume stood up from the ground, trembling. He even didn't try to block the hits from the other two wolves. He couldn't feel the pain in his body, for the pain of his heart was much, much worse.

When his attackers left Tsume was lying in his own blood in agony. With all his last might he crawled to the forest not far. Curling under a big tree he let his pain overtook him.


Leaving the city... We're leaving the city. We're leaving the city without Tsume...

Thoughts jumped replacing each other. Memories of the times they spent together. The dangers they got through. Their problems, their hopes and fears.

When Kiba gathered them in the morning he told what he was speaking about with Mor. He told them about Tsume's past, his cowardness and betrayal. He said that even if Tsume would catch up with them Kiba wouldn't let him stay with the pack.

Toboe remembered how Hige opened his mouth to protest. But Kiba glared at him.

- I know what you will say. You'll tell me about yourself. You'll tell me that Tsume changed like you did. And listen now to my words. I believe you. I believe you because you're in love with a wonderful wolf. I trust you. But I can't trust him. He always argues with us. He is too closed. I don't know what to expect from him.

Toboe remembered how Hige lowered his gaze. Still not believing in what was happenning, Toboe leapt to his feet. Kiba turned his attention to him.

- I know you trust him. I know you like him. I know it will be hard for you to accept. But, please understand. I'm doing it not because I don't like Tsume or have something against him. I'm doing it for our sakes. Please understand.

Toboe remembered he started shouting some words but almost immediately was hid in Blue's embrace. Where he bursted into tears.

And now they are leaving the city... without Tsume.


Hige suddenly raised his nose into the air. Kiba at once jumped to him watching with half an eye at Blue and Toboe walking together. The woman was saying something to the child trying to cheer him up.

- His scent?

Hige nooded not looking at Kiba

- Not only. I smell his blood..

Kiba frowned.

- We must distract Toboe.

But before they could do it the boy tossed his head and stopped. Kiba turned to him.

- Toboe, we should go.

- Don't you feel? - he shouted at others. All grown-ups hid their gazes. Toboe stared, shocked, at them. - It's Tsume. And he is hurt!

- Toboe... - repeated Kiba in a stern voice - We should go. You want to find Paradise, don't you?

- Yes, but...

- Toboe, then come with us. Or... - the white wolf turned away - Stay with him.

Toboe, shaking, covered his face with his arms.

- But he is hurt.

Blue put her arm on his shoulder.

- Then go to him.

Hige opened his mouth. Blue hushed him with a glare.

- Go to him and help him. And then catch up with us.

Toboe looked at Kiba. The white wolf sighed.

- Go. We won't be far.


He wasn't prepared to the sight of Tsume lying in the puddle of blood. He had to brace himself before he started doing something.

Tsume was wounded in many places. That were the wounds not supposed to kill him but to make him suffer. Toboe had to lick almost the whole Tsume's body clean.

He did it and sat near the grey wolf, absently running his fingers over Tsume's white hair, calming the man obviously seeing something in his sleep. Tsume's features relaxed. Now the only things that reminded Toboe about Tsume's state were the traces of wounds and rare shaking of his body.

He didn't know how much time passed since he came here. He was so lost in his thoughts that didn't notice the moment Tsume woke up and strained under his touches.

Tsume harshly stood up, moved from Toboe away and leaned on a tree.

- Tsume... - Toboe wanted to help him, for the grey wolf could barely stand.

- Don't come near me! What are you doing here?

Toboe lowered his hands and his gaze.

- I wanted to help you...

Tsume grinned.

- To help the traitor? Such a noble action. - the man turned his head away from him - Leave me. Go, find your Rakuen.

Toboe gritted his teeth.

- How don't you understand? - he shouted, crying at the same time - I don't need any Rakuen without you!

And in the next moment the boy threw himself at Tsume, closing his arms behind the man's waist, hiding his tears in the man's chest.

- Toboe... You should... Go... - that was all Tsume managed to say before his wounds sent him into unconsciousness again. He fell on knees, head on Toboe's shoulder.

Toboe carefully lowered Tsume on the ground.

- If that is what you wish...

The brown wolf took off his bracelets and left them near Tsume.

- You would say that I'm so silly... I promise... I'll be strong.

As the last tear fell from his cheek Toboe ran away.


The first thing Tsume saw when he opened his eyes were Toboe's bracelets.

- Oh, Toboe... You'ru such a kid. - Tsume sat, smiled a little and put the bracelets on his left wrist. He listened to their tinkling as he moved his hand. It was somewhat... calming.

He didn't know how much time had passed but the sun was ready to vanish. Tsume closed his eyes trying not to think that he was alone again.

Toboe really helped him. The grey wolf was weak but could surely continue the journey. The only question was where he would go.

As he sat and tried to find the answer his nose caught a strange disturbing smell. Of... Of...

Smoke and fear, blood and gunpowder...

Without thinking he headed to the city. When the trees ended he saw... the ruins. High in the sky were Jagara's aircrafts.

- Impossible... It can't be! - he whispered. But then he saw Darcia's plane in the head of the fleet.

Thank God they left the city. They had to.

He waited until the planes left and entered the ruins. Several dead human bodies lay on the ground. But no sign of wolves. Whatsoever.

Then he saw the broken cages. And understood. His father's pack was taken away.

He found out what he wanted and was ready to leave but suddenly a red little scarf caught his attention.

No need to worry. Blue could forget it or it's just another little red scarf.

He didn't make even a step when the scents filled his nostrils.

Hige's blood. Kiba's blood.

Tsume fell on his knees.

Blue's scarf. Toboe's scent.

- Toboe... TOBOE! - in despair he hit the ground.

They took them. They took everything from him.

He raised his head and looked at the dark sky.

Sky doesn't have mercy upon us.

Your punishment, grey wolf.

You're lost.

I swear I'll find you.

End of the chapter

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