Master Nin [R
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Summary: Naruto, desperately needing advice on how to handle his newly aquired girlfriend, turns to the worst possible source for male-female relationship advice in the Narutoverse. ... Or does he?

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Previously, on 'Master Nin'

The exercise her two bed mates had put her through, the techniques she had used and the Chakra she'd burned since her last drink had done a somewhat decent job at increasing her level of sobriety, so it was with a somewhat heavy heart she observed her two lovers as she pondered just what to do now.

Now that they had done it, she was reasonably lucid and as nobody was currently stimulating her, she realized just what a fucking mess this evening had turned out to be. The fallout from this one night of mind-boggling sex could be devastating. Guilt was hovering around her like a dark halo for a few moments, before she looked up at her two lovers with a determined expression.

"Fuck it." Tsunade snarled and curled up behind Naruto, throwing her right arm across both him and Shizune after she'd pulled the blanket over the three of them. If those pansy-ass villagers couldn't handle it, they could go hang for all she cared! She hadn't asked to abandon her life of freedom and be made Hokage, they had asked her and by all the Kami, she would be doing things her way!

Besides, it was mostly because of Naruto she had agreed anyway.

So what if she had one lover not even half her own age and another that was even younger then that, that one being the main reason she became the Hokage?

/They'll just have to fucking deal with it./ she growled in the privacy of her own mind as she resolved herself not to feel guilty over what she'd just done.

Now that it was over and done with, there were matters more important then that to attend to. Like just how the fuck the three of them were going to deal with this tomorrow morning... How she would handle the Council... How all three of them would deal with the rest of the village...

But in spite of her increasing amounts of concerns and worries, Tsunade soon drifted off in a relaxing slumber, joining her two lovers in blissful sleep to recover from their joint workout.

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Chapter Seven:

"There you are, you shit-faced asshole!" Ino shouted and Naruto's eyes widened as Ino came charging at him, flinging a Kunai at his stomach at speeds he hadn't thought her capable of. He just barely managed to dodge it and that was all the time Ino needed to charge right up to him, throwing a bone-breaking haymaker that probably could have knocked his head clean off if it had connected instead of just whisking right in front of his nose as he threw his head back away from it.

"Ino-chan!" Naruto exclaimed and ducked underneath a vicious kick aimed at his throat.

"You stole my first kiss, you bastard!" Ino screamed and yanked out twin Kunai's, charging at him with near-Jounin levels of killer intent being emitted. "You fondled my flawless body! You spanked me!" she growled and Naruto grunted as the Kunai in her left hand cut open the chest of his orange jacket and made a shallow gash in his body, which he could feel rapidly healing up as he kept on dodging, leaping and jumping in a near-frantic manner to keep out of range from her attacks.

It was with great reluctance, but he had to admit that she was better at Taijutsu then him and likely would have had him defeated, if she hadn't been too angry to think clearly.

They soon found themselves up on the roofs of Konoha, heading for the outskirts of town as Naruto kept on dodging furious attacks from the blonde Amazon in a purple dress.

"Ino, stop it!" Naruto pleaded with her.

"Obedience is pleasure, disobedience is pain..." Ino mumbled and almost looked as if she was about to actually stop, then shook her head to clear her mind and attacked even more furiously then before. "You shithead! You brain-washed me!" she accused him and tried to kick his nose so hard that it popped out of the back of his head.

Naruto's eyes widened as she inadvertedly flashed him her knicker-free and freshly shaved groin, his brief distraction nearly causing him to get hit by her kick.

He quickly looked her over as he avoided her attacks, noticing that her chest had a certain unrestrained quality to it and he gave himself a mental pat on the back as he figured out what her deal was. He thought that this whole try-to-skin-him-alive attitude was a bit much, but he had to admit that Tsunade had been sort of violent ever since he first met her.

He gave off a mental shrug and decided to accept this training challenge. As he ducked underneath a sweeping Kunai, he reached out and gave Ino a slap on her ass.

"Not good enough, Ino-chan!" he taunted her and side-stepped to avoid a knee heading for his face. "You are deliciously cute when you're angry, though." he added and slid around to her back as she nearly tripped in surprise from the unexpected compliment.

He slid up right behind her and reached around, cupping her right breast and her groin through her purple dress.

