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Setting: AU. In this fic Lana is like Lois and Lois is like Lana (You'll see). It Takes place in College. It is Clark's birthday and Clark and Lana doesn't know each other, they never met until…

Chapter 1: 21st birthday

In a dorm room everyone is dancing, drinking and having a great time. This was one of those parties that would go down in Metropolis University hall of fame. Everyone either shouting "Woo, Woo" or "Yeah" while dancing with someone they barely know, not exactly young Clark Kent's walk in the park.

"Clark man, you have to lighten up! Live it up man, it your birthday. 21 Dude!" One of Clark's 2 friends yelled from the dance floor. Clark didn't reply he just shrugged it off and continue to watch his friends dance with hot girls on the overcrowded floor. He stuck his hands in his pocket and drifted of slowly to a dark corner. He couldn't believe this party was for him, most of the party's population didn't even know him; it was not like him at all.

Clark was the same timid and mature Clark maybe even more so, which was a deadly combination when you just turned 21. Where drinking is legal and you get most of your party on. Clark on the other hand stuck to his schoolwork and job as the daily planet's coffee boy. His plans are to get connections so that it would be easier for him to get internship and eventually a job.

His friend Jeff and Kerry try their hardest to get him out of this daily routine. School, Work, School, Work but it didn't seem to be working. Clark was so stubborn, insisting that he do nothing else. As hard as it was for them to admit it Clark was better looking that both of them and they were studs! His looks was the main reason they began to hang out with the farmboy. The first weeks of school, all the girls were drawn to Clark like if he was some type of magnetic force. They figured hang out with him would by association make them magnets, but Clark turned down every girl gently and the girls stopped coming. But it was too late for Jeff and Kerry, they were now stuck with the farmboy but didn't mind. Clark was there to clean up after them, Kerry was his roommate, and he was there to drive when they were wasted and to give advice.

In return they tried hooking him up with girls but he was always turn them down claiming, "They're not my type." Kerry and Jeff would often reply. "Nothing is." They really didn't want their friend to die a virgin.

"Clark, come over here." Kerry called him. 2 girls surrounded him, one at his left ant other at his right. Clark sighed and walked over Kerry, who noticed his attitude. "Look man, this party is for you. Jeff and I busted our asses for this shit, so have fun."

Clark frowned feeling bad for his attitude. "Sorry. I really do appreciate what you guys done. It's great…so what do you need?" he put on his best smile, then looked down at the 2 young ladies staring ideally at him. One was blonde and the other was brunette, both very hot but a little too fake and porno type for Clark.

"Well my young friend." Kerry smirked. "I would like you to meet Cindy and Candy. Which one would you like to "dance" with?" Both girls gave him their best smiles.

"Hey, sexy." Said the blonde. Clark forced a smile.

"Look, I don't see why I have to come." Said a young lady with a slight French accent. She had black hair, which flowed, down to her shoulders. She was very pretty, some and most would call her beautiful. Her clothing was bold and daring; but not near slutty.

"Because Jeff asked me to bring you, he wants you to meet his friend Claud, Cl..Clark…whatever."

"Jeff! That guy from last week? He probably doesn't even remember me, he was too wasted."

"Yes him, dear cousin."

"He is an ass."

"No he is not, he is very sweet." Chloe stated then continued to put on her lipstick, Chloe was natural blonde but made herself a little dirty by include some black. (She looks like Chloe .lol. No need to elaborate.)

The young lady walked into the bathroom where her cousin was applying her make up and glances in the mirror. "You barely even know him."

"That's the point of dated him, but I can't if you have to help me out by coming, that's the only way he would except." Chloe pouted. "Please Lanaaa.' She gave her the puppy eyes.

"Chlo, I didn't come here to pity date or date at all. I came to spend time with my annoying cousin.

"Pleasssssseee LAAANNNNA." Chloe jumped and tugged at Lana's sleeve.

She sighed. "D'accord."

"Thank you! Thank you!" Chloe jumped up and down. "Or should I say merci?"

"Do you know anything about him, you barely know his name?" She picked up some red lipstick from the counter.

"Ummm. Oh yeah, Jeff told me that he is really shy." Chloe began to laugh. "And a virgin."

