Title: Love Lives life

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, it belongs to the WB.

This Is a Romance/ Drama Fic rated R but it has some NC-17 chapters. This fanfiction was the first Fic that I ever written.

Setting: Smallville months before Lana's Plane takes off for Paris. Lana still lives with Nell.


Clark walked into the Talon with hopes to find Lana. She was just the thing he needed to brighten his day. "Lana! Hey, you need any help closing up?" He asked eagerly once he found her cleaning the counter tops.

She looked up at him and smiled. "Wow, since when is Clark Kent willing to help with work?" Lana was part owner of the Talon and partnered with Lex Luthor. For a barely legal teen she was able to handle herself very well, she had a business, and a steady income which she planned on using to get her a one way ticket to France. Lana wanted out of Smallville although she would not admit it to herself, the main reason she was leaving was because of Clark. It hurt her to see him because she yearned to be with him, but he decided it was best for them to remain friends, since all he could think about was keeping his secrets, supposedly he was protecting her.

He walked up to her with a goofy flirtatious grin. " Since you're the person I'm helping." Good line, Kent.
Clark then unconsciously began to stare Lana straight in her beautiful brown eyes. Lana hated that look; it made her heart fill with passion, emotion and hope that they could one day be together. Still she couldn't help but to stare back. Finally she broke the stare and threw a wet cloth at him, indicating for him to clean the tabletops.

" Right." Clark said softly as he broke the lovesick trance he was in. Only if Lana knew why I was pulling away from her and why I can't commit… I don't want hurt her. Clark said to himself as he wiped down the tables. His heart told him that he loved her that he can't let her get away and that he could protect her from anything and anyone. He only that his passionate gazes would show his feelings towards her.

Clark sighed and continued to wipe the tables.

The loft Sunday evening 5:00

Clark looked into the telescope and gazed at the evening sky, wondering where he would fit in all of it. He slowly lowered the telescope and guided it to Lana's house. But she wasn't on the porch or in the living room and the blinds were closed in her room.

"Hey Clark, What'cha looking at?" Martha said casually as she walked up the loft steps.

Clark jumped slightly. "Mom!" His voice squeaked. "Th-Th-the stars!

"Clark there are no stars out… were you looking at Lana?" She inquired but she already knew the answer.

"NO, NO." Clark said with assurance and he shook his head.

" Clark!" She edged for the truth.

" She's not home." He said matter-of-factly. If she was, then I would be looking.

"Clark, can we talk?" Martha asked, she was very concerned about Clark and his feelings for Lana.

"Mom, before you start can I ask you a question?"


He shifted the telescope downwards just in case and turned to his mom. "Umm. Is it better to follow your heart or your head?"

"Well." Martha paused and thought about her response. " From what I have learned in life your head tells you the facts, mostly it tells you the things you don't want hear about life; the safe route. But it can save you a lot of future pain. Then, your heart tells you how you feel not facts, it's the upside to your troubles, not following your heart can lead to unhappiness, along with unhappiness of those around you."

How did my mom again so much knowledge? Clark sighed. "Oh, thanks Mom you really helped a lot, I have decided to follow my heart. I love Lana… being without her kills me and I know it kills her." Clark kissed his mom and attempted to run to his house to his bedroom to pick out some clothing for tomorrow, but Martha stopped him before he could speed off.

"Clark wait, you know that we are leaving tonight right?"

"Yeah." Jonathan and Martha were going on a brief vacation since farm life was very hectic, it was Lex's treat and they reluctantly excepted.

"We will be back Thursday night." Martha said.

"Sure, Sure, Love you." Her words went through his ears and out the other, he quickly rushed out of the loft and to his room.

Smallville High hallways

"Hey Clark what's with the smile?" Chloe asked as he clung to his side. They were best of friends, expectedly their relationship had their ups and downs but through it all they stuck together.

Clark looked down at her and touched her shoulder. " I'm about to do something really huge!"

Chloe stared at the hand he gently rest on her shoulder and took a deep breath, boy did she love his touch. Chloe snapped out of her dirty thoughts and looked at him quizzically. "What? Is it Torch material?

