Chapter 14: Making the news

He opened his eyes slowly and scoped out his surroundings. He was lying in bed next to a beautiful young woman in a nice bedroom. If he didn't have business to take of, Jason would stay with this woman and fuck her all day. He smirked when he remembered the events that took place earlier on that day, the woman he laid next to was an animal. She made him feel so good, and fulfilled very desire he wanted. Much better than Lana, she cried too much. He smiled again and folded his hands behind his head She actually thinks that's I'm her husband. He covered his mouth to muffle his laugher.

Later, he looked over to her and watched her sleep peacefully. A rush of hatred and anger quickly bubbled through his veins, suddenly he wanted inflict pain on her and make her beg for mercy. His thoughts were thoughts of a mad man. He wanted her, yet he wanted to kill her, the woman began to stir next to him slowly leaving her dream state and into reality.

Her back was facing him so she turned and smiled. "Good night."

"Good night." Jason answered back. She began to make circles on his arm and he didn't like it. "Stop that!" He said in a loud tone, causing her to jump.

"What the hell is wrong with you, so see so uptight lately? You were so rough, my thighs are killing me!" She shouted back annoyed with his tone and attitude. She figured that something must have happened to him over his business trip because he was acting very strange. Their sex for example, normally he would be gently and sweet but today he was rough and lustful.

"I'm about to kill you if you don't shut up…Matter of fact get out!" He roughly grabbed her arms, bruising her instantly.

"Stop it." She cried as he grabbed on to her. With all his strength he pushed her out of the bed, causing her to hit her head (her temple) on the nightstand. She gasped and fell unconscious.

Jason shook his head without remorse. "Good for only one thing." He climbed out of bed and got dressed.

I had my fun now time for business. His next stop was at any local travel agency for a ticket for Kansas. Jason would soon find Lana and carry out all his devious thoughts.

"You can come back in now!" Clark sat back on the bed and waited for Lana to re-enter the room.

"Are you decent?" She asked from behind the door.

"Yep." He had on a pair of boxer shorts and white-tee shirt that clung closely to his chest. Normally he wouldn't bother to wear a tee shirt, but he figured it would easy some of the temptation and maybe even make Lana feel more comfortable. She walked in and smiled at him. "Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come and sit next to me?"

She giggled a little and pranced on his lap. "Sitting on you is a better." Clark realized that she was flirting and he was glad that that wasn't off limits. Lana laid her head at the crook of his neck and sat silently, she was very contented with how everything worked out. Clark did not hate her or was upset with her, instead of that he was supportive and understanding.

Her breaths were soft and calm tickling Clark's neck slightly. Clark enjoyed the feeling; he tightened his embrace around her. Clark loved to hold her in his arms, everything around them seem to disappear, all the worries, fears and all the cares. With her in his arms he felt at peace, peaceful, loved and important, all the things that he needed to feel. Lana was the only person that made him feel such feels all at once, after a hard days of work, saving people or both in this case, that was something that he needed.

To himself he wondered if he could make a life of saving people. He had the power to do so, the love and the heart as well, but all he needed was a way to do it without revealing his identity of secret to others.

"Clark?" She said softly snapping him out of his thoughts.


"Aren't you going to tell me what happened to your clothes?" She felt his sudden change in moods, so she got up from his lap, and sat next to him never breaking their eye contact. Clark looked at her unsure of what to say.

"Clark?" She waited patiently for him to answer her. Her eyes pleaded for an answer, she wanted to know what happened to him and why.

She is going to find out anyway, front-page news remember? He reminded himself, Lana continue to look up expecting him to answer soon. Clark took a deep breath and prepared himself to tell her about his busy night. He couldn't help but worry about her reaction. Would she be angry, be happy or become curious to find out about him he escaped without a scratch.

He looked at her again and finally answered. "A fire."

"What?" A fire? Where? When? She waited for him to continue.

"It was not to long ago, I came straight home after it. I'm Ok." He reassured her.

"What happened?" She sat in shock.

"Well I was driving back here and I saw this huge fire so I ran over to help." The truth, but not exactly. "I felt obligated to help them for some reason, it was like I could feel their agony. So I helped out and my clothes was destroyed by the flames." Once again it was the truth but this time minor details were left out. Like that, he was walking through fire, he single handedly saved 12 people and the building collapsed on him, yet he walked out alive. Minor details like that.

