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Chapter III


Burning embers of the second death will come in the night

Priests and kings, the alpha and omega, poison bites

False prophets and deceivers swing from the trees

Now dawn the age of birds

Drunk with blood, like lepers with disease

Lord of the sky Mercury the guide

Lord of the underworld, I swear the sacred rite

I will crucify, slay them with their tribe

Hear my war cry

They'll find no sanctuary hidden in their ancestral halls

Let loose the knot that binds the spirit and the flesh

Let it fall

For only courage and heroism linger after death

So, hold fast thy sword, rejecting pain, feel the dragon's


Lord of the sky Mercury the guide

Lord of the underworld, I swear the sacred rite

I will crucify, slay them with their tribe

Hear my war cry

I've sworn the oath

"The oath"/Manowar

My name is Mor. Mor who once fought for the leadership of the pack and won. In such moments that is the only thing which helps me stay sane. Responsibility.

Gods know how I want to thrust my fangs into those humans. To jump down their throats. To kill them all and get my revenge. For all the years of suffering, hiding, starving and living in fear.

And again I'm helpless. Because of the responsibility.

I do have pride. Like Kiba does. He is sitting in the corner now, jumping from time to time, especially when the howls of pain, piercing the silence of our desperation become unbearable. He jumpes and the other wolf, Hige, if I'm not mistaken, catches him by shoulders. Kiba glares at him and then sits back, the expression on his face of an old utterly tired man. He sits and regains his powers so that the scene repeats every half of an hour.

I wish I could be as young as he is. And at the same time I do not. I've told him during our night talk that we don't wish for Rakuen anymore. It's not like we don't believe in it. It's just... we are so tired... We didn't manage to get there once. And I believe it was destined. Our road ended and the city of man became our home. We do have dreams about Rakuen, but we don't have any wishes. Yes, I think it's right to say so - dreams without aims.

Like I said I have my pride. If I was young as Kiba is I would not sit on the floor right now. I would have tried to do something. Like breaking the matal bars and helping the wolves in the separate cages. But if I do so, most likely, I'll be locked in the similar cage immediately and my pack will loose its leader. They are strong wolves. They will not panic or begin a fight for the leadership. But it will be the thing that might break them inside, make them weaker. They've suffered for far too long. And so I have to to stay alive and bit back my rage and do nothing but listen to the howls of pain. I know my pack won't be disappointed in me, I can feel it by their nods and looks in their eyes. They understand and that's the real thing that keeps me sane.

My life wasn't easy since my birth. My father died while protecting me. I was so little that now I remember almost nothing about the night I lost him. I can only remember a big beast and my father running towards him. And then my mother came and took me away. She never tried to find someone after my father's death. She raised me and devoted her life to me. When I was ready to live by myself, she embraced me and left without words. And I stayed with the pack. I think that she went to the beast, to revenge for my father.

Time passed and I fell in love. My loved one gave birth to three wonderful pups: Tsume, Luckra and Vert.

When Jagara came I was already a leader. The hell started the day Luckra decided to pass the inevitable test. If the one sucseeds to pass it the other pack acknowledges the wolf as a grown up. My daughter fell first, she caught the first bullet, she was the first victim.

I howled and all wolves who heard me came immediately. We started fighting. Vert was right beside me. The only strength I could find at that time was by seeing him.

We managed to make Jagara's people retreat for some time. And then I got another blow. Tsume came running from the opposite side of the city where he and others went hunting in the morning.

He came running alone. Shaking, whining like a dog. Like a coward.

That was not my son. And I exiled him. We decided to hide and life went on. Full of problems and fears, but life anyway.

I couldn't know if Tsume survived. I forbade myself to think about it. But even despite everything that happened, I was relieved to know he was alive.

He found a pack and became part of it. I hoped he opened himself to them, his past and mistakes. Judging by Kiba's face when I told him the truth, he obviously didn't. I managed not to show my disappointment to Kiba but the white wolf was so shocked that wouldn't notice anyway.

I needed to see him. My son. He changed, matured. I saw his face when I told him about the talk with Kiba. I hurt him. I hurt him and left. But what could I do? Exile is an exile.

Gods, I love him. No matter what. I wish I could tell him. I want to be proud of him. I want to know in what way he changed. He's my son no matter what. And that's the truth I can't deny any longer. He's my blood.

All right, now my eyes are stinging. It's just... Sometimes I feel myself so lonely...

I have to brace myself.

I have to find the way out of this hell.



He can't do it. He can't go on in such a state.

Tsume fell on on the ground huddling up from cold and pain.

The weather changed and now it seemed the clouds were ready to make a wet hell on the Earth.

The grey wolf crawled to a small cave not far followed by the black bird. The last was strangely speechless after the recent fight.

Seeing that Tsume's eyes became cloudy and then closed, the raven found a safe ledge in the wall near the entrace, occupying a good patrol place. He sat and stared at the stretching valley in front of him. It was pouring but the outlines of Darcia's city could be easily guessed even behind the grey screen of rain.

