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My color is green. Green more at home in the dark. Green is a cold color. It does not offer the heat of the other colors, while it does not chill like others. Green is subdued and calming. Green is the color of ambition and envy. Green symbolizes me. I feel more at home in the shadows. I manipulate people like one would pull the strings of a marionette as I climb my way to the top of the social ladder. My life is structured. Action then reaction, of cause and effect. I am an elite pureblood who is proud of her heritage. I am expected to marry one of equal or the same pedigree as befits my station. I look at others as they live their lives by their own will, while mine has been planned for me before I was born. Yes, green suits me well.

A flash of thunder suddenly paints the hallway red because of the stained glass

"Red is the color of Gryffindor. Red is the color of love. Red is the color of hate. Red is the color of passion. Red is the color of all that is forbidden. Red is all I see when I close my eyes." I mutter feverishly to as I lose myself in my self induced insanity. I hate the color red. I close my eyes and all I see are swirls of red. The red that won't stop reminding me of him." I close my eyes and I see him there. I wish for silence and all I hear is his voice whispering sweet nothings into my ear. I wish for the smooth comfort of my silk sheets, but all I feel is his calloused hands. All I can think of his him and the red that surrounds him.

I hate him for this. How dare he have the audacity to burn his presence into my psyche, into my every waking breath! I hate having every fiber of my being set ablaze when I see the red that surrounds him. I hate being reminded of what I cannot, should not have. I am a proud pureblood that will not be soiled with the presence of a mudblood. He forsakes his heritage and does not distinguish between them. I am rich, he is poor. I am a highborn, he is a lowborn. I repeat to myself. I know I am lying to myself because I want him, need him, forsake everything for him. I want to cry to run I just want this pain, this insanity in my heart to stop.

I am suddenly broke out of my reverie when a pair of arms encircles me. I feel a sudden surge of panic when I see red. The red turns into a head of hair. The red turns into a blushing face. The red turns into burning love and desire. I feel comfort and security. Things the shadows can't bring me. I feel the fire of his lips melting the ice fortress I have built around myself. I feel vulnerable. I feel free. The feeling of not giving a damn about destiny. The feeling of the willingness to sacrifice everything to be with him. I need to tell him all these things that I have been feeling, but the words fail me so I just say what is in my heart.

"I love you Ron."

He responds with the warmest smile.

"I love you too Pansy."

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