The Plan

One winter's day, one snow-falling, children sledding winter day, Faust the eighth was just settling into his favorite armchair to read his new book on necromancy. But just as he opened the book and plopped it into his lap, the one phone atop the mantel above the fireplace rang. The necromancer sighed, disappointed that his reading would have to wait for something as simple as a telephone call, got up from his comfortable position and picked up the phone.

"Guten tag?" the docter asked into the receiver.

A female voice replied once it knew he was there, "Faust, it's Tao Jun. I was wondering whether or not if you could come over as soon as possible."

"Whatever for, Jun-san?" Faust looked back to the armchair where his book sat, awaiting him to read it. "I really have things to do."

The Tao daughter growled back, "Faust, what I have in mind is even better than sitting around and reading your stupid book. So get over here now."

The other line went dead. Faust put down the phone, looking sadly into the fire. A spirit appeared next to him, the only thing remaining of his beloved deceased wife, Eliza.

"What shall you do?" the spirit asked lightly, laying a hand on her husband's shoulder. Faust looked into her tender eyes and sighed, "I shall go see what she wants."

With that said, the necromancer quickly ran to the foyer and grabbed his coat from the coat rack by the door.

"I'm glad you could come, Faust. I actually thought you wouldn't come. Now, to business." Tao Jun closed the door of the sunroom that she had led Faust into. She did not want her brother, Ren, to figure out what she was up to.

"What exactly is business, Jun?" Faust looked into the cup of green tea that had been placed before him. When he looked back at Jun, the necromancer found the woman grinning back at him. She placed a sheet of paper across the table so he could look at it.

"What is this?" Faust looked over the paper, but on it, all he saw was a picture of a little Chinese restaurant in between two other shops. Also on the paper was a description of the inside of the restaurant.

"It's a restaurant up for sale, Faust. Or, it was up for sale until I bought it this afternoon. I have a plan. A good one, if I do say so myself." Jun set down the cup she was drinking out of. "I've decided I want to meddle with people my brother's age. To be precise, I want to meddle in their love life. Most teens cannot find someone to love, which is why I think we can help them."

"How?" The docter reviewed the plan over in his mind. It sounded pretty decent. It was going to help teens with getting to know people of the opposite genders.

"Oh, I'll tell you along the way. But the only way I can carry out my plan is if I have you to help me. I need you to help Bailong cook the food." Once the woman saw the disappointed look on the necromancer's face, she added, "Well, I need you to make some potion that we can put in the food to make teens fall in love with each other. So how about it? Are we partners?"

Faust stared at the sheet of paper, staring intently at the little restaurant. Then, when he looked up at Jun again, and took his hand in hers, all while saying, "Partners."