It was not the right time and place to have a rest but Tsume desperately needed a break.

The raven whose name was Ashes felt himself odd. Without any thinking, right a moment ago, he took the duties of watching over the wolf he met two days ago. Enough to feel himself odd, he thought.

The raven whose name was Ashes and who didn't like his own name had never had any friends or any acquaintances. He was always a renegade. So when the loneliness bacame unearable he would find himself a target and wouldn't "sod off" until he spoke his mind. He didn't need a person to talk with, only to listen to him. He never tried to befriend someone. In a sort, he thought, it was his way to protect himself from the dangers of this world.

And now... he was afraid. That he had been wrong. If he tried, maybe... Just maybe... He would have had such friends as this wolf is.

The raven knew almost nothing about the scarred wolf. The only thing he managed to understand was that the grey wolf was ready to, literally, go to hell to save someone. Someone precious to him.

To love means to hurt...

The black bird huddled up into a lump. He hadn't any friends and was, to tell the truth, too old to start doing so. But... there are still things he could do, like... helping this grey wolf to find his happiness and maybe after...

To love means to sacrifice...

Truly the right thing to do...

Time froze.


- Hey, what's going on? - asked Toboe, crouching behind Kiba's and Hige's backs.

The two wolves sat strained, Kiba's eyes not leaving the hall and the door where the only guard fell asleep several minutes ago, Hige trying to do something with the lock in the bars.

- Shh... - hissed Blue and made a sign to Toboe to come closer.

- Blue, what are they doing? - whispered Toboe, joining the sitting woman.

- Mor suggested an idea... - began speaking Blue. Immediately both wolves turned their heads to her and scowled. She scowled back and continued to speak, but directly in Toboe's ear now.

- We'll have to be as silent as we can so as not to wake the guard. Mor suggested to run away but secretly. Hige said that he could try to open the lock. And then he and Kiba will have to find the exit. One by one we will leave the place and hide in the mountains.

Toboe nodded understanding that the other variants of escape will probably wake up the whole city and all of them would be immediately hunted down.

The silence of the cell was broken by a loud crack.

- Here we go, baby... - smirked Hige and disappeared in the hall, Kiba after him.

Mor closed the door but not tightly and sat leaning on it, so it wouldn't open from wind or movements.

Toboe watched his friends sneaking down the hall, all his body trembling from fear and worry.

If someone catches them, they will be locked. In the separate cages. With snakes and acid.

The wolves thrown there didn't howl anymore.

Toboe was sure... none of them had survived.


Hige slightly opened the door, praying to all Gods for it not to creak. The guard shifted in his sleep, Kiba near him strained, ready to thrust his fangs in the man's throat if necessary.

Behind the door the two wolves found a large room, thankfully without any humans. There was one more door there which led them into the city's street.

- So far so good... - muttered Hige casting a glance at Kiba - I don't like it.

- Stop worrying and saying nonsense. - Kiba stepped forward, setting the pace and trying to remain in the background - Let's find gates or something.

Hige grinned.

- Why not simply say: Shut up, Hige?

Sometimes I just don't understand this man - he added to himself following the white wolf.

It didn't take them long to find the gates. Heavily protected by humans, guns and various technique.

Hige became gloomy.

- Don't say I brought this trouble on.

Kiba turned and walked past him into other direction.

- I won't, you've just said it by yourself. Let's go round the city. Maybe these walls don't stretch too far.

Hige shook his head.

- I seriously doubt that.

Kiba threw him a deathful glare.

- Any other ideas then?

Hige nerviously chuckled.

- Calm down, mate. I want to get out of here too.

Kiba forced himself to sigh and kept on going, Hige close to him.

The brown wolf looked at the sky for a moment. It was still covered with clouds, so that the moon couldn't be seen.

It'll be good if the rain starts again, better as strong as this afternoon, a good cover for us...

Suddenly Hige bumped into Kiba's back.

- Hey, what happened? We don't have much time, only until dawn...

- It's... It's Cheza... I can feel her scent.

Hige's eyes narrowed with worry.

- Kiba... Kiba, listen to me. We're going to find that damned exit, hide all wolves far from this hell and only THEN, listen to me, only THEN we'll come back for Cheza.

Kiba didn't react whatsoever. Instead, he rushed right across the street, following the scent.

- Kiba, NO! - cried the brown wolf, staying at the place and clutching his head in despair.

Not now, no! Oh, God, what I'm going to do? He'll wake up the whole city... They'll notice him and understand that we ran away and then... then they will punish us all...

Oh, no! Nonononono...


A tall man stood in front of a big glass pool, a glass of wine in his hand, a sword in the other. He stood straight, only slightly leaning on his weapon, from time to time sipping the bloody-red liquid. His long dark-blue hair glimmered in the darkness of a large hall with high arch.