"Hmmm, no bra and no panties, but trying to kill your Master. You're both a naughty and a good girl, Ino-chan." he commented and then had to step away as she tried to shove her elbows into his ribs after a moment of shocked astonishment.

"Hands off, Master!" Ino screamed, then blushed and got even angrier as she realized what she'd just called him. "You son-of-a-bitch! I am SO going to tear every single one of your fucking limbs off and feed them to Akamaru!" she growled in a low threatening tone of voice.

"Hands off, Master!"

"Ooohhh, kinky!" Anko approved from a slight distance as she observed Naruto and what was apparently yet another little strumpet he fooled around with, judging by the fondling and the girls outcry.

She'd been walking along the street, wondering how to approach the brat when as if by magic, he leapt over the street a little ways ahead of her, followed by the blonde girl in the purple outfit. She'd instantly given chase and tagged along, wondering why two Konoha Nins were fighting, but she understood now and was impressed. Very much so.

The little guy was into some pretty funky shit, judging from what she was witnessing now.

As if a threesome with two older women wasn't enough, he was also into some really sadistic-looking role-play and apparently wasn't shy about doing it in public either!

/Jackpot!/ Anko mentally cheered and jumped over to another roof with a goofy grin on her lips. /A stud in the bedroom, a deviant at heart with several delightful kinks and apparently, man enough to handle a great number of girls, all at once! He's the man of my dreams! ... Or well... Brat of my dreams? ... Ah well, who gives a shit? He's got a dick, he knows how to use it and he probably won't run screaming when I tell him my kinks. Good enough for me!/

"You're all shaved for me, Ino-chan. Excellent!" he commented as he ducked underneath a roundhouse kick from the girl, nearly causing Anko to stumble.

"I have to keep myself nice and bare for Master." Ino stated in a somewhat absent tone of voice, then threw both Kunai's at him and jumped at him with the apparent intent to strangle him. "Fuckwad!" she bellowed furiously.

"Mind if I cut in?" Anko asked at the same time as she threw a chakra-enhanced net at the girl, wrapping her up from head to toe and causing her to crash down onto the ground as Naruto didn't make it back in time to catch her after having jumped aside to avoid getting strangled. "I need to talk with your Master for a while, so you just wait there." she added and then tossed a small summoned snake at Ino, the creature deftly bit the blonde and promptly poofed out of existence as the venom quickly knocked the girl out.

"Freaky Examiner Lady!" Naruto exclaimed and took three terrified steps back away from Anko, his eyes widening in apprehension.

"Hiya, brat." Anko greeted him and glanced over at Ino. "You're keeping yourself busy these days, I see." she commented with an approving grin.

"What do you want?" he asked in a suspicious manner.

"You." she simply responded and shrugged out of her trench coat, then started unzipping her mini-skirt.

"What are you doing?!" Naruto exclaimed, his eyes widening even further at her unexpected actions.

"Allowing you to see what you're getting." Anko replied with a wide grin as she pushed the mini-skirt off her hips and down her legs.

Naruto blinked.

As if waking up this morning hadn't been surreal enough, now this freak of a woman was stripping for him? Waking up with his arms around Tsunade, resting his head on her bountiful chest with Shizune spooning up against his back had been incredibly nice and surprisingly comfortable. He couldn't recall ever having such a pleasant nights rest.

The lovemaking that followed had been nice too. Tsunade had been a bit stiff and quite obviously distracted by something, but Shizune more then made up for that. Tsunade had cited urgent business and left pretty quickly afterwards, but Shizune had stayed behind for a second round. Naruto then had to run to make the meeting with his 'team' and just barely managed to beat Kakashi-sensei there by two measly minutes.

A few crappy D-ranked missions later, they had been dismissed and Naruto had headed for Ichiraku's for some badly needed Ramen, when Ino came out of nowhere with training on her mind. And now this oddball examiner wanted in as well?

He was stunned to silence as Anko slowly and sensuously shed the netting, slipped out of a skin-coloured sports bra and removed the skimpiest pair of bright purple thong knickers he'd ever heard of. She might just as well not have worn anything at all, from the short look he got before she pushed them down.

"Well, brat? Like what you see? Think you might want a piece of this?" Anko brazenly asked once she was completely naked, standing in a wide-legged stance with her hands on her hips, completely putting herself on display for the blonde kid.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked.