Before he could answer Clark spotted Lana at her locker doing her combination. She was looking so beautiful, so beautiful he could kiss her. It was like she was moving in slow motion and hair blew through the imaginary breeze. Clark ignored Chloe and called her name "Lana" Lana stopped what she was doing and turned around to see who called her.

Chloe stood back and watched, somehow she knew that her chances with Clark were about to get slimmer if not become extinct. As Lana turned she got a quick glimpse of him before feeling his soft lips fall on top of hers, then she felt his warm moist tongue intertwine with hers. Lana relaxed more into the kiss as she realized what was happening. Lana then wrapped her hands him around his neck and started to kiss him back. Clark and Lana both felt chills up their spines, it was like the fire and desires between them were quenched yet it grew more.

"Lana Lang and Clark Kent kissing is against the rules, it's known as PDA. Public display of affection and it is highly looked down upon in this school. Part now or detention for you both." The principal stared sternly.

They both pulled away quickly, the principle gave them a warning glare then walked away. Lana's face turned a rosy red because of her embarrassment. She looked at Clark and he lipped the words I love you. Lana did not react; She could not understand what Clark was doing and why he kissed her. I thought he didn't want to be with me? Calmly and very much confused she turned and walked away.

Clark stood and watched her walk away; the swaying of Lana's hips got him hypnotized. He became very tempted to use his x-ray vision, but he did not have the balls to do it, the thought of what he might fine alone got him very aroused. Just a glance of her skin could make him feel that way. He leaned against a locker and reminisced on the kiss they shared moments ago, he became so aroused that he could feel his manhood erecting and trying to push out of his pants. "Damn" he said cowardly because he didn't want anyone to see it, so he quickly pulled down his shirt. Then he slowly walked to class.

Lunch Time at the Smallville Café

Clark and Pete stood one behind the other as they were waiting to be served from the lunch line. "I got to give it to you man that took balls. Macaroni Please."

"Yeah, I know, it was acting out on me. Fries Please."

Pete chuckled and took one of Clark's fries. "I guess a girl like Lana can do that you."

"I hope she didn't feel it." I really, really hope.

"Man Clark, are you really gonna commit this time? Apple Juice"

"Yeah, I love her. Plus I don't what anyone in Paris to take her heart away from me. I finally got some sense knocked into me. Grape."

"Who ever it was thank them for me, because I was trying to knock some sense into you for years."

Lunch table:

"What was that about with Clark in the hallway?" Chloe asked as she munched down on her sub.

Lana frowned. "Honestly, I don't know. He just started kissing me." She could not get his deal, one minute he is pushing you away and the next is sticking his tongue down your throat.

"You were kissing him back." Chloe pointed out.

"Yeah I know, it just felt good and right. I felt the love that I feel for him being returned. I love him."

"Don't we all know it." She replied sarcastically then rolled her eys..

"You think he is ready to commit?"

Chloe spotted Clark approaching their round table. "I don't know, why don't you ask him?"

"Is this seat taken?" Obviously it was not, but it was polite to ask.

"N…no, no not at all Clark have a seat." Lana ushered to the empty chair across from her and he sat down and placed his tray on the table.

"Umm… I think Pete is calling me. Talk later Lana?" Chloe asked as she pretended to hear Pete so that she could make a subtle get away.

"Yeah of course" Please don't leave me! Not with him, he is too alluring. She looked at Clark's eyes. Look at his eyes, so hypothesizing, so sexy. Chloe patted her on the shoulder and walked over to Pete.

"So, it's just you and me now Lana" Clark smirked lightly and ate a couple of his fries. Be subtle Clark. Be subtle


"Yes Lana"

Lana hesitated at first but decided to go for it. "What was that kiss about?"

"I'm glad that you ask Lana." Clark took a deep breath and began. " Lana I love you, I never stopped loving you, I want to give us a chance, I want you and I need you… be my girl Lana Lang."

These words were everything that Lana wanted to hear but… "Clark, we ca..."