Lana gave no reaction, and Chloe gave her a curious look. "Are you?"

"No." She replied, Lana hesitated by said it anyway "It was stolen away from me 2 years ago, my ex-boyfriend…"she cleared her throat feeling an abrupt knot. "My ex-boyfriend…he, umm forced me too." That was the most she was going to tell the rest was too painful.

"Oh. I'm sorry." Chloe answered, regretting that she asked. They both were silent and continued to get ready.

Clark got bored stiff, he was tired of watching everyone have fun. Sometimes Clark got mad with himself for not being bold, and daring. He mostly stayed to himself with the exception of Kerry and Jeff. Clark was more of a quite, mama's boy time, and every weekend he would visit his widowed Mom at the Kent farm. He didn't want to get to close to people mostly the opposite sex, fearing that they would leave him as soon as he told them his secret. He didn't want his heart broken, not again he wouldn't be able to take it. Clark sighed, got up and decided to sit out in front of the dormitory.

Chloe and Lana walked up to the dormitory looking all prettied up and walked into the swarm of college kids. Chloe smiled and tugged at Lana grabbed her hand in excitement rushing them upstairs.

Finding the room was not a problem, being as how the music was blaring and people walking in and out.

"You know I'm only doing this because I love you." Lana tried her hardest to speak over the blasting music. "I know, that's why I love you. Come on." They swerved through people until Chloe found Jeff next to a spiked bowel of punch. "Hey Jeff, nice party."

"Hey Rachel. Wazzzzz uppp?" Not exactly sober. "Is this the girl." He pointed to Lana. Definitely Cute If Clark didn't want her, he surely would take her.

" Yes. Lana, Jeff. Jeff meet Lana Clark's date." They shook hands. Jeff looked around a bit "I don't see Clark anywhere, he probably left." Jeff shook his head. "Kerry and I try with him, we really do, but he is so closed off." He took another drink of his punch.

"You wanna dance?" Chloe asked. "Umm…Sure." Jeff dropped his punch and whisked her away to the crowded dance floor. Leaving Lana by herself in disbelief. My own cousin ditched me, not to mention I have no date She looked around for somewhere to sit and to become invisible but found none. She stood in place for a bit but became uncomfortable when she felt eyes peering at her. She decided to go outside, away from the eyes and the loud music.

Lana walked outside, happy to get away from it all. She loved parties and hung out often but tonight she just was not feeling it. She saw a bench to sit on but some guy staring at the ground already occupied it. It couldn't hurt to sit. She thought. Lana walked over and sat next to the stranger. "Do you mind?" She asked softly. The guy looked up quickly a little startled, but quickly recovered when he saw a beautiful woman in front of him. "No." He scooted over a bit to give her more room and resumed his position, which was staring at his shoes and thinking. "Thanks." She took a seat.

A couple of minutes passed and he leaned back against the bench. He glanced over to her and she glanced back, he smiled a little.

WOW! Lana thought to herself. He is HOT! She turned back and couldn't help but giggle. I hope he didn't hear that

Be bold Clark, you're a man now. You turned 21. Said the little voice in his head. A conversation doesn't mean you will marry her. He gave in. "What's so…"his voice cracked and Lana looked over waiting for him to get it out. He cleared his throat. "What's so funny?"

She smiled. "Nothing, I just remembered something from earlier."

"Oh." He nodded.

Moments of Awkward Silence

"So, do you go to this College?" Lana asked.

He nodded. "Yeah." Another Moment of Awkward Silence

Say something Clark "Do you, I haven't seen you around?" Not that I'm around Clark said to himself.

"No, I just moved here from Paris, I'm just hanging out with my cousin. We go to an all girl school in Granville. There is a major bash upstairs."

"I know, I was just up there. I don't party much…or ever. My friend kind of dragged me into it. They 're probably somewhere up there getting wasted. Next thing you know they are calling me because some strange girl is in their bed next morning." They both laughed but only briefly.

"And you are different, you dress like the bad boy type?" Lana asked in disbelief, a hot guy like that was normally the bad boy.

Clark smiled. "Kerry and Jeff made me dress up for the party. I normally stick to my plaid and regular old tee-shirts."

