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Dear Diary/Book/Journal/Something or the other,

Hi. You are a mauve, suede, empty book. You are my new best friend.

And you are probably wondering who I am.

I am Ginevra Weasley, called Ginny. I have extremely long red hair and I am weird.


I am.

Right now there are two crazy jerks running around on our street. They're pretty dumb. I mean, I opened my window, and then one of them rode their bicycle up our driveway, saw that I was there, and then turned right back round and rode as fast as he could away from me. And then guess what happened. That idiot boy yelled really loudly to his idiot friend that there was someone there and they shouldn't come here. I mean, I could hear every single word that the idiots were saying! CLEARLY! So then, the idiot boy yelled his idiot friend that if he didn't believe it, he should come and ride halfway up our driveway to check if I was there! I mean, how un-subtle could one idiot be! And then the idiot friend ACTUALLY DID IT! I can't believe it! How idiotic could the idiot friend and the idiot boy be!

How immature.

I mean, I knew I never was a looker but rubbing it in my face like that?

Jeez, how hurtful.

I should kill all the idiot boys and their idiot friends in the world.

Okay. Enough with getting in touch with my inner truck driver.

Sorry about that…rewind…

Okay. So. I got sidetracked right after I said I was weird. Am weird. But that doesn't really make sense (grammatically). Aha! Here's a sentence: I got sidetracked right after I said that I am weird! Okay. Whatever. Back to the point.

I have six overprotective prat-brothers. The oldest is Bill, then Charlie (those two are my favorites), then Fred and George (they're twins, pranksters that rival the Marauders, and like to call themselves Gred and Forge), and lastly, Ron. (Oh right. Percy. But he's a git, so it doesn't matter.) Then me. That's right-I'm the youngest AND I'm a girl. Tell me that that does not totally suck and I will strangle you. Nevermind that journals cannot be strangled, believe me, I will find a way.

And that's me.

Mum gave me you for my birthday. I never thought I would use you but here I am, writing…I guess some things are destined to stay the same forever (Harry being ever so hot)…and others are bound for change (me writing in a diary for goodness sake).

Anyway…the day after tomorrow, Harry's coming over! YES! Hermione came today. One would think that the brightest witch in her year would be able to see that she and my brother, Ron, are perfect for each other but nooo, in that area of expertise she decides to be quite dim. I guess it'll be my job to get them together. I am cackling evilly right now. I need a plan…

Oh, right. I can't be evil to Hermione until school starts. She promised to take me muggle clothes shopping tomorrow so that I could actually have something nice to wear on weekends and stuff at Hogwarts. YAY! Okay, I've got to go now, Mum's calling me down to breakfast. I've been up since six o' clock writing in you! Jeez, next thing we know, I'll be one of those freaks that are writing every single miniscule thing that happens to them in their diary. Eeek. Blaaahh. Bluuargh. Okay, now I really have to go, Mum's going ballistic. She probably thinks that Death Eaters are attacking me up here. Funny, you would think that I might scream if there were freaky dudes in masks and robes trying to kill me. Ah well. Bye for now!


The Girl Who's Being Attacked by Non-Existent Death Eaters,


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