His name was Darcia and pure madness reflected in his eyes, one of a Noble, the other of a wolf.

He had come a long way: he had loved, he had suffered, he had revenged. His real path had ended long ago. But still he had stayed.

My dear Hamona, wherever you are... soon, we will be together again. In Rakuen...

- In the Rakuen I'll make of this Earth! - Darcia let his glass fall on the floor. It broke and the wine ran under his feet into a bloody-red puddle. Darcia kept on laughing loudly, almost hysterically, until a quite but a strong voice rushed into his ears.

- What are you laughing at?

Darcia calmed down and looked at Cheza.

- See me in my glory, flower! Soon, all my dreams will come true. Hate me, curse me, no matter what I will prevail!

- I do not hate you... There is nothing in you I can hate. You're all pain. I feel sorry for you.

The man's fists clenched, he threw his sword aside and came closer to the pool. He put his feverish forehead on the glass and embraced the glass cocoon.

- So... pity is what I deserve...

He giggled.

- You'll regret about these words, flower. You will hate me. I swear, you will.

Casting a victory glance at Cheza Darcia left the hall.

Cheza closed her eyes.

And still... I feel sorry for you...


- Wake up, sleepyhead! An urgent order from Darcia himself!

At the sounds of human voices Blue jumped and looked in the hall. Another guard had just come in and woke his partner.

She noticed that Mor, cursing closed the door of their cell. Their plan was crashing fast.

Brace yourself! Hige can easily open the door again. The guard, also, can be taken down. But whatever for that man came?

Seeing that several more people came in, she lay near sleeping Toboe in one of the corners. Mor also changed his place and pretended to be asleep.

Blue hoped Kiba and Hige were all right.

Some of humans walked past their cell and a few minutes after left, dragging bags in their hands by the floor. Terrible scents filled the cell.

Blue noticed how Mor bared his teeth.

Dead wolves... Five or six... God, when will this hell end?

Definitely, the hell wasn't going to end, for several other humans came in their cell, grabbed a wolf from Mor's pack and knocked him down.

Mor immediately jumped on his paws and was too sent into unconsciousness.

- How many more do we need? - asked one of the men.

- One... Hey, that one looks pretty. I think he is what we need. Lord Darcia will be pleased.

With that the human stepped forward and grabbed Toboe. At once Blue was on her paws and tried to kill the man. The other man blocked the hit and pinned Blue on the floor, kicking her hard in her stomach and then - head.

She passed out.



- Come on, wake up, you grey bunch of fur and muscles. Few more hours and the night will be over.

The bird started cawing right over Tsume's ear. Immediately the grey paw shot up and pinned the raven onto the ground.

- I'm hungry. Tell me the only reason why I must not eat you right now.

- I'll help you get into the city.

Tsume moaned and freed the bird, then rolled on his back and stared at the valley.

- We don't have much time. Let's go! We need to get into the city until dawn.

The raven sat on the ledge and started waiting for Tsume to get up. The grey wolf scowled at him. And their gazes locked.

With a quite amount of surprise, Tsume noticed:

- You've stopped babbling.

The raven snorted.

- While someone slept I've been working. I found a good way to enter the city but if you don't hurry up, you'll loose the opportunity.

Tsume, half asleep yet, idiotically repeated:

- You've stopped babbling.

- Arghh! Make your brains work!

Tsume shook his head and stood up, moaning with every movement. His muscles ached, his wound ached, his head ached. He was cold and hungry and trembled from overexertion.

Shrugging the thoughts off and stretching Tsume turned to the raven.

- So, what's the plan?

- A convoy of supply is now moving towards the city. You are to catch up with it and hide in one of the cars. I'll meet you behind the walls, surrounding the city.

Tsume nodded, leaving the questions about how the raven managed to get the information later on.

- See the lights moving down the valley?

- Sure, they're not far.

- This is the convoy. Hurry up, don't loose it.

Tsume watched as the bird soared in the dark sky and then gritting his teeth, raced after the lights.


After a few moments of hesitation whether to follow Kiba or to stick to plan, Hige chose the second variant. He just hoped that Kiba wouldn't make any silly actions, like stopping in the center of the street and screaming: Darcia, come here! I'll rip your throat apart!

Not that he didn't want to kill Darcia himself or save Cheza... But he understood that Kiba again behaved himself not as a leader.

And I thought we got over it...

Hige sighed hiding himself in shadows as he saw several men walking down the street. He carefully waited until they left and continued moving. The street ended with the same high stone wall.

Hige turned around and suddenly saw a man standing right in front of him. Obviously the man was shocked as much as Hige.

Thanking all Gods for his fast reactions Hige jumped forward and thrusted his fangs in the man's throat until the human could make any sound.

Great, what am I gonna do with this dead body?

He needed to do something and fast before anyone could see the dead soldier lying in the center of the street.

