Chapter 10: About time

Clark held her hand and lead Lana to the room upstairs at the Talon. Clark pushed the door open and gently led Lana inside.

"Are you ready?" Clark asked as he began to caress her shoulders and laid soft kisses on her collarbone.

"More than you know" Lana replied. She wasted no time slowly began to unbuckle Clark's belt, and let is slowly drop to the floor. This left Clark in his white boxers, and white tee shirt. Clark then began to undress Lana, he kneeled down and gently slid her jeans off of her legs. When it was fully of, he stood straight and gently laid her on the bed. Clark lay on top of her, not resting all his weight to crush her small fragile body.

He looked straight into her eyes, and gave her the look that she hated but loved so much. As she gazed back and she felt love, warmed and peace. No one had ever made her feel that way. She broke the stared and began to kiss him softly on his lips. The kiss grew more passionate and Clark began to caress her between her legs on her inner thighs, while he kissed her deeply. Suddenly she straightened and took of her top. Lana wore a laced bra that gently cupped her breast. Clark's manhood began to harden as he stared at them, protruding his boxers. Lana began to take his shirt of over his head, within seconds it was of and on the floor.

Lana smiled as she laid her hands, feeling his muscles. Lower and lower her hands went feeling and passing his ads. Clark began to quiver as he felt her coming closer and closer to his crotch.

" Lana... we shouldn't be doing this, "Clark slowly felt himself getting nervous and afraid of her touch. He gasped as she began to grope his manhood.

"The bulls in your boxers don't seem to agree with you. You want this, I want this" she said to him, her expression pleading, deeply aroused.

"Clark it's just you and me alone. Just like last time, but we are more prepared now. We have condoms and no more secrets. " She swallowed visibly. " I want you"

"I want you too" Clark choked out in return. "Oh, Lana, you don't know how much I want this"

"Then give in to it, there is no problem," she whispered to him.

Lana caressed his erection again with her hands. Clark groaned with ecstasy. Clark slowly stopped Lana, she saw his nervousness and begin to worry. But she stopped when he indicated that he was going to take his boxers off.

Clark shyly and slowly removed his boxers causing his large erected manhood to spring up. She blushed, as she couldn't help but stare at his erection, large and throbbing as it was. Clark blushed as well. Clark remembered something, and took his jeans from of the floor. He took out a magnum condom from his back pocket and placed it on.

"Am I too big for you?" he asked her anxiously.
She shook her head. "I don't think so, it's not like I would know. This is my first time"
Clark and Lana both realized how inexperienced they were and they wonder how it would work out.

"I'm going to be your first too, right Clark?" she asked him

"Of course you are, there couldn't be anyone better"

"I'm happy that I'm going to be your first and your are mine," she said softly

Clark stared at her and smiled.

" Lana - I'm a little worried that I might hurt you with my strength."

She shook her head "Clark you're the most gentle person I know, I know you won't hurt me"

"It's just going to be hard to contain myself."

"It's ok Clark, you're not going to hurt me"

Lana allowed Clark to resume stroking her body she held no fear. Clark carefully begins to explore her body touching everywhere and kissing everywhere. But Lana's bra and panties was stopping Clark from his agenda.

So Clark gentle wrapped his big muscling hands around Lana and undid her Bra clasp. Clark slowly took it off as he watched Lana's cheeks to turn rosy red. Clark took her bra and threw it on the floor.

He stared at the pair like a kid when they receive a new toy. "May I" Clark asked Lana "Sure" she replied. They were so beautiful and round he thought to himself as he gently caressed them simultaneously.

He then began to plant sweet and often kisses on her nipples. The kisses soon turned licking and then into sucking. Lana moaned with pleasure as she willed him on and ran her fingers through his dark hair. Awhile after Clark stopped reluctantly as he began to explore her body looking to give her more pleasure .

He took of her panties and he found her opening; she was wet and inviting. He slipped a finger inside and watched her moaned, moving beneath him as she willed him to continue. Simultaneously, she curved her hand around his erection and began to stroke him. Their breathing grew shallower and faster as their excitement grew; suddenly Clark stopped himself from continuing and stopped her from stroking him. "What is it Clark"? Lana asked as her breath heavily. "I want to get inside of you" Clark said honestly. Lana saw the excitement in his eyes, but she wanted to keep him waiting a bit. She didn't reply, so just he wrapped his arms about her and held her pelvis to pelvis.

