The End of the Knight

A Resident Evil 2/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. Xander get's a little further than Oxnard on his roadtrip. As he crashes his car in the dark and dissolate streets of Raccoon City and meets a little girl, a new series of events start for him. Rated R for gore and language.

A/N Takes place during the summer before season four starts. Xander's on his road trip and he's gotten way past Oxnard.

Chapter 1


Raccoon City


The windsheild wipers on a classic blue 57' Chevy, whisked back and forth as it's driver steered around a deep puddle of water in the road. As it started to heavily rain again, Xander threw down his road map in frustration. He had been driving for nearly five hours straight and he still hadn't made it to Rochester Pennsylvania yet.

"So much for my summer vacation." Xander muttered to himself. He was only down to a thousand dollars now and he hadn't even seen all the states yet. And being honest with himself he really didn't want to go back to Sunnydale.

His parents told him when he got back that they would have his stuff in the basement and he felt as though he were slipping away from his friends. But on the road...he just couldn't figure out why he liked it so much. It was like it called to him somehow, telling him that just around the corner he would find an adventure.

'Who are you kidding, Xander Harris.' Xander thought to himself. 'Even if you did find an adventure, Buffy's not here to save your ass.'

Dropping his foot a little heavier on the gas, he zoomed by a sign that told him he was thirty minutes away from a place called Raccoon City.

"Finally, civilization." he said to himself as he put down the map. He hadn't seen anyone for what felt like hours. 'Maybe I should just settle down in that city for awhile.' Xander thought to himself. 'I could use the extra money and a shower.' he thought as he raised his arm and sniffed under the pit of his shirt.

Flipping on his radio, he drove the rest of the way towards the city without another thought.

Xander made it too the town in just under twenty minutes. But as he turned down a main street called Shelby Drive he noticed something strange. Shelby Drive was the first real city street he had come to but he hadn't found one single hint of life. The movie theaters, the diners, the bars were all dark and in the few places that had lights on inside, it didn't look like anybody was around.

In fact he hadn't even seen one single car since he had been on the road.

Checking his watch he saw that it was only nine o'clock, so all the local hangouts should have been teeming with people. Suddenly something ran in front of his car.

"Shit!" Xander screamed out as he hit the brake and swerved, shocked out of his reverie as he struggled to get control back over the car.

The brakes locked and screeched as the Chevy turned to face a light pole. Seeing that he wasn't able to get control over the vehicle, he took his hands off the wheel and braced for impact.

As Xander finally came too, after a few moments of being unconcious, he groaned and took off his seatbelt. Even though he felt physically fine, he sat there, closing his eyes and breathing heavily. Hearing something that sounded like a sizzling noise, he lowered his window and craned his neck out of it and saw smoke billowing out from under his hood.

"Great." Xander said as he opened his door, got out and slammed it shut. "Just great."

Walking to the front of the car, he saw that the front end of it was cleanly wrapped around the pole. "Damn." he said as he touched the hood of it. And that's when he looked around and noticed something was definately wrong.

He had just had an accident and from what he could tell had to be loud and no one in the eerily silent city had come out to investigate. Gathering his stuff from the trunk of the car, he was just about to walk up to one of the businesses and ask for help when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.

"Thank god." Xander said in relief as he saw two people walking together on the other side of the street. Being alone was definately giving him the creeps.

Most of the streetlights were out, so he could only see them in silhouette only. They were a couple, the woman wore a long formal looking dress with long hair and the man looked like he was just wearing some kind of a jumpsuit.

As the two got closer, Xander could see that they were shuffling around as if they had just recently gotten drunk. Adjusting his duffle bag, he was about to walk up to them and ask them for help until they walked into a shaft of light, from a office building, and saw what they really looked like.

The woman , Xander could tell was probably once beautiful, was now missing half of her face. Maggots had filled where her left eye should have been and her dress was nothing more then rags. And the man didn't look any better. His face had turned gray, was now bloated, and had bloody lesions all over his forehead and face.

Xander didn't even have to think about what they were. He knew they were zombies.