As he searched for the solution his gaze fell onto a hatch. Without further thinking Hige dragged the body, opened the cover and threw the man in the hole. The body landed with a loud sound of splashing water. Hige nerviously loked around himself. He noticed several men going out of a building.

Hige at once jmped into the hatch and silently slid the cover shut. Down on the ground he was surprised to find himself in a kind of cave with many streams running in the darkness of the tunnel.

Knowing that now, at least for some time, the way back is impossible he decided to make a small exploration. He walked down the tunnel following the streams.

Half an hour later he came out of the tunnel and found himself stopping dead in his tracks. Right in front of him the valley stretched blending with the night.


- Finally! - grumbled raven watching how Tsume slipped out of the car's body covered by tent - I was beginning to think you didn't manage to catch up with the convoy.

- Don't make me mad, bird. They've almost noticed me. I'm on the verge of killing someone.

- Sure, I'm on the verge of starting babbling again. Follow me!

Tsume, lurking in the shadows ran after the bird.

- Where are we exactly going? - hissed the grey wolf wishing desperately to find Toboe and get the hell out of this place.

- While you've been sleeping I've been finding out all the difficulties of a scout profession. I'm leading you to a local prison.

- Fine. Whatever.

Together they entred the building. Tsume sniffed the air.

- Uff... what a terrible smell! - the raven commented sitting on one of the tables.

That smell... Gods, no.. Please, no...

Tsume paled inside. He rushed forward, straight in the slightly opened door and found himself in a hall, under the guard's very nose. Hiis sharp fangs immediately captured the man and knocked him down on the floor gnawing his throat through.

Not stopping the grey wolf went further until he saw the metal bars and wolves locked behind them. Some of the wolves acknowledged his presence and stared gloomy at him. With his eyes Tsume searched for his friends but only found Blue lying on the floor with a few wolves standing over her tending to her wound on the head where clotted blood could be seen.

- Hie, tek dis! - said the raven through clenched beak and gave the keys to Tsume - The guard wasn't against me borrowing them. He was so silent...

Not paying attention to the bird Tsume unlocked the obstacle and immediately rushed to Blue who at the moment began awakening. She opened her eyes but didn't try to move knowing that it will send her to unconsciousness. Supressing the urge to panic she looked around herself and finally noticed Tsume, patiently waiting (but definitely on the verge of breaking that patience, for his eyes scowled at her without any mercy) for her to gain thoughts.

- Tsume? - her voice was barely a whisper.

- What happened, Blue? Where are the others?

One of the wolves sitting near the woman answered.

- Were taken away several minutes ago.

Tsume tossed his head.

- Where? All of them?

- No, only Toboe... - at this moment Tsume quivered and his fists clenched - ...and... your father. Kiba and Hige must be all right... The guards said something... about Darcia's urgent order... before they took...

Blue had to make a pause as painful cough captured her. The raven behind Tsume muttered.

- Who is darcia?

- The son of a bitch who owes me his death... - the gery wolf shook his head in desperation - How I'm gonna find him in this damn city? Oh, shirt...

Tsume closed his eyes and hit the wall near him with full force not caring about the bruises on his hands. The bird seemed to ponder over something.

- When I explored the territory earlier tonight I saw a strange building among others. If... Dacria... er, no, not right... Radcia...

- Darcia. - breathed out Tsume in irritation.

- Yes, sure. If... Darcia is the one who gives orders here that means he is a commander. Commanders don't live in simple buildings. Hurry up, I'll guide you there.

As Tsume began moving he suddenly felt the touch on his hand. He turned his head and saw Blue smiling.

- Now I trust... you to take care of Toboe. You're... one of us... despite... everything. We are the real pack, right?

Tsume's features softened.

- Right.

He reached the exit of the cell and was stopped by a quite giggle.

- And... Tsume, you look really awful.

Tsume smirked.

- Woman, Hige influences you too much.

He left the prison in a slightly better mood.


Hige ran back like a madman. He was hungry, furious, tired, but he had found an exit.

I must hurry. I have to get Blue and others the hell out of here before Kiba makes something stupid.

- Please, let it be empty... - he pleaded as he moved the cover of the hatch aside. It seemed his luck had returned to him. The street slept and no soul could be seen around.

He quickly sneaked into the prison and at once understood that something changed. The dead body of the guard made him faint.

- BLUE! - he shouted, not caring if somebody could hear him. He reached the cell and saw his Blue alive, but definitely hurt. In a step he crossed the space and pressed his lips to hers afraid that if he let her she would disappear.

- Umff, Hige, God, you've scared me to death!

- Are you in pain? What happened? Please, don't go, I love you!

Blue raised her eyebrow.

- Hige, I'm hurt, but I'm not going to die. Calm down, I love you too...

Hige let out a heavy sigh and lay his head on the Blue's shoulder, his hands shaked.

- What happened? - He tried to make his voice not to waver.