"Can I try something," she whispered "Yeah" Clark replied. Lana turned over until she was on top of him and she moved lover and lower .To his shock, her mouth closed over his oversized penis, he felt him get harder even in her mouth. He slowly moved in and out of her mouth as Lana sucked it. Clark moaned uncontrollably and he willed her to continue. But she stopped soon after; Clark still tried to encourage her to continue. But she didn't, she just smiled at him. Taking him by surprise, she threw her body over him and straddled him. She wrapped her hand around his manhood again and bent to kiss his lips, while she stroked his shaft. Clark closed his eyes and let her control him.

As she stopped, her entrance poised mere inches away from his manhood; it was unbearable for Clark. He wanted to turn her over so that he could lie between her legs. It was like Lana knew his every thought, she flipped over opened her legs. She let his manhood gently rub against her entrance. His stared straight into her beautiful eyes, and he saw that she was waiting for him to let himself in. A slow smile came across his face and he whispered; God I want you"! His heart edged him on but his head told him he would regret his.

He again listened to his heart as He very slowly let himself slide inside her. Lana gasped as she felt a small sense pain inside her. "Are you you want me to stop?" Clark asked concernedly "No" she whispered as the pain eased. " I'm I to big for you?" She began to realize that he just "broke her in".

"No, you're not too big for me," she assured him delightedly, Lana begin to ride Clark, back and forth, over and over again. Clark moaned and pleaded for her to continue her rhythmic movements. He thrust in and out of her feeling her walls tighten around his cock, she edged for him to go deeper. Following her commands he did that making her scream out his name.

"Clark, take control of me, get on top of me" She begged Him.
He had no choice but to do so.

"I'll... Ok," he murmured, then grasped her gently by the hips to lift her off him. He laid her gently down on the bed, bringing himself to lie almost on top of her, but just enough that his full weight would not fall on her.

"I need you Clark."

Lana soon felt like her needs for him was meet after having him felling her, caress her, making love her. She clenched him tightly, almost digging her nails into his back, but Clark couldn't fell a thing. Her whispers and moans encouraged him onwards, until at last Clark held her tightly as she had her orgasm"ahhmmm. Clark..oh, baby." It was not to long after had his.

"Oh God, LANA...!" he gasped at last. "Your heaven"

She stroked his face with her fingertips."It's about time this happened. This was the best experience of my life..." He reached down and kissed her. "You mean the world to me Lana Lang."

"You mean the world to me Clark Kent"

Clark came out from Lana as she positioned herself to rest on his muscular chest.

"Clark, I have to tell you something."

"Yes. Honey?" Clark then realized what he called her and smiled.

"I've decided not to go to Paris next week."

"Why?" Clark asked

"Ouch...that hurt" Lana said honestly

"Oh..oh.. I'm so sorry Lana. I didn't mean it like that.

"How did you mean it?"

"I meant that I don't want you to stay because of me. If you want to go."

"Clark, I'm staying...yes it's because of you because I love you and I don't want to loose you. I fell great when I'm around you. If I leave Smallville it's going to be when I'm married to you."

Clark smiled. Lana just said she wants to marry me one day, all my dreams have just come true Clark said to himself.

"I will be honored to marry you one day." Clark bent his head and kissed Lana on the forehead. Lana smiled and her thoughts trailed of about how awesome their loving making was, how she is not a virgin anymore, how great her senior year is...

Moments Later they both fell asleep after a night love making...

Later abruptly Clark jumped up wide wake, sweat breaking from his forehead like if he had a nightmare. By this disturbance Lana woke up.

"What's wrong Clark?" Lana said groggily.

"I had a dream that you got pregnant!" Clark continued to sit up on the bed while sweat from his forehead dripped to his neck and unto his chest. The covers that he shared with Lana who was across from him gently covered his lower body.

Lana sat up from the bed and pulled the covers around her naked body not to expose anything. She silently laughed at Clark's comment, just enough that he could hear.

"Clark, I'm not going to get pregnant"

"I hope not, because I'm not ready to be a daddy."

"So...If I did get pregnant you wouldn't help me take care of it?" Lana questioned.

"Yes, Yeah of course I will help you take of it, I just don't think you and I are ready for one. We still got a lot of life a head of us." he chuckled nervously.

"Don't worry Clark, I won't be getting pregnant anytime soon, plus we had protection. It's safe."

"I guess you are right, but the dream looked so real."

"What happened?"

"It was all so foggy, I just remember something bad happening and the voice of Jor-el."

"Jor-el"? Lana questioned "Your biological Father?"

"Yeah, but I don't really remember, you know how dreams get."

Lana nodded and softly began to rub his arm. "I'm not going to ge pregnant." I hope.

