Reserved For Two More Chapter One

A sequel to my Atlantis two-parter Reserved for Two, but you don't really have to have read it to follow the story. And with RfT, don't read this if you're a Jack/Sam shipper, or at least not read and then send me abusive reviews/e-mails. I hated the way TPTB executed that relationship and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise. If you read this warning and read ahead anyway, it's your own bloody fault if you get offended. Please not flaming.

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He found her at home after not showing up to work for two days. At least he assumed she was at home, because her car and her bike were in the drive. He had a spare key, so he let himself in. He'd been worried about her, no-one seemed to know where she was and she wasn't answering the phone.

She was sitting on the couch, crying. It was a shock to the system, seeing Colonel Samantha Carter cry. It just wasn't something she did, although he'd been told that she cried every time she'd thought he was dead, which was kind of flattering.

"Sam?" he asked, concerned for her welfare. If she was crying, it had to be serious. Well, Jacob was dead, had been for six months, so it couldn't be that – or, if she were to feel occasionally sorry for herself over the loss of her father, she wouldn't take two days off work to sob her heart out. "Sam, what's wrong? Is it Jack?"

Samantha looked up at him. It was sweet of Daniel to be concerned for her – she supposed she must've had him worried, not showing up to work for two days and not answering her phone – but Daniel Jackson was not exactly the man she wanted to see right now. Actually, she wasn't sure who she wanted to see right now. She was pretty sure she didn't want to see Jack, and if she were to ever be within a meter of the dirty rotten bastard who was the cause of this mess who'd seen the good sense in seeking sanctuary on the other side of the known universe in the arms of another woman, she would murder him. She would take great pleasure in watching the eyes go out of those smug, arrogant blue-grey eyes of his.

She sighed. It wasn't McKay's fault. And if she wanted someone to blame, she should be blaming herself. She hadn't seen fit to close the door to McKay's lab before she'd let him have it over his supposed blabbing of their night of passion together. She'd left herself wide open to have someone overhear them – and pass it on to anyone and everyone. By the time she'd left Atlantis two days later, her credibility points had dropped about as many as McKay's had risen. There weren't too many men who could claim to have nailed ice queen Samantha Carter – not even Hero of Atlantis John Sheppard. And what a hypocrite she was, going to bed with him when she had complained long and hard about what a jerk, a chauvinist, an arrogant bastard he was. Hahaha, so much for feminism, it looked like what women really what was a good lay – that was the gist of it.

Of course, it hadn't taken long for news to get out, not when the crew of the Daedalus had heard about it. And once the word was out, it didn't take long to get back to Jack…

Samantha sniffled. "Jack dumped me," she spat, her words conveying all the hatred she could muster for the man who wasn't exactly Mister Fidelity himself. OK, so she'd broken their major unspoken rule – no playing around within the Stargate Command – but he could have been a little more understanding. After all, she knew damn well she had interrupted one of his flings with a pretty thirtysomething.

Daniel sat next to her. "Sam, I'm so sorry," he said, and his words were full of genuine sincerity. "I had no idea you guys were having problems."

She hated the way he was being so damn sympathetic. Daniel had no idea. She had never confided in him the details of her relationship with Jack because he wouldn't understand. Fidelity was a big thing to Daniel, and he probably would have killed Jack – or at least taken a few swings at him – to hear that Jack had come up with such conditions to their relationship.

"I slept with McKay," she blurted out.

She watched the sympathy fade from his eyes. "You what?" he asked incredulously.

"I slept with McKay."

"Rodney McKay? The guy you're always complaining about being a chauvinist and an arrogant bastard? That Rodney McKay?" Daniel asked incredulously. Samantha nodded. "Jesus Christ, Sam, if you were that stupid then you deserved to lose Jack."

His words were harsh, but what she would have expected from Daniel. Fidelity was big to him. She should know, she'd watched him struggled – and ultimately succeed, barring the Hathor fiasco – to remain faithful to Sha're for the two and a half years between her being taken as a Goa'uld host and her death. But still, she couldn't bear the way he was looking at her, judgement blazing from his blue eyes. "It wasn't like that," she mumbled.

Immediately she had his interest. "What? He forced you?" he asked. "Drugged you, raped you?" At this point, Daniel didn't really care what it had been, just so long as Samantha hadn't done it of her own free will.

Samantha shook her head. "No… I did it freely," she admitted. "I mean… it's our relationship. Jack's and mine. We – we had an agreement. Because we were separated so much."

"Like an open relationship?" Daniel asked.