- By Darcia's order they took several wolves. Toboe and Mor...

Hige gritted his teeth.

- Toboe, no...

Blue suddenly smiled. Hige looked at her inquirely.

- Tsume was here several minutes ago

- Tsume? - Hige grinned - I knew he would come!

- He left for Toboe... Hige... Where is Kiba?

Hige paled, the reality crushing on him again. He stood straight and addressed to all the wolves in the cell.

- Listen to me, all of you. I've found the exit. I can lead you there, one by one, so as nobody could see us. Those who will go, please, stand in a column.

Hige took Blue in his arms and made a sign to the first wolf from the column to follow him

- Where is Kiba, Hige? - whispered Blue.

- He will be all right. - answered brown wolf cursing the amount of doubt in his voice.

He felt himself odd. Like the role he was playing wasn't his.

Damn, why is Kiba always somewhere else when we need him?


- Open your eyes, flower! - hissed Darcia.

Cheza did so and wished she hadn't. Tears began falling down her cheeks melting in the water of the pool.

Right in front of her lay a head of a wolf, his body not far. Darcia's sword lying on the floor was covered with blood.

- Still not hating me, flower? - the man laughed - Then look here.

Darcia vanished in the darkness behind him, only his heavy steps could be heard. He returned in a minute, dragging two unconscious wolves by their withers. One was black and the other was...


Cheza's eyes, locked on Toboe, filled with fear. Darcia noticed that and observed the younger wolf closely.

- Well-well-well... What do we have here? One of your little friends, I suppose? - Darcia threw the black wolf aside and lifted Toboe higher and then with all his might tossed him on the stone floor, his right leg kicking him hard in his side so that the boy rolled on his stomach at once awakened from his tranquilized dream.

Toboe tried to stand up but the same leg hit him in his abdomen, then pinned him to the ground and stayed on his back. Toboe cried from pain when the man shifted all his weight onto his leg. Darcia leaned closer and put his elbows on his knee, hands embracing his perfect face. Looking at Cheza he repeated his question.

- Still not hating me?

The flower maiden pursed her lips not wishing to show her despair to Darcia, although she trembled inside.

Darcia chuckled and lazily reached for his sword, Toboe gulping his own blood under him, unable even to breath. The man pressed the blade to the boy's neck. Thin trickle of blood ran there.

- No, please, no... Please, don't do this... Please... - cried Cheza trying to wiggle out of fetters.

- Oh, now you plead me... - the blade was pressed tighter to the boy's neck - Do you hate me?

- Yes, I hate you, IhateyouIhateyouIhateyou...

Darcia nodded and raised his sword.

- You should hate me and you do right, because I will show no mercy to this wolf!

- No! - shouted Cheza, Toboe on the floor squinted his eyes, ready to die.

- You human rabble, fight with me! - growled Kiba and thrusted his fangs in the man's wrist, making Darcia drop the sword and jump a few meters away. The only indication that Darcia felt any pain was that he covered his wrist with his other hand, his eyes not leaving Kiba.

- You have no idea with whom you are fighting, chosen one. See me for what I am.

Toboe gasped as he saw Darcia turning into wolf. A demon from hell was more suitable combination of words. He turned away from the fight which had already started as Kiba moved forward to Darcia and, bitting his lip, stood up. The pain throughout his body was terrible but bearable. He walked closer to Cheza.

- Toboe, you're all right?

- Fine. How can I free you? - he asked, knocking the glass.

- I don't know.

Toboe heard a growl and in the next moment saw Kiba falling near him, his white fur red from blood, but getting up anyway.

In his human form Darcia wiped off the blood from his lips with his hand.

- You are pretty stubborn, chosen one. Let's see how you'll cope with this. Guard!

The invisible doors in the walls opened and several armed men rushed into the hall. Armed with guns, no less. Darcia hid himself in the shadows. Kiba without thinking jumped at the closest enemy.

Toboe fell on the floor so as not to catch the bullet. But so did the glass pool above him; splinters of glass fell on his back. Thank God, there wasn't any big ones, he thought, lying on the floor and covering his head with hands. He was on the verge of passing out, though, from pain and desperation fullfilling him.

Cheza lay on the floor now, near him, still with fetters on her hands and feet. He crawled to her and tried to gnaw them through.

What Toboe didn't know was that one of the guards stood behind him. He acknowledged the man's presence only when the muzzle of a gun was pressed to his head. Toboe froze and in the next moment felt hot blood running down his head mixing with his hair. Surprisingly, not his blood. He turned around and saw Mor with satisfaction killing the guard.

- You're all right, kid? - asked the black wolf and not waiting for the answer jumped to help Kiba.

Toboe, trembling and feeling himself sick, freed Cheza and embraced her, deciding to protect the flower maiden if necessary. Cheza opened her eyes.

- Toboe?

- It's Ok, Cheza, everything is gonna be Ok. I hope... - the boy added hiding his head in Cheza's neck, not managing to stop tears.