He cut her off before she could continue. "Lana I know what you're gonna say. You are gonna say that you are leaving for Paris in matter of months so it can't work. But let's give it a try… I know you want to, damn it Lana I love you. I'm finally committing to you, no more running away." Clark sat silently and awaited the verdict, he knew that it was the best speech he could give and if it did not work the nothing else would.

Lana sat there silently for what appeared to be forever to Clark. Suddenly Lana got up while staring at him dead in his beautiful green eyes and walked over to where he was sitting. Not breaking any eye contact she edged closer and closer to his face, but stopped once she was an eyelash away from him.


"Follow me."

"Where are we going?"

"To the janitor's closet!" Lana had no reasoning at all for why she suddenly wanted to go to the janitor's closet but the idea just popped into her head. She wanted to show Clark how happy she was for what he said to her.

"What?" Clark was very surprised. Janitor's Closet!

"Whitney, always tried to get me to go but I always said no."

They approached the janitor's closet and Lana checked to see if the coast was clear. She opened the door and pushed him inside. "Clark I do love you and I want to make this work while I'm still here." Lana leaned on him, very closely, pelvis to pelvis, and started to kiss him. Clark wrapped his hands around her waist and began to stroke her back. They continued to rub and kiss each other. Lana could feel his manhood through his jeans and she began rub harder as she kissed him.

"Mmm." He groaned, it felt good to feel her body against his. Clark kissed Lana on each side of her neck, then he allowed his kisses to drift lower and lower. The lunch bell rung. "BRRRING! BRRRING!"

They pulled away from one another once it sounded. "I can't believe that just happened." Lana ran her fingers through her hair and avoided his gaze. What came over me? Whatever it was …let it happen again!

"I don't know." Clark replied in disbelief. "I just saw and felt a side of you that I never saw before… once I did but you were under the influence of the Nicodemus Flower."

"You're not the only person who felt something." Lana said seductively as she ran a hand across his chest. Clark blushed turning his cheeks a rosy red color. "Did u like it?" Lana asked intriguingly. Say yes, Clarky.

"Are you kidding, I loved it!"

Lana nodded. "Clark? Are you really serious about you said?" She looked up at him hoping to find the answer that she wanted. Clark could see the hope in her eyes, he then realized how much he didn't want to hurt her. Clark suddenly realized that he was hurting her all along by pulling away from her, that he was doing what he was trying to protect her from, pain and getting hurt… Surprisingly to him his eyes began to water, but the held the tears back. He could not feel anymore sorry and lousy for what he did to her all those times. "Yes Lana, I meant what I said. I don't want to hurt you anymore and I will never hurt you again." He said softy as he caressed her cheek.
Lana smiled in relief pulled him into a hug. After the hug was broken Lana tried to push open the closet door, but it would not budge, she pushed it again until she realized that they were locked in. "Clark? I think we are locked in." She looked up at him.

"What!" Clark wasn't really worried about the door, but he wanted Lana to feel that he was.

"What are we going to do Clark, class starts in about 3 minutes." She stated as she looked at her watch. " I really don't want anyone to find us in here…what would we say?" Her eyes were full of fear and panic. "What if we run out of air?"

Clark smiled at her and shook his head."I have a plan." He took out his wallet from his back pocket, and pulled out his library card. Then he put the card though the crack of the door and tried to shift the lock. The lock wouldn't budge so, with his card he used his ability gently and unnoticeable pushed the lock aside. In doing so his library card broke in half, but opened the door.

"Wow, you saved the day again." Lana kissed him softly and she began to walk to class, but the stopped when she remembered what he said about the Nicodemus flower. "Clark, what did you mean when you said you saw a different side of me when I was under the Nicodemus influence?"

Clark didn't know what to say, because he remembered telling her that she did nothing to him. "Umm… what I meant was..."

"Clark, I did something to you didn't I?" Lana asked as she cut him off.

"Let's just say that you got pretty wet and so did I." Clark quickly turned and walked to class, in fear that she may ask him more questions.