Chapter 1


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Folder – BioEnhance Records

Document1 Code Name – Soldier's Birth

The order was sent.

30 children would be born in test tubes in the military laboratory.



Tampered with.

Only 24 of the original 30 survived "birth." The test tube birth is different from that of a normal human's. They are removed from they're pod in which they where formed. Some did not survive the transition, others where slightly deformed with blindness or other problems. They where put to death immediately.

The survivors where each given a number and then a name so they could be called away from the others if necessary.

The remaining would become the next generation of military personnel.

The first BioSoldiers

Chapter Two

Year Eight

The 24 was now only 18. 6 of them where found incompetent, lacking the nerve or discipline. They where killed in front of the others, and then class was continued.

The remaining 18 eight years olds where now smarter than most 12 year olds do and had the discipline of a professional soldier.

8 of the 18 stood out from the rest.

#1 Kai Hiwatari

#7 Brooklyn Masefield

#13 Tala Ivanov

#14 Bryan Falcov

#19 Spencer Karack

#24 Ian Sevipov

#28 Garland Simolian

#30 Robin Valov

They showed the best physical abilities and highest IQ. The followed all the rules, and exceeded all expectations.

Already at the age of eight, the children knew how to kill, and they had been told to do so on many occasions. The 6 that where killed, where killed by their classmates. The scientist thought it was excellent training.

Everyday was the same routine.

Wake up at 5:00 am every morning.

Breakfast. : 30 min

3-mile run: 15 min

Combat practice: 1 ½ hours

Free workout period: 2 hours

Fighter Craft Simulation – part 1: 1 hour

Advanced Math: 1 ½ hours

Computer Tech.: 2 hours

Fighter Craft Simulation – part 2: 1 ½ hours

Lunch: 30 min

Swim practice: 40 min

Fighter Craft Simulation – part 3: 2 hours

Shower: 5 min

Dinner: 14 min

Dismissal to Bunk area: 7 pm

Curfew: 9 pm

Bed Check: 10 pm

Yes, that kind of work for 14 hours seems absurd. Any kind of work for 14 hours is absurd in fact. However, these eight year olds, with their genetics, could handle it. They had higher stamina than a normal human being did.

They had 14 hours of work everyday, or 'education' as the scientist called it. Then 2 hours to relax in the bunks where they where allowed to talk with the other children and play a bit.

They were not given any games to play. If you asked if they wanted to play tag, they would just stare at you like an idiot. They didn't know what "tag" was. The games they played where fighting and racing, puzzles and word problems that tested their limits.

Games that would prove who was the best out of them. It was always a competition. They where always trying to prove themselves against each other, believing in some way that if they where the best, they'd find happiness and content.

This belief would stay with them till the day that they died.