Author's Note: Lucky Number Twelve…get ready for a shock.

Later that night, after Ginny had cleaned up and settled in bed (alone in the girl's dormitory, you sickos):

Dear Diary,

Needless to say, the textbook was forgotten.

Saturday morning:

Dear Diary,

Thank god it's the weekend. Last night's kiss was…



He's actually very good for a beginner.

I can't stop thinking about it.

I'm waiting for Natty to get her bum out of the bathroom so I can tell her.

I think I'm in shock. This was so unexpected! Like, I had no idea that he-that he-I can't even bring myself to say it. It's like, it's so amazing that I'm afraid that if I touch it, it'll just melt away…

Like ice cream. Yum.

Oh, right. I just ruined my own moment. Hey! Natasha's out!

"Hey, Ginny," Natasha says, adjusting the towel on her head. "Where on earth did you go yesterday night?"

"I had to get my Care of Magical Creatures textbook," I reply, drawing it out a bit.

I can feel myself getting ready to burst out and tell Natty everything.

"All night?"

A grin breaks out on my face. "Well, there was someone else involved…"

Natty's jaw drops. "Oh my god. Did he-did you-you both-"

"He kissed me last night, Natty." The calm before the storm…

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" we shriek together.

"I know! It was so romantic. He offered to help me get my textbook, because you know how I'm afraid of the dark, and it was pouring outside-"

Natty sighs romantically. "He kissed you outside? In the rain? That's so cute…"

"Under a tree. After we both slipped and fell in the mud."

"Awww! Ginny, that's so sweet! I'm so happy for you!" Natasha says, and reaches over to give me a hug. Corny moment!

I love having friends.

"Natty? You know how cheesy and overused that line is?"

"What line?"

"The 'I'm so happy for you' one."

"Well, what else am I going to say? Best wishes in your new relationship?"

"Ew, that sounded like one of those cards my mum always picks out, with the standard greeting thing."


"Let's get apple pie from the kitchens."

"SLEEPOVER!" Natty hoots.

I run down the elves' passageway (ask the muffin in the portrait for some turnips and an underwater basket-weaving class, then down the corridor and to your left) to the kitchens. Immediately I'm surrounded by elves.

"Can I have some apple pies, vanilla and berry ice cream," I tick the items off my fingers. "Strawberries and chocolate fondue, cranberry juice, preferably with a splash of champagne and/or Firewhisky, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, and whipped cream in a pot, and, let's see…how about some ice cold water and a couple baked potatoes." I'm practically yelling. Honestly, you'd think the house elves would want to be quiet when an order is being announced. Geez, my poor vocal chords…Mrs. Crick would probably wack me round the house with her dead cat if she was here. She's a mad, nasty old hag, I'm telling you…A snort from behind interrupts my thoughts.

"Harry?!" I jump out of my seat, turning a million different shades of red before my face selects Number 5023B Scarlet Fever (it's in Winston's Magical Paint Supply-used to be my favorite color. USED TO being the key words here). Oh my god. Harry's here. Why is he staring at me like that? What's that grin? He looks like a love-struck idiot! Is Cho Chang behind me or something?


Together. Me. Him. Couple. Heart?

I get it now.

"Hey, hey, hey, there, Gin." He catches hold of my arm before I fall and grins at me.

I melt, like a pot of ice cream, and fall to the ground in a dead faint.






Haha, gotcha, didn't I? DIDN"T I?

(Just say yes)


Erhm. Right. So…That was a bit, er, off, wasn't it.


Well, so anyway…

"Not so fast," he continues, and suddenly picks me up, one hand under my knees and the other supporting my back. I shriek and latch on to his neck. Laughing, he deposits me on the couch and sits down next to me.

"Ouch. You scream really loud."

"I know," I smile smugly.


"You don't know what you're in for, Potter," I say, and poke his side. Harry twitches and jokingly gives me a glare.

"You're cute," I say without thinking.

"Oh yeah?" he replies lazily.

"Thanks for helping me get my textbook."

Harry reaches across for my hand and twirls the small gold band around my finger, staring at it intently for a second. Something-a tiny smile?-flashes across his face.

"You're very welcome," he says, and kisses my hand.

I smile contentedly. Life is good. Harry grins at me, and I grin at him. We are both so very content…so, so very…content…yes…gosh, I'm tired…one sleepover is okay to miss…Natasha won't mind…

Later that day, in the girls' dormitory:

I enter the dorm a few hours later, having spent a few lovely hours with Harry. I see Natasha sitting on a mound of blankets, still in her pajamas, surrounded by all the food I ordered in the morning. Crap. Didn't the house elves tell her? I open my mouth to apologize.




She's hella pissed off.

"I DON'T CARE. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU DON'T SEEM TO CARE. DO YOU-" Her voice quiets a bit. At least she's not yelling. "Do you have any idea how long I waited for you? It's, what, twelve o' frigging clock! You have no idea-you don't care at all, do you? AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA! This entire friendship has been based upon YOUR needs. You needed violin lessons, you were so in love with that Potter kid…Everything is ALWAYS about YOU. You're exactly like Ashley. You think you're better but you're NOT. Do you know how much it hurt when Ashley did that? Or when Michael did that? Did you ever bother to even find out? Friends are supposed to be the biggest fans of each other. Or maybe you didn't know that, because you've never had any real ones."

My eyes filled with tears.

"Well GUESS WHAT, Gin, you had one. You had one in me, and you threw it away yourself so don't you feel sorry for yourself. I KNOW YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND NOW. I know, and you know, and the rest of the school knows that you are now dating the cutest guy on the block, the star Quidditch player, the Boy-Who-Lived, the-"

"Don't call him that."

"Excuse me?"

"Don't call him the Boy-Who-Lived. He hates it," I say vaguely.

"All right, then, " Natasha replies scathingly. "Harry frigging Potter's number one fan. And to think, the entire time I was standing up and cheering for you, and you weren't cheering back at me. You were cheering for the person right next to me who never gave you a second glance until yesterday. Easy mistake, right?"

I can't take this. With tears blurring my eyes I turn abruptly to leave the room. On my way out, I can faintly hear through the roaring in my ears Natasha's broken voice saying quietly,

"And I was always cheering for you…"

HAHAHAHAHA! Complete switch around! You thought everything would be happy and jolly, didn't you? No, it can never be…I'm evil.