"But if you did, know that Iwill never leave y or hurt you." He glazed in her beautiful eyes. She of course returned it back, he felt all his worries go away. Why would he ever leave the person he loved so much? The person he loved since he could remember, and he finally got her. He would never give that up, not even for Jor-el.

Clark begin to smile when he realized how stupid that dream was, but in the far back of his mind he wonder what Jor-el had to do with the dream. He soon forgot about it when Lana's soft lips graced his.

Lana inserted her warm tongue and let it play around with his. The kiss grew more passionate and Clark embraced her smile frame into his arms. Slowly she allowed him to shift his body weight on her not enough to hurt her of course. Clark soon got on top of her nude body and began to stroke her thighs with his hands as he kissed her. Lana knew what he eventually wanted to get at, but she wanted it to so she allowed him to continue. She began to caress his back and slowly moved her hand lower to his lower back, then buttocks.


"Yes." Clark gradually entered her warm and moist body. Clark began to move in and out of her body, slowly then eventually picking up speed,pleasing her tremendously. "Clark, baby..Don't stop." She whispered into his ear, sending chills all over his body as he nuzzled her neck.

Lana grabbed and groped any part of him that she could find. She flipped him over letting him remaining inside of her and began to kiss his neck as she continued to move her lower body. She rode him up and down and side to side. He groaned as Lana worked his body, he felt himself getting closer and closer to his Climax. Clark took control again because he wanted to please Lana before he could cum. He began to kiss, suck and lick her nipples, she guided his head in the directon she wanted it. Clark gracefully followed.

Minutes later they found themselves tightly in each other arms as they released themselves into each other.

"Ah...Ah... Lana" Clark Panted "I love you."

" you too," she said as they cuddled into each other's arms.

"Clark Can I ask you a question?"


"How did you learn about him?"

"About who"?

"Jor-el your Biological Father."

"Umm... well, I had a space ship, the same one I arrived in and a key that I found. I inserted the key into the spaceship and the ship opened up and began to play a message left by Jor-el. He said that he was my father and that I'm suppose to rule the earth, by taking advantage of them with my powers."

"Wow, Clark... Are you?

"I'm I what? If you mean rule the world one day, no, never. My father will not decided my destiny!" Clark eyes grew wide and his jaw line clenched. It seemed more like he was trying to convince himself than telling Lana.

"I hope so Clark." Lana tighten her grip around his waist.

Clark relaxed. "He can communicate with me."


"I don't know fully, it's weird. he was the one who pressured me to go to Metropolis last summer."

She kissed his shoulder gently. She could sense that he did not want to talk about Jor-el any longer so she decided to change the topic."Who is your biological mother?"

"I really don't know much about her, but what I do know is that her name is Lara and that she was concerned about me coming to earth."

"Oh, I'm glad you have a good memory of her. Did you always have powers?" Lana asked

"Yeah, it freaked my parents out. But at first I didn't know that I was from Krypton. Until I was 14 or 15 I found out I had a space ship. Just recently through the Caves I found out more about my origins and my future. I didn't know that my real name was Kal-el till I was like 16."

"It must be tough, Clark'.

"Yeah...but you always make me forget about my worries."

Lana just blushed.

The conversation ended and the both slowly fell asleep.

3:00 AM next morning

Lana and Clark both arose from their slumber simultaneously, in the same position that they fell asleep, in each other's arms. The both quickly became aware of the time, both wondered how they were going to explain this to their folks.

"Clark, it's 3:00AM" Lana exclaimed as she stared at the black digital clock on the counter.

"Damn, I'm going to get in SO much trouble... But it was worth it." As he got out bed, not really caring about him being nude. Lana smiled and quickly glanced at his slender figure, sound abs and jewels below but quickly turned and started to put her clothing on.

"I'll drop you, since I'm faster and you don't have your car with you." Clark began to follow in Lana's footsteps and put his clothing on, which were roughly placed on the floor.

Clark dropped Lana using his super speed. Upon arrival at Lana's doorstep, she began to feel queasy, but she hid it, not wanting to worry Clark. It must have been because of the speed she was going, she thought and it was. She was still getting use to the idea of him with powers, but she was glad she knew. Him being different didn't matter to her because she loved him. Clark managed to sneak a quick kiss before his disappearing act into the trees.

Clark quickly entered into the main house in super speed of course and arrived in his bedroom. He thought that he was clear from getting into trouble by his parents. Maybe they didn't arrive yet? He thought, Maybe they didn't care, Maybe they were asleā€”but before he could finish his thoughts, he turned to find his mother and father sitting on his bed. They were both asleep but it was obvious they were expecting him.