Cheza suddenly strained.

I can't let this world die. It's Rakuen in itself.

- Toboe, we are family... - Cheza took the boy's face in her hands. Toboe nodded. And Cheza smiled - Whatever happens it won't change. Tell... Please, tell others that I love them. Tell Kiba that I love him.

She stood up straight and turned to where Darcia hid himself. As she moved forward Toboe caught her by her clothes.

- Cheza, no! It's dangerous here!

The flower maiden put her hand on the brown wolf's head and petted him.

- Please, let me go.

And he did, fainting, his instincts telling him to stop her, but his heart ordering him otherwise.

Cheza started walking in Darcia's direction, feeling herself lighter with every step. She entered the darkness and stopped right in front of the man.

- I do not hate you. You're all pain. And I feel sorry for you.

She didn't even flinch when Darcia pulled his gun out and shot. She didn't try to resist when death darkness captured her. She only heard his voice, crying her name.


I'm sorry, Kiba. I have to die. If I live I will open Rakuen and the world in which we became a family will disappear as well as all of you. I do not wish that. Because I love you, Kiba. Take care of wolves for me. Take care of them. I will see you...

Saionara, Kiba...

...Remember... Someday... Somewhere...

...I will see you...


Toboe watched as if paralized how Cheza fell on the floor, as Kiba jumped to her, crying for the first time in his life, embraced her and pleaded her to stay. He watched as Darcia came closer to the white wolf, shining in his evil triumph.

- Finally, I got rid of her. That damn flower was beginning to play on my nerves. So, chosen one, will you fight now, when there is nothing left to fight for?

Kiba didn't answer. He seemed to notice nothing at the moment whispering something in the air.

- You're so miserable now. I'll take care of you later. First, your little friends...

Darcia turned to Toboe and came closer to him, aiming the gun at the boy's head.


The man dropped his weapon as sharp fangs thrusted in his shoulder and left it bleeding. He turned to a new enemy.

- You barely stand on your paws, grey wolf. You want a fight? You'll get it!

With a pounding heart Toboe watched as two wolves began a deadly duel. The only thought thumped in his mind.

Tsume came...

He stopped breathing as Darcia, in a wolf form, bit Tsume's side. The grey wolf fell on the floor, eyes clouded by pain. Toboe didn't know that it was the same side the beast from the montains wounded.

Toboe thought fast. Mor was still fighting with the guards, keeping them at a distance, Kiba not reacting to the world. He leaped to his feet, ready to kill the man. He was not going to let Tsume die!

What he didn't expect was Darcia turning to him as in a slow motion and tossing his gun up, pulling the trigger.

- TOBOE! - cried Tsume and knowing he won't be on time to save the boy jumped onto Darcia, whose back was to him, ripping the man's throat apart.


Toboe stopped dead in his tracks, knowing that in a second he would be dead from a bullet. He didn't dare closing his eyes. He looked at Tsume. And that was everything that mattered.

He was ready to die when suddenly a flash of black appeared from somewhere, taking his bullet on itself.

The black raven fell on the floor. Toboe kneeled near the bird, crying. The raven opened one eye and observed him.

- Everything will be Ok in the end, kid.

Tsume, as he killed Darcia, came closer to the lying bird and sat near, with a shock on his face.

- Was I... a good friend? - with his last force whispered raven.

- Yes, yes you were. - answered Tsume smiling.

The bird nodded and closed the eye.

Finally, you...


- Tsume! - Toboe rushed forward, embracing the man, sitting on his knees and hiding his face in the man's shoulder - Tsume...

Tsume relaxed, resting his head in the boy's hair.

- I've found you... - he whispered to himself, embracing Toboe's waist.

- Tsume! - suddenly yelled Mor and jumped to the two - We have to get out of here. Soon the whole city will be there!

Tsume stood up, facing the reality, trying not to pay attention to pain. He nodded and helped Toboe to his feet.

- Kiba! Are you going? - cried Mor, walking to the white wolf. The last didn't respond.

- We can't leave him here! - desperation obvious in Toboe's voice.

- I'll carry him. - Tsume moved but was immediately stopped by Mor's hand pushing him slightly in his chest.

- You're in no state. I will.

Tsume lowered his gaze.

- But how are we going to leave the city? - asked Toboe.

- Let's go to prison first. Take Blue and find Hige. - suggested grey wolf. Mor nodded in agreement.

In a few minutes they were at the place and found the cell empty.

- What the hell? - exclaimed Mor, worried about his pack.

- Hey, guys, I was beginning to think you've decided to stay in this hell! - smirked Hige behind their backs - What's with Kiba, though?

The brown wolf frowned.

- Later! - snapped Mor - Have you found an exit?

- Follow me.

They managed to get away before dawn, before the whole city was alarmed. Before Darcia's body was found lying dead in a chaos of the hall with a high arch. The features of his face still carrying pure madness...