"Oh baby. Are you ok." She felt all over his face, shoulders and chest to make sure that he was ok. "Are you sore, do you have burns?"

"No, no. I'm fine." He took her roaming hands and held it steady with his. "Nothing can hurt me Lana, as long as I have you." Technically, his statement was not true but emotionally and mentally it was. If Lana were to die, be murdered, hurt or leave him in anyway, he would become emotionally unstable. Lifeless, he would become the person he was before her and after Lois probably ten times worst than that person. The pain would be worst that Kryptonite. Mentally, he would break down, he may even become crazy like Jason if she died or he may even become Kal-el.

"Baby…thank God." Tears began to run from her eyes, she realized that she could have lost him, and that made her feel shaken yet she felt happy that she did not lose him. "I don't know what I would do if I lost you." She hugged him tightly as if to never let him go. "I love you."

"I love you too."

(A/N: In this Chapter part .1 everything ran smoothly and somewhat fluff. But, in later parts to this chapter some questions will be raised and curiosity might take over. And a certain someone might reach Kansas, and it's not Dorothy (Or the dog.) So look out and enjoy while the fluffiness last. )

Part 2:

"I love you too." They pulled away from one another and Clark let out a huge yawn. Lana smiled at him and rubbed his knee. "I guess you are tired, I can't imagine how exhausted you must be."

He yawned again but this time he made sure to cover his mouth. "Clark, you should go to bed. You have work early in the morning, plus you have to get started on Dr. Kinrich's paper." Clark sat silently and then nodded. He felt glad that he someone there who cared about him and his well being like how Lana did. Although, he knew it only took about an hour and a half for him to get replenished from his sleep and 12-15 minutes for him to finish his paper, he honored her concerns and allowed her to tuck him in. She got under the covers along side him. "I'm glad that you are ok, Clark." She whispered softly to him.

"I'm glad that I'm ok too." He turned on his side and wrapped his arms around her. She scooted closer to him and wrapped his arms even tighter around herself, for her own security. They laid silently together and eventually Lana fell asleep in his arms.

Clark stayed wide-awake as his mind replayed the events of the fire. He remembered himself dashing through the flames, seeing the terror on the faces of the helpless, and saving them. He remembered watching the hopeless and lifeless appearance leave their faces in exchange for thanks and gratefulness. Lastly, he remembered feeling the glory of a hero when everyone around him praising him for his deed. Clark felt as if he was on cloud 9, whatever that meant.

Lana woke up early that morning around 8 and found that Clark had already left for work. His side of the bed was fully made and on it was a small note made out of loose leaf paper that said 'I love you. From your favorite person in the world, Clark Kent.' She smiled and smelled the note simple to catch his scent; Dove Soap, power deodorant and surprisingly good smelling cheap cologne.

After she made her side of the bed, Lana walked to the living room to look at the local news for the weather. She turned on the TV and what she saw was quite surprising.

TV: "A wonder boy, saves the day…or should I say night. Last night around 9 a fire broke out at a small apartment at the Rosewood Apartment Building. Firemen came minutes to late and witnesses say at the fire spread in no time. The firemen saved as much people as they could but, was unable to reach the others trapped inside the inferno. Most believed that if it weren't for the wonder boy who appeared out of no where, all 7 people remaining in the building would have died. Victims that he saved claims that, he moved faster that the speeds of light and walked though fire with getting a single scratch. And when asked what he looked like they said 'that this eyes were like the ocean, calm and peaceful; he was an angel from heaven'. He assured them safety and their lives…this wonder man saved them. Officials could barely get a good glimpse of the boy…but they did get a statement and that was 'I was just passing though and I felt a need to help them. I was careful and just plain luckily.' With a blink of an eye, the Wonder boy was gone. This is Metropolis News 1 back to you Connie."

Lana's POV

I stare quietly at the TV unable to register what I just saw and heard into my brain. The broadcast showed clips of the building, which was now completely in a ruble. There was no building at all, not even the structure. I wonder how Clark could manger to save 7 people all by himself in a burning hell like that. Part of me wished that they were talking about another guy not my Clark, my boyfriend. But, something inside me told me that it was him, something inside me told me that he is keeping things away from me…HUGE THINGS…because how can a guy be so perfect without having some strings or some issues attached.