"Well I like what you are wearing." Which was an understatement she LOVED what he was wearing. A gray shirt with a black jacket, black jeans and some black tims. (Like my banner.)

"Thanks." He blushed.

"So are you different from your friends?"

"Yeah, I don't drink although they try to get me too, don't smoke or really date much. I'm sort of a book worm, I guess you could call me a loser."

She shook her head. "No not a loser, just someone who has their head one their shoulders. You know what's important, if you ask me you should get better friends."

"Maybe someone like you?" Clark quickly became silent and began to blush. I really did not just say that he said to himself. What a loser!

"You have to work very hard to get someone like me, monsieur." Clark gave her one of his beautiful smiles, charming her immediately. "Maybe not that hard." Oh my God, I wasn't suppose to say that out loud.

Clark decided that it was best for him to leave, he felt like they were getting to close. He really didn't want to but to he had no choice, maybe he would just go upstairs and look for his date. He assumed that she was going to be a girl similar to Candy or Cindy, it wouldn't be that hard to break em off. " I should get back to the party."

"Ok." She said with a smile trying to hide her disappointment. Clark got up, looked at her then hurried back to what was left of his dorm. Lana watched as he walked away. What a nice guy she said to herself.

Wait a minute, what's his name? She now felt like an idiot, she finally meet a nice yet sexy guy all in one but didn't even know his name. Not even in Paris did she meet such a guy." For such a short conversation Lana was sprung on him the mystery man she quickly entitled him. It came to her THE PARTY! He's probably up there She got up and quickly rushed up to the dorm, she entered and gathered herself together fixing her hair and outfit. Lana began to survey the crowded area in hope to find the mystery man. Instead Chloe found her. "Hey girl, where have you been?"

"Around." She answered still upset with Chloe for ditching her.

Chloe didn't notice. "Kerry, Jeff's friend told me to call you over, he found your date. Trust me his looks doesn't match up to how Jeff described him being."

Ookay Lana didn't know how to take Chloe's comment. Was she supposed to be happy or nervous? Chloe led the way and Lana followed her through the crowd. She led them to 3 guys standing next to the snack bar having a conversation one was Jeff, some other dude and THE MYSTERY MAN.

Boy did she hope the MYSTERY MAN was her date. That would be GREAT Clark's face automatically turned to shock and his mouth hung open slightly. She's that girl…She's my date If he weren't so surprised he would laugh at the situation.

"Which one is my date?" Lana whispered to Chloe anxiously.

Chloe whispered back. "Stud number 3."

DING! DING! DING! We have a winner, the super hot mystery man goes to Lana.

"Clark go say hi?" Kerry shoved him closer to Lana, pulling him out of his shock.

"We…" Clears his throat. "We…. We…we already meet." He stares at her knowing that it would be hard to turn her down, he liked her a lot. She wasn't slutty, she was kind, she liked him for him so far and damn it she was French. But being Clark he didn't want it to continue, it was easier to shut her down now, than to feel pain Later.

"Hello…It's Clark right?"

"Yeah…um what's yours?"

"Lana, Lana Lang." She gave him a flirtatious smile but he didn't return it.

"Umm, Lana I don't think this is a good idea."

OUCH…Crashed and burned. "Oh." She said softly.

"WHAT?" Kerry objected loudly and pulled Clark away from her. "I think it's time for a group meeting."

"Yeah, Dude." Jeff answered and drank some punch. Kerry pulled them into a corner.

"Clark what are you doing man? She is hot, and I think she has a thing for you. Trust me I can tell these things."

"Yeah, she TOTALLY has a thing for the Kent man over here." Jeff pokes at Clark.

"Look, I can't…" Clark trails off

"Why not?" Kerry grunts. "I'm beginning to think that you're gay man. I mean you haven't hooked up with one girl yet and this is your 4th year. 4th year!"

Clark sighs. "You don't understand it's complicated."

"I don't care how complicated it is, I'm your friend and I want to see you happy. It's one girl dude, it's not gonna hurt."

"Yeah, it may not even last long. Don't worry about it. You're not going to fall in love." Jeff added with a dumb laugh.