"I saw you with Tsunade and Shizune last night, as well as how you played around with this little slut just now." she replied and nodded at the unconscious Ino. "I want in." she said and licked her lips, giving him a feral gaze of smouldering desire. "And what Anko wants, Anko gets..." she purred.

"Oh, you want me to make you my slave!" Naruto exclaimed in sudden understanding, the statement causing Anko to give off a delighted shiver.

Naruto looked over the naked woman again. He had been grateful that Ino had decided to join in and train with him, as she shared several similarities with Tsunade and could give him information that might help him with Sakura as well. But while her enthusiasm was endearing, she was a little over the top. He didn't really think that Tsunade would just attack him like Ino just had. Sure, all forms of training was good, but chances of Tsunade reacting like that seemed somewhat slim.

This freak was completely bonkers, but she was an experienced older woman and had some Tsunade-like traits as well.

Besides, she was quite the looker and Naruto had to admit that the thought of training with her wasn't all that distasteful. Far from it, in fact! But it didn't appear as if she just wanted to train. From the sound of things, she had a more permanent arrangement in mind.

He already had a girlfriend in Tsunade and she'd apparently decided to make Shizune a part of it as well, which was unexpected but surprisingly nice. He liked Shizune and that was even clearer now, after the two of them had spent the night and morning together.

He blinked as he came to a realization. Tsunade obviously didn't mind additional girlfriends as she'd brought in Shizune. So then it should be okay if he added this freak to the mix as well, shouldn't it? His brow furrowed in concentration as he thought back on Ero-sennin books, then slowly nodded to himself. It wasn't all that unusual to have several girlfriends, all that was required was to ensure that the others understood that he was in charge and was the one who decided if there should be more of them or not.

He looked over at Anko again.

She certainly wasn't his first choice of girlfriend, but perhaps he could at least give her a chance?

Besides, if it didn't work out, they could always break up and now that he thought of it, there was nothing stopping him from adding Sakura as well as this loon even if Anko worked out all right as a third girlfriend. Hinata had taken really well to the training too, so perhaps she might be interested in a more permanent arrangement as well? Naruto shrugged that thought off and returned his attention to the examiner lady.

"What's your name?" Naruto asked after having failed to recall what her name was. /Linko? Sako? Danko? Something -ko or other, I'm sure of it.../

"Mitarashi Anko." she responded after a few moments of furiously twitching eyebrows. She went through all that effort to make an entrance worthy of her at the Chuunin exams and this brat still didn't manage to remember her name?!

"Come here, Anko." he requested and gestured at her to approach. She raised an eyebrow and did as he requested, sauntering up until she was standing in front of him with an inquisitive expression. "Will you be a good girl, Anko?" he asked her and was suddenly faced with a deep laugh.

"Hell, no!" Anko responded with a disbelieving snort. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" she yelled and grunted as her knees unexpectedly hit the ground as Naruto grabbed her nipples, twisted them around and pulled down.

"Will you be a good girl, Anko?" he asked again, giving her nipples an even firmer pinch to accentuate his question.

"Fuck!" Anko howled, her eyes blazing in smouldering fury and intense desire. "Hell no." she snarled and bared her teeth at him. "I'll only be good for as long as you can force me into it. Do you think you're up to that task, Naruto?" she added and Naruto hesitated for a few moments, before he slowly nodded.

"I accept your challenge, Anko-chan." he informed her and got a wider smirk in response.

"But... Ah... Perhaps not out in public like this?" Anko suggested and Naruto looked around, then slowly nodded his agreement. He'd been distracted by Ino and Anko had been distracted by lust, but now when reality had started creeping up upon them again, neither of the two felt really comfortable out in the open if they were going to take things further.

Ino groaned as she slowly emerged from the depths of unconsciousness, forcing her eyelids to cooperate with her. She blinked at her surroundings, then snarled as she spotted Naruto out of the corner of her left eye. She turned her head around and prepared to keep on yelling and attacking him, but all that happened was that her jaw dropped as she saw him leaning up against the wall of an unfamiliar apartment, panting wildly, bleeding from several cuts and with bruises all over him.

At his feet, was a naked and kneeling purple-headed woman that it took Ino a couple of seconds to identify as Mitarashi Anko.

She didn't look much better off then Naruto, though her injuries seemed to be limited to bruises. Her arms were held by two additional Naruto's and a third one was kneeling over her legs, keeping them pinned to the ground, while his arms were wrapped around her waist, restraining her.