As a matter of fact he told me himself that he had secrets and now I wonder what it could be…now I really want to know. 'How could he come out in one piece with just his clothing being destroyed. How could his body be burn free and scratch less.' I sigh. 'What is it with him?' I needed to find out, I will not let another man hide things and lie to me.

Later that day in Los Angeles

Jason walked through the siding doors and waited patiently in line for his turn. "Next." It was his turn and he walked up to a man behind a glass window.

"I would like your earliest ticket to Kansas, please."

"Ok. Can I see your driver's license?"

Jason nodded and gave the man "his" driver's licenses.

(Typing) "Ok, Cash, check or credit card?" Jason handed him "his" credit card. (Some more typing and then a revelation) John tried to conceal his uneasiness but Jason easily saw right through it. "What's the matter?" Jason asked.

John's gaze focused in on the guards, signaling them to come forward. "This credit card has been reported stolen and was cancelled 1 hour ago. I'm sorry but, you are going to have to go with these guards." The two men appeared behind him and for a brief moment Jason felt a sharp twinge of fear, but it was slowly replaced by anger. The only person that could have reported the credit card stolen was that Btch, or formal known as "his wife". She must have found out. One of the guards grabbed on to his shoulder and Jason quickly reacted and flipped him over hard unto the floor. John wasted no time in pressing the emergency button under his desk.

"Hey!" The other guard called and ran up to attack Jason. Jason spun around to face him and punched him in the face and stomach. Others in the building tried to help the guards out by going after Jason, he fended them off only getting minor bruises. He remembered the gun he had stolen from the police officer and quickly pulled it out from his waist belt, stopping everyone in their tracks. "WHAT NOW?" He pointed the gun at one of the guards and smiled. "Want to take me away now?" BANG! He shot him in the chest, everyone in the room gasped and couched to the floor.

"Please don't hurt us." One of them called out. Jason saw who it was and pointed the gun at the kid. "BANG!" He said loudly and pretended to shoot boy. The boy jumped and closed his eyes tightly as if he were shot, realizing that he was not dead he slowly opened them.

Jason laughed loudly. "Kids." Seconds passed and he heard sirens in the distance. I guess my ticket is going to have to wait. He quickly ran out and turned into the first civilian he saw, disguising himself from the police who were minutes away from the scene.

Lana went through her morning routine and then settled for some TV. It was her off day from class and her mind too cooped up with Clark to start her paper for Dr. Kinrich. Not long after she settled on the couch, Kerry came strolling through the door. Lana saw the bright smile on his face and she had to ask him what was up. Normally she wouldn't care but she was bored. "What's with the crest smile?"

Kerry looked down at her and frowned. "None of your concern." He began to walk away.

"Is that the way you talk to your friend's girlfriend…you know, you are going to have to get use to me someday." She smirked coyly.

"Don't remind me." He rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Kerry. What's up…the last time I saw you was when I…" Oh my God "Were You with Chloe all night?" She smiled and walked over to him. She picked up his scent and automatically knew what happened. "Oh my God…you guys did it!" She pointed and teased him. "You and Chloe! I can't believe it!"

"Shut up!" He groaned. "It was not supposed to happen. It was a mistake."

"The smile you were just wearing told a different story. You seemed quite happy to me."

"Well, I'm not!"

"Don't lie…come on Kerry she is a good girl, don't be scared by the fact that she is smart and can think for herself. She is different that the other girls you dated, so take a chance…or are you chicken?" She giggled.

"Whatever, I'm just here for some food, then I'm gone." He turned and quickly walked into the kitchen.

"Bye!" Her cell phone rang not to long after and she hustled to pick it up. "Hello?"

"Hey, princess. I just got a break and I decided to give you a call."

"Great." She said softly, sounding not to enthusiastic.

"So, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, watching TV."

"Oh," SILENCE "Is everything ok, you seem a bit distant?"

"Really? I'm sorry."

Clark heard someone calling him in the background luckily, since the conversation was not going to well. "I have to get back to work now, I love you."

