Title: Lighting the Candles

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: YY/Y

Warnings: Angst

Disclaimer: I tried to lure Yugi over to me with some really good cards, but Yami came and snatched him back. He took the cards too. So no, I don't own the YGO anime or characters in any way.

Challenge theme: Candles

Summary: Yugi reminiscences with candles.

Word count: 150


Click. Click. Click.

The metallic lighter felt cold in his hands, absorbing the heat from his body even while spitting out flames of its own.


One candle for every year he had truly lived. One candle for every year he merely existed.


One candle for every smile that had come from the bottom of his heart. One candle for every grin he plastered on his face just to keep the routine going.


White candles for himself, black candles for his other half.


But now that the other was gone, the white and the black had blurred and he couldn't tell what it was anymore.


His friends said if he added black and white together, he'd get grey.

But it wasn't grey. It was... emptiness. Something that devoured you when you weren't looking, something that engulfed you when you cried.


He blew out the candles.