Samantha nodded. "Jack said he couldn't do monogamy when I was offworld half the time. We agreed it was for the best…"

"You mean he agreed and you went along with it?" Daniel corrected. Samantha paused for a second. At the time, she had convinced herself she wanted such an arrangement as much as Jack did. But the reality was, she had blocked out all feelings of jealousy and resentment at such an arrangement because she wanted to be with Jack so much. She nodded.

Daniel stood up. Samantha had just burst one of his fondest illusions – that she and Jack were in a happy relationship. It had been the only thing that had stopped him from making a claim on her himself sometimes. He would never make a claim on Jack O'Neill's girl. He respect Jack, Jack had integrity.

Jack had got her to agree to an open relationship because it suited him. And when Samantha broke the rules he had said, he dumped her. "I'll kill him," Daniel raged. "I…will… kill the son of a bitch."

"Daniel, stop," Samantha pleaded. The dangerous glint in Daniel's eyes scared her. She didn't realise he cared so much. "He'll kick your ass and you know it."

He dropped back down on the couch and looked at her. "Then what am I supposed to do?" he asked. "I can't just let him get away with it."

"I think you'll have to," Samantha pointed out. "Please, Daniel, don't make a fuss. It won't achieve anything."

Sighing, he conceded Samantha was right. As much as he would like to kick Jack's ass from here to Sunday, if he tried, most likely it would end the other way around. "I can't believe he could treat you like that," he said. He cupped Samantha's face gently with his hands and wiped away her tears. "You deserve so much better then that."

She looked into his eyes, and she couldn't believe she'd never seen that look before, she'd been so blinded by her love for Jack. Daniel loved her! Really loved her, not just as a friend.

She kissed him. It was a hungry, passionate kiss and he found himself kissing her back. God knew he had thought about it enough times in the past eight years. He ran his fingers through her hair, along the nape of her neck, listened to the whimperings she made when he touched her. He knew he was making some pretty contended sounds himself.

She reached for the buckle of his pants, and he knew what she wanted. This ought to be all his dreams come true but it wasn't. he pushed her away. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Don't you want me?"

"No! I mean, yes. I mean… not like this," he said. "You're on the rebound, Sam, and I've got too much pride to set myself up to have you call me Jack in bed." She opened her mouth to protest. He waved at her dismissively. "Don't pretend like it wouldn't happen, Sam."

She knew Daniel had a point. It was too soon for her to jump into bed with someone else, and for that someone else to be Daniel – it would absolutely shred his ego beyond repair, and Vala had done a good enough job already with comments like 'I haven't been this disappointed since Daniel and I had sex'. But she also knew the fluttering she had in her stomach was caused by Daniel, not Jack. "I think I could fall in love with you," she said in a small voice that was nonetheless full of sincerity.

He smiled at her and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. "I think I could fall in love with you," he admitted. "But not yet. You need time. I think it's best if we stick with being friends… for the moment." She nodded ; she liked the way he had said for the moment. He sighed. "In the meantime, I think it's best if you tell Landry you want to be put in another team."

"Why?" Samantha asked. "We haven't done anything."

"Yet," Daniel reminded her. "But we both want something to happen. And if and when it does, it will look a whole lot better if we can say we didn't get up to anything while we were in the same team. And it will reflect a lot more poorly on you then it will on me."

Samantha nodded. Landry would be less then impressed if he wound out they had been conducting a secret relationship while being part of a black-ops teams. "I'll talk to him tomorrow," she promised. "But in the mean time…" she snuggled up to Daniel. She put his arm around her, drawing her close to him. They had been physically close before, of course, it came with the territory of constantly being in life-or-death situations, but this was definitely not a life-or-death situation and there was definitely an undercurrent of physical attraction there. She couldn't help but feel a little sorry for this whole rebound thing, otherwise she'd be tearing his clothes off. But he wanted to be certain of where her heart lay, and she vowed she wouldn't make it any harder for him to resist then it already was.

Instead, they stayed up all night, mostly her in his arms, occasionally exchanging light kisses, talking the same way they used to. They hadn't really talked lately, not since her and Jack hooked up – it occurred to her that maybe Jack had been jealous of her relationship with Daniel. Certainly as friends she had gotten on better with Daniel then she had with Jack. "I missed doing this," she said.

He kissed the top of her head. "I missed you," he said. He reached for her hand and threaded his fingers through hers, closing them into his palm. He had his apprehensions about getting involved with Samantha so soon after her break-up with Jack (not to mention it was going to take some getting used to the idea that she'd slept with Rodney McKay) but the fluttery feeling he had in his stomach told him his feelings were real. And something, an instinct stronger then reason, told him that Samantha felt the same way. They just needed time to sort everything else out.