Title: Wants

Author: Leann

Rating: hmmm…PG

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: They are not mine. However I do have Lex tied in my basement, does that count? It doesn't? Darn! Okay then please don't sue me I am only have fun.

Summary: Lana get what she wants.

She held the whole world in the palm of her hands. And no one knew it. Clark, Chloe, Aunt Nell, all her teachers looked at her and saw the perfect girl, sweet, kind and courteous, good in school. Perfect, that's how everyone saw her. If they only knew that she was far from perfect.

All the boys she had dated had treated her like a precious object made of glass, to to be put up on a shelf and gazed at in adoration. When all she really wanted was to be treated like a woman, to have a man whisper naughty things in her ears, tangle his fists in her hair and scream her name in bliss. She couldn't find that in any of the boys she had dated, but she did find it unexpectedly in one dark mysterious man. The one man that most did not trust she trusted with her life, her soul and her body.

She wanted what every girl, from the ages of twelve to eighty wanted, she wanted to be treasured, not like a piece of glass, but like an unbreakable diamond. Sure it was nice to get flowers and candy, have doors opened for you and to be treated like an all around princess, but what was even nicer was to hear a man who's voice was normally soft and smooth as velvet, gruff and rough in her ear as he whispered how much he wanted you, needed you and loved you. To feel him so deep inside you that you couldn't tell where you started and he began, to be engulfed in his unique scent surrounding you until he was all you could see, smell and breathe.

That was what Lana Lang wanted, and that was what she had found. Not in any of the expected places, not in Clark, Whitney or Jason, but in the elusive billionaire Lex Luthor. She found her unbridled passion, her take your breath away kisses, and the never-ending love she had always wanted.

And no one knew. They didn't know that on a supposed business meeting that instead of going to Metropolis, she and Lex had flown to the Bahamas and where married on a white sand beach. Instead of an intricate wedding gown she had worn a long white peasant skirt and mid-drift baring white tank top. Instead of a veil of beads and white she had worn a crown of pink and red hibiscus flowers, and instead of high heels she had been barefoot. Her groom, instead of being in his expensive business suits looked delicious in white slacks, and a white shirt open at the collar, and he was also equally barefoot as she. Their vows has been short and sweet, no one around but the minister and the dolphins swimming in the sea. That night spent in a bungalow on the beach, moonlight drifting through the white gauze like curtains to fall on the two lovers, drenching their sweat slicked bodies in a milky glow.

Two days later they had flown back to Smallville and back to their normal lives. Their days spent fooling their friends and family, and their nights spent in each other arms. They knew that they couldn't hide it forever, they knew that sooner or later their relationship would come out, but in the mean time they would enjoy what they had, and when the time came to tell everyone, they had each other to lean on. That was all they needed, each other.

Lana Lang Luthor had found what she had always wanted.