"Yeah." Without hesitation she hung up the phone.

Clark heard the dial tone and sighed. "No I love you too." He hung up the phone and jogged over to Susan who was calling him. It was about 1: 30 and Clark finally returned back to the dorm from work. He walked inside and looked around for Lana. In his right hand he held a single beautiful red rose, he hid it behind his back and walked into his bedroom.

"Hey, princess." She spun around to find Clark smiling at her. She was in the middle of trying on clothes to go out and wasn't really in the mood for him. "Hey." Lana did not return the smile, instead she walked passed him and to their dresser.

Even with her attitude Clark still kept his smile, and still tried to conceal the rose. She pulled out a blue shirt, some underwear and a pair of faded Levi jeans. She threw everything on the bed and looked up at Clark who was patiently waiting for her attention. "What are you hiding?"

Finally she noticed. "Nothing but this." He proudly showed her the rose. "A beautiful rose for a beautiful lady." Normally she would be flattered and gushy but…not today.

"It's nice." She accepted the rose and threw it on the bed carelessly. "Well I'm gonna go take a shower, so you can stay here until I get out." She grabbed her clothes from the bed causing the rose to fall off the bed and unto the floor.

Clark stood still and watched the rose as it fell off the bed; he felt a slight twinge hurt along with disappointment and anger. Why is she acting like this? Did I do I couldn't have! What does she want from me? He quickly followed after her and grabbed her by her wrist.

"We need to talk." Lana spun around and glanced at her wrist.

"Let me go!" She said in an annoyed tone.

"Not until you agree to talk." He held her hand firmly; not enough to hurt her but enough to let her know that he was not letting go.

"Fine!" He loosened his grip and she jerked her hand away from him.

"You can be such a jerk sometimes." She mumbled as she rubbed her wrist.

"Where is this coming from? Why are you being like this, just last night you were telling me how much you love you are calling me a jerk." He was trying his hardest to keep his voice down but it was getting hard.

"That was before I found out that you single handedly saved 12 (my last update said 7 but it was a typo) people by yourself. 12 PEOPLE! How did you do that without hurting yourself? One of the new broadcast said that the building collapsed when you were inside."

"The building did not collapsed on me, otherwise they would be looking for my body right now. It was just luck. God was on my side...I guess. If it wasn't for me they would be ash right now!"

"Your clothes were almost burned completely off of you. You have not one scratch or burn. While the fireman had some type of suit to put on"

"I don't know what to tell you, except that I was luckily."

" I know you are keeping secrets from me Clark and I want to know what they are…maybe they don't have anything to do with the fire, maybe I'm just rambling or still in shock. But, the fact is that you have secrets and you refuse to tell me. I was already in one relationship like that, and it turns out that the bastard raped me and is now stalking me. I just want honesty and trust from you." She looked up at him with pleading eyes, Lana for some reason wanted the truth, she want to feel trusted and she most importantly wanted to know that there were no secrets.

Before she knew it, Clark dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Lana…please…don't do this. Please…everything between us is perfect. My secret can split us apart…please." He looked up at her as tears ran down his cheek. "I love you and I'm afraid you will leave me just like my father and friend did."

"What, Clark I thought your father died. What friend?" She tried to get him to stand but he wouldn't. He tightened his grip around her and rested his head on her stomach.

"My father was murdered, Lana. (Cries) Someone wanted to find out about my secret, so he went after my father, when dad wouldn't tell he killed him."

"Oh my God, Clark. I'm so sorry. Did you ever find out who did it?"

"No." he continued to cry. "The same thing happened to my friend Pete. (Pete dies in this) We thing it was the same person. Telling you my secret can be dangerous. I even took a chance and told Lois, but she left me before I could propose to her."

Wow…this boy has had it hard. I feel so sorry. Lana felt her own tears coming on. This is too sad.

"I'm afraid that if I tell you, something might happen to you or you might leave me. I would not be able to survive then."
"Clark that would never happen. Whatever it is I will still love you." What could his secret be…not knowing is scaring me. What have I gotten myself into? She asked herself. What have I gotten myself into?