The Naruto leaning against the wall let out a tired groan, then pushed himself off the wall and stood on his own, looking down at his captive.

"Fuck, Anko-chan. You've got a nasty right hook." he commented and absently rubbed his jaw.

"Your ruddy clones surprised me." the woman calmly admitted, though she was panting heavily from exhaustion. "How the hell did you create that many of them? I've never come up against anyone who could wear me out with just shadow clones before."

"Hello? Duh!" Naruto responded and for some odd reason, pointed at his stomach.

"Ah. That explains a thing or two." Anko responded and almost absently tugged at her arms, half-heartedly trying to break free. /Explains what?/ Ino wondered. /Is it something about all that Ramen he eats?/

"Do you yield?" Naruto asked.

"I guess." Anko sighed. "Bit of a let-down, though. I really didn't expect that many clones. Next time, I'll be ready for them." she added and then grinned. "So, now that you've got little old me at your mercy, whatever are you going to do with me?"

"No! Run!" Ino cried out and tried to leap out of the bed she was resting on, but only succeeded in discovering that she was all constrained and causing herself to take a nasty spill onto the floor. "He'll brainwash you too!" she added once she'd regained her breath.

"Are you mad? Whatever would I want to do that for? Fighting him got me all hot'n bothered!" Anko retorted with a dismissive snort. "Besides, I've been looking forward to this ever since I saw him with Tsunade and Shizune last night." she added and licked her lips.

"... Shizune-san too?!" Ino exclaimed with a wide-eyed gaze at Naruto. "At the same time?!" she exclaimed and looked over at Anko, who nodded and shrugged uncaringly. "Tsunade, Shizune, Hinata, Anko and me too?! Naruto, you pervert! Creep! Lowlife!"

"Hinata? The Hyuuga heir? Oh, my!" Anko exclaimed with a loud guffaw. "I bet Hiashi really fucking approves of that!"

"Silence, wenches!" Naruto snapped. "Anko, will you behave if I let you go?" he demanded to know.

"Depends on your ability to make me behave." she retorted with a devilish glint in her eyes, making it perfectly clear that she wasn't about to turn into an obedient little girl anytime soon.

"Fine." he mumbled and looked over at Ino. "You just be quiet, Ino-chan. I'll be with you in a minute." he told her, causing Ino to go all kinds of furious at his dismissive attitude. But as she saw him reach into a bag and pull out a long black rope, her mouth slammed shut as she desperately tried to will herself invisible. She would have exhaled in relief when she saw him head towards Anko, if she hadn't been afraid that even the slightest noise might divert his attention to her.

Anko glared at him with a defiant expression, but didn't make any verbal protests as he proceeded to tie her up. She did struggle physically, but with what was apparently the real Naruto tying her up and three clones holding her down, her efforts just weren't enough.

Besides, Ino thought, it didn't look as if she was trying all that hard. She was an experienced Special Jounin after all. If she really wanted to get free, Ino figured that it was well within her abilities to free herself from an inexperienced Genin and his clones.

/I am surrounded by perverts! First Naruto and Hinata, now Mitarashi-san too?! And Tsunade-sama and Shizune-san?! Is the whole world going mad or is it just me?/ Ino wondered as Anko was forced down until she was resting on top of her own kneeling legs, as Naruto tied her up in a neat little purple-haired bundle. Her arms were forced behind her back and very intricately tied up so that they would remain there.

When Anko had been all wrapped up, the three clones lifted her up and transferred her to the bed, as the real Naruto, or at least who Ino assumed to be the real Naruto, was rummaging through two paper bags from 'The Fuumika Adult Emporium' that were standing up against the wall.

"Isn't this great?" Anko asked in a conspiratoric whisper.

"Great?! What are you, crazy?! He's gone completely off his rocker!" Ino hissed back.

"You mean... Oh, this is rich!" Anko laughed. "He's doing this against your will?"

"Well of course he is!" Ino responded.

"... Wow..." Anko said and looked over at Naruto with a lust filled smirk and a hint of drool trickling down from the corner of her mouth.

"... You're mad." Ino whispered in a strained tone of voice.

