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So, I therefore announce that I'm beginning with the story.

The Ultimate Power

-Hatchling, come to me

-Wha? Who is this?

-Don't you recognise me?

-Old…Old Bird?

-That's right, Hatchling, it's been a while

-But, but…What's happening? Why'd you came?

-Because I've been checking your work and to tell you something important. I made a very long trip to do this

-Haven't I proved myself already? Why do you have to keep teaching me?

-No, Hatchling, you haven't proved yourself fully

-What do you mean? I'm the best there is!

-Wrong again, Hatchling. You still fade in one power, the power that can make the worst soldier beat you.

-And what power is that? Tell me at once!

-You have to discover it by yourself, I can only give you the name of the power

-And…? What's its name?

-Love Hatchling, Love. With Love even the weakest of all can beat the strongest, it makes a powerful effect in every living form greatly exceeding its battling power to outstanding levels

-But, where do I find this "love"?

-I can't believe what I'm hearing…Hatchling, love isn´t something that one can go and grab, you just have to find it in someone or another being, like that time of the Metroid larva. You really liked it, right?

-Of course, I saw it come to life!

-And what did you feel when you saw it every time after it hatched?

-I felt…full of joy and peace inside my heart

-There you have it, that's a little piece of what love makes you feel, but, you must find someone that can be with you. This someone must be powerful to be at your side in battles or you will suffer for not seen it when you turn your head right

-So, all I have to do is find this "love" inside someone and I´ll conquer this last and best power?

-…it's no use…No, hatchling, no. You just…keep like you're going now, you are going just fine but you will never, EVER, be the best there is until you can feel the love inside you…

-I…see…Old Bird?…Old Bird, come back, explain me more!…NO!

The End

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Great Scott to everyone and…see you next mission:D