As he backed away all around him, deep, echoing moans of hunger filled the warm night air. Chancing a glance to his left and to his right he saw zombies reaching for him with their skeletal hands, moaning hungrily for their next meal. Not knowing what else to do, he ran down the alley that was right behind him and as his eyes adjusted to the little light that dared spill into the narrow alley, he saw a fire escape for an apartment building a few feet ahead of him.

Feeling the now damned souls of the zombies behind him, he quickly took to the stairs two at a time until he reached the top. Once there he saw a heavy wooden door and prayed to whatever God that would hear him that it was unlocked.

With a thank you on his lips, after hearing a soft metallic click he opened the door, slammed it upon entering and leaned on the door breathing heavily. Standing there as his heart slowed to a normal pace, his nostrails filled with a foul odor. Something that distinctly smelled like shit.

Turning he was just able to move out of the way as a fat zombie lunged at him out of the shadows. It's skin was decaying and a wet sound came out from inside of its gullet as it calmly chewed on what Xander thought was flesh.

As the zombie swallowed whatever it was eating, it lunged at Xander once more. But this time he wasn't as fast as he needed to be and the demon pounced on him, sending both of them sprawling to the ground. As it opened up it's mouth, Xander saw a decaying network of teeth as the thing tried to bite down on him. With strength he didn't know he possessed, he was able to keep it away from his neck.

Searching for something to get the thing off of him, his hand suddenly touched his duffle bag. Chancing a glance over at it, he saw a stake he had whittled, sticking out of one of the outer pockets. Quickly grabbing it, he used the last of his strength, pushed the zombies upper body off of his chest, and plunged the stake through it's head, sending blood riddling down his arms and onto the floor.

With a slight moan, the zombie keeled over and fell at Xander's side. Dead. Relief flooding through him Xander stood up and looked around to make sure, nothing else would jump out at him. Not seeing anything, he calmed down a bit and took a better look at the dimly lit room.

The floor was strewn with books and papers, with tables overturned and blood covering a far wall. There was also a lingering smell of rotten fruit and meat. Xander wanted to leave this house of the dead, but he remembered what fate would be waiting for him outside.

Looking down at his hands, he saw that the blood on it was already starting to dry. Stepping nimbly through the clutter of the dark room, his foot suddenly hit something making him fall to the floor.

As he got to his feet, he looked down at what his foot snagged and he saw the body of a young and very dead and once beautiful hispanic woman. Her now gray and glazed over eyes seemed to look up at him blankly. He knew he didn't have to worry about her getting up to try to kill him, because it looked like something had eaten her throat out. It was like a rabid animal had gotten to her. Then he remembered the first zombie, he killed had been eating something.

Backing away from the body, he walked out of the room and tried to find a place to wash up.

Xander scrubbed his arms in the bathroom sink with hot water, almost to the brink of taking off the skin. He was tempted to just take a shower, but he didn't want to stay in the apartment any longer than he had to and he didn't want to be caught off guard if some zombies broke in and attacked.

Shutting off the water, he dried his hands off on some decorational towels and looked into the mirror. Besides from looking pasty and sweating, he saw that he had a little cut on his forehead.

"I must have gotten that from the crash." Xander said as he touched it and instantly winced. His whole head was throbbing. Looking down in the cabinet for a first aid kit and some aspiran, he found a little box of band-aid's and smiled. "How ironic is this?" he asked himself as he put the Scooby Doo band-aid on the scratch.

'Now what the hell am I going to do?' he thought as he sat down on the edge of the tub to think. 'I could try to call Buffy or the cops.'

'Or you could grow some balls and fight.' the soldiers voice spoke from the depths of his mind. 'Muffy isn't here to try to fight your battles boy. Stand up for once and be a man.' the Hyena spirits laugh seemed to echo it's agreement with the soldier. But before Xander could comment to the voices, he heard a child's muffled innocent sobs.

"Where is that coming from?" Xander asked himself as he stood to his feet and walked to the door. Bracing himself for the smell, he opened the door and walked into the hallway. Seeing two other doors that he hadn't tried yet, he put his ear to one of the doors and heard a little girl quietly sobbing to herself.

Opening the door he saw a little girl with long raven hair, sitting on her bed in the dark with her head down. He saw that she was quietly hugging herself with her Scooby Doo blanket

"Hey, sweetie are you alright?" Xander asked as he walked into the room.

