Long night

"Drs. House and Wilson signing out at 5pm" stated house in mid stride with Wilson out of PPTH. After a pretty uneventful Friday they decided to go out for some beers and perhaps a pizza.

"So where we headin'?" Wilson asked while fishing his car keys out of his pocket "you want to go to that pizza place near my house?"

"Sure, wherever…" just let me sit down somewhere, get off my damn feet

"You don't sound keen" Wilson was once again slightly concerned, for the umpteenth time this week Greg had seemed a bit distracted… he'd wait till later to ask.

"Course I am, as soon as I get pizza in me the better" House was once again worried, he couldn't feel his leg properly again, and felt himself having to lean on the cane more and more each day.

"Ok, if you say so" they had reached Wilson's car and soon enough they were at "Caine's pizza hut" a bit low brow, but that's all they needed for a lazy night out. Maybe he could cheer house up after a few beers.

"Ill just have the medium pepperoni", oh, and another beer " Wilson thanked the waitress as he waited for house to make his order.

"Hmmmm, ill have the pepperoni, ham, cheese and olives, large, oh and make that another four beers"

"House! I wasn't actually planning on getting that smashed tonight, Julies going to kill me"

"What the heck Wilson, it's a Friday, lighten up! You've only had three" house did his lopsided grin at him and considered the matter closed. He didn't want to get Wilson suspicious. This should help the leg

The food came over and soon they were both blindly drunk glugging down beer carelessly while laughing about random things that happened over the past week. And of course House kept the beers coming.

"Soo… hick! …You gonna tell me what you were up to yesterday with that nurse… now even I know thatwasn't just being polite." House hiccupped in between mouthfuls of pizza.

"What nurse… Lola? She's in a relationship already Greg, just as I am! Just 'cause I can talk to a member of the female species without insulting them or giving them my number, no need to get jealous" Wilson slurred his words slightly and kicked himself for getting drunk, this was supposed to be the night he investigated House's behaviour. I'll ask him in a minute

"Come off it, you know you have the hots for her, Julie would be disappointed" his head lolled from side to side in what was supposed to be him shaking his head.

Wilson looked skyward "yeah… whatever you say"

"Got you there didn't I, looks like no one can avoid my steel like interrogations"

"Well then its my turn to interrogate you" this had better be a good idea "what's been up with you lately, you've not been yourself"

"Great way to interrupt the fun. What are you talking about, I'm fine"

"Yeah, and that's what you keep saying, seriously, what's wrong?" He tried to sober up a bit; he needed to find out about house, he just hoped he'd remember this conversation by tomorrow.

"Nothing, I'm fine!" house said that a bit too loudly, and Wilson could see he was getting agitated.

"You call THAT fine?" just tell me Greg, maybe I could help

"Yup, time for more beer" house started to get up

"No Greg, I think we've had enough"

"One more won't hurt" House was nearly on his feet when suddenly his leg gave out and he plummeted to the floor, his head hitting the edge of another table.

"Shit! Greg!" Wilson sprang to the side of house and panicked at the sight of blood on the side of his head. "Greg, Greg! Are you alright!" house groaned and blinked a few times. Yet he didn't seem that surprised. Wilson knew there was more to this than meets the eye.

"Ugh, I'm okay, help me up"

"What about your head?"

"Just a scratch"

"Come off it"

"Look, you going to help me up or what?" house reached out his arm and Wilson tried to pull him up, but Greg wouldn't get off the ground.

"Why aren't you getting up? Come on" Greg just looked at him, and as he looked back, he saw panic. It hit him. He couldn't get up!

"I cant feel my legs… wh…why cant I feel my legs!…Argh!"

"Greg…what's wrong?"

Suddenly there was a blinding pain in his head, and his head seemed to cloud up…then darkness.

"Greg! Shit! Shit! Someone call 911!"