"Well, if you're not into this sort of thing, I gues-mrkgh!" Anko started to reply, then unexpectedly got a pipe-shaped gag pushed into her mouth as Naruto had unseen walked over to join the two of them. Attached to the rubber-looking pipe, was a string that Naruto pulled around Anko's head, which served to keep the gag in place. "Nhtouh! Chino ischn'kt hmilling!" Anko gurgled through the gag, but Naruto paid her no attention.

Ino whimpered and squeaked as he turned to face her, then pulled out another gag similar to the one Anko was now wearing.

"Oh no. Please? Please, Naruto! Please no!" Ino pleaded with him.

"Will you be a good girl, Ino-chan? Speak only when spoken to? Respectful, only addressing me as 'Master'? Obedient, doing only whatever I tell you?" Naruto asked.

"Nhtouh! Hchno! Hchino ischn't kvrr!" Anko tried again.

"Shut up, Anko-chan. It'll be your turn next." Naruto ordered and emphasised his command with a powerful slap to Anko's rear posterior. Ino winced at the power of it, by far greater then the ones she had received the day before yesterday. Anko made a painful sounding howl into her gag and a trickle of saliva started dripping out of it. "Now then..." he mumbled and moved Ino a bit closer to the edge of the bed, then he sat down and pulled her into his lap.

Ino winced as the net dug into her arms in a very uncomfortable manner when he lifted her up, but kept her peace as Naruto shifted her around and left her sitting on his legs, her back against his chest.

"Repeat after me, Ino-chan." he instructed her and reached around her, putting his hands on her chest. "Naruto-sama is my Lord and Master."

"Naruto-sama is my Lord and Master." Ino obediently parroted, surrendering herself to the situation. After the tenth or so minute, she even started to enjoy his hands caressing her through her dress.

The net she was restrained by however, was growing increasingly uncomfortable.

"Please, Master. This net is starting to hurt." Ino informed Naruto after she had just repeated 'I must keep myself nice and bare for my Master.' while he fondled her left breast and lower stomach through Anko's net and Ino's clothes.

"Will you be a good girl for me if I let you lose, Ino-chan?" he asked.

"Yes, Master..." Ino mumbled and Naruto pulled out a Kunai, then carefully cut her lose. He put the Kunai away and once again put his hands on her through her purple dress.

Now that she was liberated, Ino reacted in a fairly predictable manner and spun around as best she could, elbowing his head in mid-spin.

Naruto grunted in pain and fell onto his back, then suddenly found himself in a wrestling match with the blonde girl who was doing her damndest to strangle him.

He was tired from his earlier brawl with Anko, but his superior strength served him well and Ino soon found herself pinned down onto the bed with Naruto straddling her stomach and holding her down by her wrists.

"Chee? Chihno dsschnt whmnt ghisch!" Anko gurgled around her gag.

"That's right, you asshole Master! This isn't what I want!" Ino snapped furiously, struggling to get free.

Naruto smirked at her, bent down and kissed her passionately for a few moments before he pulled away.

"Oh? And how do you want it, Ino-chan?" he asked, then licked the hollow of her throat. "Though you won't get it that way, seeing as how you're such a bad little slave..." he drawled.

"I don't want this at all, you dumb fuck Master!" Ino snarled. "Now you've got me calling you Master again!" she exclaimed as she realized how she was referring to him, even in the midst of cursing him. "You shithead..." she sobbed as he kept on lavishing loving attention to her neck.

"Not at all?" Naruto asked, but kept on kissing her. "You did ask for this yourself, y'know?" he added and moved up, nibbling a bit on her right ear lobe.

"No, I didn't! Stupid Master!" Ino whimpered. "I thought it was ninja training, not this perverted shit!"

"Oh..." Naruto exclaimed in a stunned tone of voice, pulling away from Ino and staring down at her in shock.

"Stupid, stupid, Master!" Ino sobbed as Naruto stood up, letting her go and shame-facedly looking down at his own two feet.

"Schee?" Anko slobbered around her gag.

"I'm... I'm sorry, Ino." Naruto said.

"You'd better be! You stole my first kiss! You groped me! You had Hinata grope me! You fucking brainwashed me!" Ino ranted and leapt onto her feet. "Bloody Master!" she snarled and slugged him, throwing him across the room and into the wall. He grunted in pain and slumped to the ground, then grunted again as Ino was suddenly straddling his lap. "Stupid Master..." Ino muttered, then kissed him. "Moron..."