(A/n: I read the reviews and I would like to say that Lana is not terrified of him, she is just a bit concerned. How would you feel if someone you loved came up to you and said, "Yeah, I have secret and if I tell you, you might get killed or you will want to leave me because of it." Not exactly comforting. Also, with the rose there was a scene in either Flight or Rush where Clark gave Lana a rose as an apology, she didn't show any emotion, and was careless with it, somehow the rose ended up in the trash. That is what I trying to re-enact in my fic, not necessary harshness…ok, so I got all the unimportant stuff out of the way so…)

Part 3:

"I'm afraid that if I tell you, something might happen to you or you might leave me. I would not be able to survive then."

"Clark that would never happen. Whatever it is I will still love you." What could his secret be…not knowing is scaring me. What have I gotten myself into? She asked herself. Who did I allow myself to fall in love with? "Clark you are scaring me. Please, I need you to ease my mind here. Tell me that I'm safe with you and that you will never hurt me or let anyone hurt me. Tell me that you are not some type of killer or criminal!"

Slowly his tears eased and he stood on his feet. He gazed into her eyes deeply and held her hands. Lana suddenly felt lost in his powerful stare, his eyes were filled with compassion, love and security. Right now all she wanted from Clark was those words and she would leave him until he was ready to reveal his secret. After all, he did open up to Lois his first love so, so opening up to his true love should definitely be in the future…before marriage at the most.

"Lana." Clark said lightly. "You are safe with me, I will never hurt you physically, mentally or emotionally. I promise that I will never let anyone hurt you, I will protect you with my life." His facial expression became soft and he chuckled lightly. "I promise that I'm not some type killer or criminal."

He became serious again. "But, I'm not ready to tell you my secret." Truth is that I'm afraid of loosing you, and I want to be selfish, and hold on to you as long as I can. "Besides, you have to many things to worry about. You don't need to be worrying about little old me." He smiled again.

"Little?" She teased. "Nothing about Clark Kent is little." Clark shook his head with a chuckle and gave her a hug. "I love and I thank you for being in my life. I don't think I deserve you." Clark said as pulled away from one another.

Lana frowned and looked down towards the floor. "Yeah right, ever since you met me I caused nothing but trouble…starting with our first date, I threw up on you remember?" He nodded. "Now, I'm living in your house and you are risking your life to protect me. Not to mention how ungrateful I'm being by blowing up on you yesterday for the sex thing and now today. I don't deserve you!"

"Aww, Lana that's not true. I thank God everyday because you are in my life, you are bold, witty, seductive, loving, beautiful, strong and outgoing. You pulled me out of my 3 and a half-year shell in just one month. You are…You are just amazing. Sure you have a lot of issues to work out but we all do. If you couldn't tell by now I have a lot of them myself.

She nodded. "You do."

He smiled. "See, we are perfect for one another."

"I guess so." Lana smiled until she remembered the rose and how she treated it. She quickly felt guilt pour over her. "I be right back." She ran to the bedroom and looked around for the rose, she spotted it on the floor and her heart dropped. How could I've treated him that way? She picked up the rose and luckily it was not too damaged. Lana hustled back outside the room and walked back up to Clark. "I'm sorry about the rose, I was being a b8tch. I think that is perfect, the perfect rose for the perfect man." She smelled the rose and awed at it to emphasize how much she loved it to Clark.

He chuckled. "I'm glad to see that you like it." Really glad.

"Not as glad as I would be if I could get a make up kiss...right now!" She grinned seductively and cocked her eyebrow at him.

"There goes that seductive thing again." He leaned forward, and gave her a soft slow kiss, worthy enough to be called a makeup kiss.

"Mmm. So we're made up?"She asked.

"Nope. Not until you allow me to take you to dinner tonight."

"DINNER!" (Squeals) "I give you total and permission!" (Squeals) Clark watched her with a smile, feeling very amused as she jumped up and down like a six-year-old, and squealed her lungs out. Seeing her so happy to go out to dinner with him, made him feel good about himself.

"I'm so tired of seeing the inside of this dorm and eating takeout every day." She kissed him on the cheek and ran off to pick out something to wear. In the back of her mind many thoughts and decisions ran through her head I'm gonna make this work with him, I love him and I want to be with him. I just want us to be happy…I want him to be happy. He will tell me in his own time but I wonder what his deep dark secret could be?