If I Loved You

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Love, in my mind, is a forest trapping me, a mere man, in the vastness that is your eyes.

If love was the clouds, I would wander the sky forever in search for you.

I will shade you when the sun burns your fair skin with its rays, and I will pour bountiful rain whenever you so desire.

If my love was condensed into a letter, I would never have the courage to send it to you for fear of unrequited love.

If love was reduced into an even smaller word, I would rather not utter it for I know the feeling is incapable to be described by words.

Unworthy it is for such an emotion that dangled men mere puppets since creation to be put in one four-lettered word.

If I have said it, how would you see me now?

Isn't it amazing how such a small phrase can take the greatest courage to say?

Is love for us?

If I take the step, will you say yes?

If I take my time, would I have lost the chance?

Will good-bye be something that I'll say to you? But how can we part if we have never met?

I will never say good-bye, because I will always be here.

Always, when you need me, when you seek me…

Perhaps, we are better,


Shino then watches with silence as his love, his life, Hinata walks down the aisle with another man, a trusted comrade.

Live your life, Hinata.

Author's note:

Inspired by the song Separated- Usher

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