Hige led them to a cave he and other wolves found after crossing the valley. Mor left Kiba with his pack and went to his own.

Hige sat near Kiba and listened to Toboe, retelling what happened in Darcia's Den. Tsume sat behind the boy embracing the boy's waist and resting his chin on Toboe's head, not wishing to loose the boy again. Toboe didn't object. He was so tired that even hadn't any powers for blushing.

- But why... Why Cheza? - Hige overwhelmed by grief didn't end the question. Blue took his hand and squeezed it. Hige smiled a little.

The brown wolf looked at Kiba who was sitting at the wall and rocking back and forth, huddled up in a ball. Decisively Hige stood up and, dropping on his knees near white wolf, caught Kiba's wrists, making the wolf look at him. But as soon as blue eyes met his gaze the same quick way they were averted.

With all his might Hige slapped Kiba in the face.

- What kind of wolf are you if you now let dead Darcia win?

Tears filled Kiba's eyes and he poked his head onto Hige's shoulder. Hige let hm have a good cry.

- It's all right, mate. It's all right...

Toboe, watching the scene, felt himself on the verge of tears again. Besides Tsume's hands on his waist felt so good... he wanted to cry.

Tsume heard Toboe sniffling.

- Tired?

Toboe nodded.

- Sleep, then. I'll wake you up in case you have a nightmare.

Toboe leaned into Tsume's embrace and in a minute was asleep, his head resting on Tsume's shoulder. The man leaned on the wall, one hand still embracing Toboe, other - stroking boy's hair from time to time.

No thought was on Tsume's mind, he was enjoying the moment, when suddenly saw his father standing over him.

- Tsume, just on a minute, please.

The grey wolf carefully laid Toboe on the ground, threw his jacket over boy's shoulders and followed his father out of the cave where noone could see them.

Mor stood still, his back to Tsume. The grey wolf behind him didn't move too, his eyes didn't dare leave the ground. The rain started again, pouring from the grey sky above them.

- I'm sorry... - Tsume said, breaking the silence. He fell on his knees and hands, crying for the first time in his life.

- I'm sorry... - he repeated, burying his hands in the dirt, pressing his forehead to the ground, trembling like in a fever.

Mor turned to him wtih tears frozen in his gold eyes. Pride fought with love. And love won.

He fell near his son and let the one cry on his knees. Several minutes passed in silence and the two wolves didn't move.

- You... You can... stay with my pack. And I... I don't care what others will say. - said Mor, laying his hand on Tsume's shoulder.

Tsume smiled and raised his head, staring at the same gold eyes as his own.

- No, father, I can't. Exile is an exile. If I stay, your pride and respect of a wolf will be shattered.

Mor nodded, embracing his son.

- I'm so glad you are alive. And I want to say... I love you and you're my son no matter what. And... you've changed, Tsume. I'm proud of you.

- I love you too, dad... - whispered Tsume, amazed how easy the words came out of his mouth and feeling a big load fell off his shoulders, although, part of it stayed. He suspected it wouldn't go away ever. And he was glad of it, for there was a remembrance for his mistakes not to be repeated.

- I'll miss you, dad. I'm... leaving soon and I want you to know that I'll miss you.

- So soon? - Mor's eyebrows raised - I haven't heard your pack was going to leave.

Tsume lowered his gaze.

- Alone, then? Are you sure?

- Yes, it's for the best.

Mor shook his head.

- Then come here, I'll embrace you so hard, you won't ever forget this day.

The grey wolf smiled and relaxed finding strength in his father's arms. They sat for a while, talking about everything and nothing.


Blue looked at him with a sad gaze.

- I hoped you'll stay with us.

Tsume chuckled.

- I said I'd revenge. Here, I suppose it's yours.

Blue took her scarf from his nads, smiling.

- Thanks, I was beginning to think that I've lost quite an amount of character with this thing. Are you really leaving?

- Yes, I am. Tell Hige he is a good friend.

- I will. - Blue threw a glance to where her lover and Kiba were sleeping. Hige drifted off after he managed to comfort his friend.

- Take care of Toboe. And, please, don't wake him up now.

Blue became gloomy.

- Why do you think I would do such a thing?

Tsume shook his head.

- Women...

Blue almost cried now.

- Woman, let me go and be happy.

- We will miss you.

- I will miss all of you too. Even Kiba, though the thought is a little bit strange... - he added.

- Saionara, Tsume.

- Saionara.


Tsume walked to sleeping Toboe and sat near him. He stroke the boy's hair, face. He leaned forward and moving Toboe's hair away placed a light kiss on the boy's temple.

You're safe now. Our enemies dead, Kiba as strong as he is will get over Cheza's death and find a place for all of you to call Rakuen.

I'm sorry I'll never tell you how much... I love you. Even though knowing that my feelings could be returned... I'm leaving. I've been taking care of you up to this moment, but now I can't trust myself... to do it. I was broken when we met but now I am into pieces which, I doubt, ever become one again.

