Author's Note: The epilogue. Very short and to the point. I was trying to allude to some theories that I think could be true without being blatant about it. I hope you can understand what I was trying to do. In a way I'm sorry to see this fic end, but I am also ready for it to be over. Almost one year to the date, and it's over. I almost can't believe it's been that long.


At any rate, thanks for following Shmi's story with me, and if I find inspiration for more Star Wars stuff I may be back. Real life has taken a firm grip and my time to write has been reduced to almost nothing. Thank you again for reading-I hope you weren't too put off by the sudden and vague ending.


His power to control his destiny was intoxicating and he had to remember to keep his pride in check. He couldn't afford to make a mistake simply because he was successful in playing puppet-master to a galaxy of lesser beings.

As he began the first steps in reaching his goal he was completely confident. It had been incredibly simple to murder his master. The man had become old, and unwisely he trusted his apprentice.

Taking his chance, it was in one night that he transitioned from apprentice to master. While he waited for his plan to take shape, he would seek out a temporary apprentice and he would need to take stock in what he knew of himself to do that. While he wanted someone strong in The Force, he needed to be sure he didn't find someone who would do to him what he had done to his former master. It might take some time, but he was willing to search the galaxy for the one that would aid him in his quest for domination.

His plan required he be active in molding the galactic situation around him. For this he chose his disguise cleverly, arriving on Naboo with clear aspirations. It took little to no manipulation for him to achieve the status he needed. With his grandfatherly appearance, it had been easy to climb the political ladder on Naboo. It had been so simple to gain the trust of the young queens. Each one had looked to him for advice and guidance and within a few years of his appearance on Naboo he had been appointed a Senator. Now he had a bigger role, and wider access to manipulate the government to the state of weakness he would need.

At times he had to keep from laughing at the ease with which he had been able to achieve his position. His powers were ever-growing, and the unknowing populations of the galaxy had no idea. He was thrilled by that, and also how his will was determining lives elsewhere…

For years Shmi endured her slavery with feelings of loss and depression. She went through the motions and did what she was told. As her fifth year of enslavement started, Shmi began to feel different. Very soon she would understand why.

She was pregnant.

At first she had been speechless. She was at a loss for words and completely scared out of her mind; she didn't know what would become of her. She was convinced it had to be a mistake. She'd never been with a man. She'd never done anything that could have resulted in this.

Her mind raced for any explanation, but yet she found herself three months late and her tummy starting to bulge just a bit. She knew it was real, finally, when she felt the child move within her. Her fear transitioned to wonder and hope when she began sensing emotions from him.

She knew it was a boy. She couldn't explain how she knew, just as she couldn't explain how she was even with child.

What caught her unaware was the longer she sensed him within her, the more pure joy she began to find in her situation. It scared her, however, as her future and her child's future was a complete mystery.

She knew she had to confess her condition to Hurilla, and soon. She only hoped the Hutt would be merciful and allow her to keep her child. There was a market on Tatooine for human slave babies and Shmi swore to herself if someone tried to take her child she would die fighting for her son, and for herself.

She sat in her dark, dank bunk, her hands cradling her tummy. She felt a flutter of movement as he shifted within her. She smiled. Though the sense of foreboding that had plagued her for years was still present at the back of her mind, for the moment Shmi dared to think that this was the thing, the one thing she could do that would change her fate and keep her from the darkness she kept seeing in her future.

She was sure of that.