Naruto just sat there and took it in bewildered confusion as Ino alternated between kissing and insulting him, occasionally slamming her fists against his chest.

"If you ever do something to me against my will again, I'll castrate you." she snarled and glared into his eyes. "Is that clear, Master?!" she demanded to know and Naruto nodded.

"Good." she declared, then kissed him again. "You will be training, real ninja training, with me. You'll buy me dinners and I expect lots of gifts to make up for all this shit you put me through. You'll teach me that fucking Kage Bunshin trick. And you will apologise, over and over again." she instructed him. "Is that fucking clear, Master?"

"Yes." he hastily agreed and nodded furiously.

"Good!" she exclaimed.

"Uh... Ino?" Naruto cautiously asked.

"Yes?" she responded.

"Why... Uh... Why the kisses?" he inquired with a completely baffled expression.

"You're a good kisser, Master." Ino informed him. "A complete and utter asshole you might be, but you're a good kisser and you taste good. You're going to take me out on lots of dates to repay me for the shit you put me through!" she snapped and stood up, glaring down at him.

"You... You want to be one of my girlfriends?" Naruto asked and blinked. "Tsunade, Shizune, Anko and Ino..." he mumbled.

"What about Hinata?" Ino asked.

"We're only training. She isn't my girlfriend for real." Naruto replied.

"Does she know that? She's had a crush on you for years. You might think that it's only training, but I don't think Hinata does." Ino replied and shook her head. "You truly are a moron, Master." she snorted. "But, no. I don't want to be your girlfriend, Master. It's just training for when I finally succeed in landing Sasuke-kun!"

"Mhess hahlk, mrh shxch!" Anko interjected.

"Deal with her, then come pick me up at three for our first practice date." Ino instructed with a glance at Anko who'd shifted around on the bed in order to see what was going on.

"All right." Naruto replied after a few moments of consideration.

"Good. See you later, Master." Ino responded and headed for the exit.

"Later, Ino-chan." Naruto called, then turned his attention to the trussed up Anko. "Well, you knew what you were getting yourself into at least, right?" he asked and got a fervent nod in response. "Good girl, Anko-chan." he stated and moved over to her.

Anko let out a satisfied groan around her gag as he put his right hand on her rear end, then slipped off the gag with his left.

"Three o'clock, that means that I've got just shy of four hours to spend on making you scream, Anko-chan. Would you like me to make you scream?" he purred.

"Fucking hell yeah!" Anko happily approved. "Bring it on!"

"You're a loud bitch, aren't you?" Naruto mused, then put the gag back in. "Wouldn't want the neighbours to be too disturbed when you start screaming, now do we?" he commented as he turned her around until her feet and ass were just at the edge of the bed. He hastily stripped out of his clothes and threw them next to Anko's bundle of clothes in one corner of the room. "But first, I'll simply use you for my own pleasure." he declared and slowly inserted himself into her silky cavern with a drawn-out moan.

He reflected on how quickly one could get used to the marvellous sensations he was experiencing now. It wasn't all that long ago since he'd been performing nearly the same act with Shizune, only without the ropes and gag, but he was still eager for more. Lots and lots more!

Anko moaned approvingly as Naruto pistoned in and out of her, but like he'd told her, he wasn't doing this for her pleasure. He simply wanted to take the edge of his urges, so he could focus his full attention on her for a while. So he simply brought himself to a climax, making no efforts to hold back or prolong the experience.

Anko howled in protest as he climaxed inside of her and pulled out, leaving for the bathroom where he cleaned himself off and brought a few paper towels to tidy up Anko a bit.

With that out of the way, he was free to devote his full attention to Anko and rather happily did so.

He brought the bags with supplies over and rummaged through them for a while, then smirked as he found what he was looking for. Anko sighed in relief as he penetrated her with a silver-coloured vibrator, grunted in pleasure as he turned it on and gulped as she felt him pour something wet in the crack of her ass.

When he'd lubed her up sufficiently, or what he assumed was sufficiently anyway, Anko groaned with approval as he slowly worked a small anal plug into her rosebud opening.

He lowered the setting for the vibrator, much to Anko's grunted protestations, then brought out more lengths of rope and put them next to her on the bed, before he went to get his toolbox.

He left her to her own devices and gagged protests as he screwed a couple of sturdy rings into his bedroom walls and a couple on the ceiling. The bed wasn't really suited for what he wanted to try, so some preparation was required for it to work. He pulled ropes through the rings and as Anko gurgled out her pleas for satisfaction, he carefully untied her arms from their present bindings.

