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Al: Welcome back to FMA Dating! If you just tuned in, you have missed some very interesting scenes.

Maes: Yep. Interesting. Well, Riza, can you ask the next question?

Riza: Absolutely. sits down and flips to the next card Question Number Five: What's your- MAES!

Maes: Yes?

Riza: I am not bleeping asking that!

Maes: Why not? comes over to her, reads card, and falls on ground laughing

Al: Sorry, Riza, but you have to.

Riza: growls Fine. mutters something really quietly

Random Audience Member: We can't hear you!

Riza: FINE! What's your bleeping sign and what does it tell about your bleeping personality?

Roy, Havoc and Ed: laugh hysterically

Riza: (very murderously) Roy?

Roy: wiping away tears of laughter I'm a Leo. It means I'm hot, fiery, and passionate.

Riza: Havoc?

Havoc: I'm a Scorpio. It means I'm sexy and mysterious.

Riza: buries her face in her hands Ed?

Ed: I'm a Libra. It means I'm romantic and charming.

Winry: No, it doesn't! It means you're gullible and stupid!

Ed: Winry, shut up!

Winry: What're you gonna do, transmute a giant pencil and stab me?

Ed: Maybe I will!

Winry: I'd love to see you try.

Havoc: Maes?

Maes: looks up from where he's lying on the ground, still laughing Yes?

Havoc: Can we get on with the show? I've got a date tonight.

Riza: What? What if I pick you?

Havoc: Well, then we'll go out tomorrow night…oh, no, wait, I've got date tomorrow night, too.

Riza: Okay, Maes, this is just stupid. Havoc's got a thousand other girls other than me, Ed is obviously in love with Winry-

Winry: (hasn't heard a word Riza just said) It's not my fault you won't drink your bleeping milk!

Ed: Stop calling me short!

Riza: -which leaves the wannabe singer, Roy.

Maes: Are you saying you choose Roy?

Riza: I'm saying this is stupid!

Roy: She chooses me! Yes! C'mon, let's go!

Riza: I have one question left! Roy, sit down! Ed, stop fighting with Winry! Havoc, cancel your bleeping dates! awkward silence Okay, now Question Number Six-

Havoc: (whispering to Roy) That was hot. a bullet flies past his ear

Riza: If you were to transmute something for me, what would it be?

Roy: A miniskirt. clears his throat as Riza's gun lands in between his eyes A gun.

Havoc: I can't transmute anything. I'm not-

Riza: Just answer the bleeping question!

Havoc: Something lacy, and probably either black or red. yet another bullet flies past his ear

Ed: Anything but milk.

Riza: Fine, I give up. Ed, go make out with Winry. Havoc, go find your date. Roy, you and I are going to go-

Roy: Yes! I won! In your face, Havoc and Smurf-boy!

Riza: I was going to say that we're going to take you to an institution for the mentally unstable.
Roy: Wherever you wanna go, baby!

Riza: sighs

Maes: Well, thank you for tuning in to FMA dating! Join us next week for Desperate Homoculus. Until then, I'm your host Maes Hughes-

Al: And I'm Alphonse Elric! See you next time!

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