You'll have to forgive me for that. Or, if you wish, don't.

Sleep well, my litle Toboe, and find the Rakuen you were searching for.


Tsume put the bracelets near Toboe and, not turning back, knowing that if he does so, he won't be able to go away, left the cave.

The same rain met him outside. He stood, not moving, for a moment, gulping the pouring water, running down his face.

He stepped forward then and with each step ran faster.



- Oh, come on, wake up, boy!

Toboe opened his eyes, feeling that his shoulder could be easily teared away from his body if the shaking won't stop. He opened his eyes and saw black fur blocking his vision. Toboe jumped back, scared that Darcia could have returned from hell to revenge them.

But it was only Mor, scowling at him.

- Tsume. Has just. Gone.

Toboe fainted. He noticed the bracelets lying near him and grabbed them, feeling tears threatening to appear. He just didn't know what to do.

In an instance Blue was near him, supporting the younger wolf morally.

- Blue, what should I do? - he asked, voice and body trembling.

- That is your decision to make. - she said, wiping Toboe's tears off.

Suddenly Hige came up to them, one hand of his embracing Kiba by shoulders. The last was looking very pale.

- You can stay with us and search for Paradise or you can stay with Tsume. - pointed out Hige.

- But I want to do both... - Toboe clinged to the leather jacket, like it could bring Tsume back.

To everybody's surprise Kiba stepped forward and sat near Toboe, making an eye contact.

- This world is Rakuen in itself, Toboe.

Toboe closed his eyes.

- Right! - he said cheerfully, leaping to his feet.

- I will miss you all! - he whispered with a smile and tears running down his cheeks.

Hige tossed his hand with a clenched fist in the air.

- Right! See the runt on the run! - he yelled. Blue shook her head.

- Hige, you're again disgustingly happy. We love you, Toboe and we will miss you... - she smiled and embraced him.

Toboe nodded and went out of the cave.

- Take care of my son... - whispered Mor to him before the boy vanished behind the grey screen.

Kiba looked at the sky.

And remember... Someday... Somewhere...

We will meet again...


He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard someone running behind him. In a moment Toboe was almost all over him, throwing his arms around the man's waist and sobbing in his flat stomach.

- What d'you think you're doing? - he asked trying to move Toboe's hands away.

- I'll stay with you.

- What? Like hell you will!

- I'll stay with you! - Toboe looked at him seriously.

Tsume shook his head in denial.

- No, you won't. Right now you'll turn away and go back to the cave.

Suddenly Toboe jumped back a little, looking furious.

- Why are you always making decisions by yourself? You can't decide what I should do. It's my decision to make. And I'll stay with you. - he yelled, crossing his arms.

Seeing the determination in the boy's eyes, Tsume turned away.

- Please, go back.

- I won't. I love you! - Toboe blurted out.

- Go away. - Tsume whispered, closing his face with trembling hands.

Toboe came up to him and moved them away.

- If you're thinking you can get rid of me so easily, you're mistaken.

Not believing in his own courage and blushing all the time, but knowing he had to do something, Toboe took the man's face in his hands and drew him closer, pressing his lips to the man's.

And that was all it took Tsume to surrender. He answered the kiss, at the same time pulling the boy closer, catching his hips

They kissed like mad under the rain. When the need of oxygen became unbearable they made a break, breathing heavily.

- I'll stay with you... - insisted Toboe, clinging to Tsume's T-shirt which he wore under the jacket which now lay on the ground, fallen from the boy's shoulders.

- I'll make sure you will... - finally surrendered Tsume, sighing - Let's find a shelter. I don't want you to catch a cold.

Toboe smiled. Tsume sceptically observed his own jacket lying in the dirt on the ground.

It's better I warm him myself next time.

Not alone?

For always...

Your sweet punishment, grey wolf.

...you had been found...


A big black wolf with golden eyes slowly walked down the path between mountains. He sniffed the air, finally sure, he was where he wanted to be.

He wasn't here since his childhood, though. And the memories connected with the place weren't the good ones. He carefully moved forward.

I hope Kiba shows himself as a good leader. But all he went through just made him stronger. He'll take care of my wolves. Besides Hige is always near, stopping him from making a fool of himself.

Black wolf smiled sincerely.

Blue's pups are so adorable. I wonder how Vest and Tsume are doing. But I'm sure they're all right. They are strong wolves. I love them both. If only Luckra survived...

The black wolf sighed.

Suddenly, the earth started shaking. From out of a distant pit a beast jumped out. The beast whose wings long ago forgot how to fly.

The black wolf growled and grinned at the same time.

Come here, slayer, I will revenge for my parents...

He ran forward, right into the arms of his destiny. A destiny which can be merciful if you respect its decisions.

For I have...

It was a fight destined long ago.

...sworn the oath...

The end

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