"Papa." the girl asked as she threw the blanket off and flung herself into Xander's arms. "Papa where have you been?" she asked as she cried into Xander's shoulder. "I thought you would never come for me."

"I'm not your dad sweetheart." Xander said, making the little girl look up at him for the first time.

"No... let me go!" the little girl said as she got out of Xander's grasp. "My papa told me never to talk to strangers." she said as she ran and hid in her closet, locking the door behind her.

'Damn, that zombie I killed must have been her father.' Xander thought to himself. 'And the dead lady must have been her mom.'

'Which makes her your queen and your responsibility.' the Hyena spirit whispered to him as it started to laugh.

'He's right boy.' the soldier put in. 'Now figure out a way to get her out of that closet and then get the hell out of here.'

"Sweetie." Xander said as he walked up to the door and tapped on it. "We don't have alot of time here so we have to go okay."

"No... go away." the little girl told him sternly. "My papa is coming for me."

"No he isn't." Xander blurted out, not thinking.

"Why?" she asked as she started to cry again.

'Way to go, boy.' the soldier muttered sarcastically.

"Because...because he asked me to come and get you." Xander lied.

"You're lying."

"No, I'm not. Me and your dad are good friends."

"Then what's his name ?" the girl asked.

'Damn, this girl is sharp.' Xander thought to himself as he looked around the room for a clue to her father's name. Then he spotted it on her bed. It was a picture of the little girl that ran in the closet, her mom, and her dad. Picking it up he looked on the back of it and read there names.

"Your dad's name is Antonio." Xander said as he walked back to the closet. "And your mom's name is Maria and yours is Roselyn." after a few seconds, Xander heard a click and the closet door opened.

"Did my papa, really send you to get me?" Roselyn asked as she looked up at him. And that's when Xander finally saw her face good. She was the cutest little girl he had ever seen. He guessed that she was about eight. But what stood out the most about her were her strong liquid brown eyes.

"Yeah, he did." Xander said as he looked down at her. "Now get some of your stuff together, we have to leave."

'Well done boy.' the soldier whispered as Roselyn ran off too gather some of her belongings. 'Well done.'

"What is that smell?" Roselyn asked as Xander led her into the apartment living room. After talking to her he had found out that her father made her stay in her room, because he obviously knew about the zombie attacks. And judging from the newspaper he had found when, Roselyn was changing out of her pajama's and into something else, the whole town might have been infested. Since the phones didn't work, it only confirmed his suspicions.

Learning a little bit more about his friend he found that she had been in her room for almost two days so he had given her both twinkies that he had in his pocket's, until he could find something more suitable to eat. Her father didn't however know that he would get bitten by one and turned into a zombie himself.

"I don't know Rose, just keep your eyes closed." he said as he navigated her around her dead parents bodies.

Before he opened the door to venture out into the night, a glint of something from the moonlight caught his eye. Turning his head, he saw a nine millimeter glock along with two clips sitting on one of the living room tables.

"Thank God." Xander said lowly as he put the clips in the outer part of his duffle and checked the gun. Seeing that it was fully loaded, he popped the magazine back in with an audible click. "Now Rose, remember what I said when we get outside. You're gonna see some strange things, but I want you to be brave and stick close to me."

"Okay." Roselyn whispered. As Xander was about to open the door, they both suddenly heard a loud crashing noise. Looking back at the far end of the room, Xander saw what he thought was a doberman standing by the now broken window.

The once dog, had mottled gray flesh covered with blood and rotting lesions. Shaking the glass off of itself, it's blood red eyes scanned the room and layed it's eyes on Xander and Roselyn. Before the thing could even lunge at them, Xander and Roselyn, who had opened her eyes by now and seen the dead bodies of her parents and the dog, ran out the door and into the night.


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A/N I didn't know how to work it in the story but, Xander basically kept the soldier and the hyena spirit's since the beginning, well in my story anyway. He's never told the others about it though. The spirit's have never spoken to him directly like this before unless he's in time of great emotional anxiety.

So they'll play as a form of emotional support for Xander and they'll give him advice at times.