Disclaimer: I don't own Hikari or anything related to the Super Mario series. I do own Joe, though.

Note: In this fic, Mario is currently twelve years old, as are Hikari and Joe, and doesn't know Princess Peach yet. In fact, this takes place before he's ever been on any of his own adventures.

Warning: Hikari will spend most of this adventure having a large, cone-shaped nose. If this makes you feel better, I once read a fic where Mario and Luigi's bodies swell up (titled Hopes For An Empire). Don't worry, though; it will be relevant. In case you're wondering how her nose could get much bigger, just make a mental picture.


She wore a blue shirt and a matching skirt that came slightly below her knees. Her eyes were blue, like Mario's, except that they had black pupils instead of white ones. Her shoulder-length hair was light auburn, held back with a green headband.

"So, you said you've been on an adventure before?" Mario asked the girl as he walked down the beach with her.

"Sure have," the girl answered.

"Someone once told me I was destined to go on adventures. I think his name was Merlon, and he was obviously a wizard."


"I can't wait until I go on an adventure like you did. By the way, tell me about yours."

"Well, mainly, it was to learn how to improve my skills at Kendo." She then held out a small golden elephant statue. "My sensei gave me the Zoppiki Talisman so I could transform and increase my power."

Before she could continue, though, something flew right in front of them, and then confronted them.

"Hey, what's your problem?" the girl asked, looking face-to-face at what turned out to be a Magikoopa on a broomstick.

"My name is Kamek," the Magikoopa answered. "I have predicted that your boyfriend will prevent King Bowser from ruling the Mushroom Kingdom. As long as I am alive, that prediction will never come true."

The Magikoopa then chanted a magic spell, and aimed it at the girl. Upon impact, the girl's nose suddenly changed from the normal anime-type nose to a large, cone-shaped one slightly larger than a party hat, barely fitting between her eyes and mouth but tilted slightly upwards as to allow her mouth to still be visible.

"Whoops, that was the wrong spell," Kamek said upon realization.

Mario, not knowing of his jumping ability yet, then picked up a stick and approached Kamek with it, but the magician cast another spell milliseconds before impact. This time, the spell turned Mario into an infant. Suddenly, he felt something pelting her in the back. When she turned around, she saw a human boy and some Shy Guys armed with slingshots. The girl took this opportunity to slash Kamek with her sword. She made a successful hit, but the best it did was send him to the ground, with only a slice across the side of his face. Some red, bird-like creatures with tiny propellers on their heads rushed to Kamek's aid, but the boy drew something out of his pocket. He flung the card into the air, and the birds turned into tiny hopping stars which fled. In a panic, Kamek took off on his broomstick and fled as well.

What was that all about, the girl thought, as she picked up Mario…no, Baby Mario. That's when she suddenly faced the boy that assisted her less than a minute ago.

He was the same height as the girl, and probably the same age. He wore light blue shorts and an orange shirt with the word "WAI" written on it. His hair and eyes were both brown, and he wore a red bandana which covered most of his hair, except for some rather long bangs on his forehead.

"My name's Joe," he initiated. "You okay?"

The girl's face suddenly turned red from embarrassment. With the obvious exception of Mario, most humans' noses were tiny, even speck-like when seen from a distance. Mario wasn't the least bit embarrassed about his nose, despite that difference, but then again, his wasn't as big as this girl's.

"Thanks," the girl answered, "I'm Hikari, and this little guy here was my boyfriend Mario. Gee, I'm supposed to be his girlfriend, not his mommy. Go figure."

"I was just in the middle of some target practice with these Shy Guys, until I heard the commotion from nearby. I noticed that a spell was also put onto you—"

"Wait, let me guess, my nose got a lot bigger."

"Yeah, but it's also cone-shaped. It looks cute, though."

"From what I understand," one of the Shy Guys started, "there is a princess that can reverse magic spells such as the ones inflicted on you."

"That's exactly where I was getting at," said Joe.

"Okay then," Hikari started. "First, we find this princess so that she can heal us, then we hunt down Kamek, or whatever he said his name was."

"Okay, so that's the plan, now we need to know where to go," Joe picked up.

"Actually, you'll find both of them in King Bowser's castle," another Shy Guy informed. "The princess is currently a prisoner at the Castle of King Bowser. In fact, that Magikoopa is a general of his. She came to prevent Mario from reaching the castle."

"Well, I've got a map of this island, so we're all set," Joe said.

"Be careful," the first Shy Guy warned. "Many of our kind and other species have been tainted by Kamek's magic in order to prevent you from reaching your destination."

"Oh, good," Hikari replied. "Then I can put my sword to the real thing instead of having to practice at home." She then turned to Joe, drawing the Zoppiki Talisman out of her backpack. "Joe, recite with me to increase your power." For the next five seconds, they both spun around faster and faster, until…

"MAKERUNA MAKENDO!" they both shouted, while making a unique pose each. Their clothes had also changed. Hikari was now wearing a red shirt with short, white sleeves. Her skirt was now white, was much shorter now, and sported a large yellow bowtie on its backside. Her hair now sported a golden tiara with a shiny blue stone on it. Joe's shorts were now black, and his shirt was now violet. It was complemented with a blue vest and a pair of belts forming a cross over his torso. His bandana was now blue, and instead of having two large flaps coming off the end, it now had one large, multi-folded flap.

"No rotten evildoers are gonna stand in our way to Bowser's Castle," Hikari said, obviously determined.


About Hikari: Hikari Tsurugino was the main character of the Super NES game Makeruna Makendo (Kendo Rage in the U.S.). For those of you who've played the game, "Jo" was actually her dubbed name, and she wasn't originally an American girl visiting Japan; she was Japanese by birth. On the bright side, her dub name is the namesake of Joe, my original character.

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