He grabbed her left arm and slipped a leather bracer around it, chuckling softly to himself as her right flashed to her groin, where she increased the setting on the vibrator before she started frigging herself. Once the bracer was on and adjusted to fit, he pulled one of the ropes through one of the three metal rings the bracer was equipped with and then pulled the rope back through one of the rings in the wall, before he tied it off, locking her left arm in place.

He repeated the process with her right arm, turning the vibrator back to the lowest setting once he had a good grip on her. Anko screamed against the gag and for a few moments, Naruto really did worry about the neighbours. Though he didn't let that prevent him from tying up her right arm as well.

Her arms were now pulled off in opposite directions, leaving very little room for Anko to move to either side. She had a little slack, but not very much.

With that little bit of business done, he untied the rest of her body.

"How about a little massage, Anko-chan?" he asked and got an incomprehensible gurgle in response. Using oil from a bottle of cedar-scented massage oil, he started out with her legs. When he was about to reach an area Anko no doubt was hoping he'd tend to as well, he withdrew and got started on her arms as she whimpered in frustration. After that, he tended to her neck, shoulders and back.

When he figured that she'd had enough, he suddenly turned the vibrator up to the highest setting, flicked his left index finger against the butt plug and moved his right hand underneath her, cupping her groin and dragging his fingers across her clit.

Anko climaxed.

She came like she'd never come before, howling like a banshee around her gag, bucking and thrashing like a woman possessed.

When she became aware of the world around her once again, Naruto had removed the vibrator and started entering her himself. She let out a long drawn-out keening sound as he slowly slid all the way inside of her, then equally slowly pulled out almost entirely before penetrating her again.

Every time he was fully immersed, his pelvis bumped against the handle of the butt plug, causing that to shift inside of his latest girlfriend. She appeared to approve, judging from the pleasured noises she was making. But the longer he kept it up, the more the noises changed from pleasure to frustration.

Naruto completely understood her, he wanted to go faster as well. He pressed her down against the bed and supported his upper body on his elbows, then moved his hands underneath her torso, fondling her tits as he kept up with the almost maddeningly slow lower-body motions. She started to twist and yank her arms, struggling against her bonds, but couldn't get the leverage she needed to break free.

Naruto finally took pity on her, however. Though it was equally as much because he couldn't stand this slow fucking any longer either. He pushed himself off her back and pulled her up onto her knees with him kneeling behind her. He withdrew completely from her, aimed carefully and then slammed himself back into Anko's now soppingly wet pussy. Anko grunted in approval, then moaned repeatedly as he worked her over like a jackhammer, pounding in and out of her as fast as he could.

He reached in underneath her and started caressing her outer bits with his right hand, holding on to her waist with his left. Spurred on by this, Anko came pretty soon again and that also spelled the climax for Naruto, as he couldn't hold off any longer as the walls of her cunt started throbbing all around his little raging samurai. He let out a loud pleasured yell as he came inside of her for the second time.

He let go of her and Anko flopped onto the bed without him to hold her up, Naruto himself did as well, letting himself fall down at her side, panting wildly from the wave of pleasure that had overwhelmed him.

The two of them laid side by side, panting and recovering for a couple of minutes, before Naruto glanced up at the clock and let out a low chuckle.

"Well, Anko-chan. One hour and twenty minutes down, almost three hours left..." he informed her and saw how her eyes widened in either excitement or fear, possibly a combination of both.

When their time was up and Naruto had to jump into the shower and run off for his 'date' with Ino, Anko was completely worn out. She couldn't bring herself to move, so she simply remained in Naruto's bed, where she promptly fell asleep with a big shit-eating grin on her face.

Naruto was feeling a mite bit bushed himself, but his regenerative abilities were as always thanks to the Kyuubi, top-notch. When he'd gotten something to eat, he'd likely be more or less back to his old self again.

He smiled to himself, life was pretty good at the moment. Even the hateful stares of the villagers as he sprinted towards Ino's parent's house and flower shop couldn't faze him at the moment.

In fact, he didn't even notice just mentioned stares.

Nor did he notice that some of them had changed from purely hatred to an odd blend of hate, envy, curiosity and what was well on the way to respect.

The End! ( For now... )