Final Notes

I just wanted to add some final notes.

I had a blast writing this! I don't usually write fanfic but I'm glad I wrote this one.

I originally just wanted to write a story about Brandon and Andrea getting together, but now I'm glad I added the Dylan and Brenda stuff too. I feel a new sense of appreciation for the couple. They were always my second favourite paring after Brandon and Andrea, but now I feel I understand more why so many people love the couple.

Thank you to those who read this story, and a really big thank you to those who reviewed. You helped shape the direction of the story. I wasn't sure how big a story to give to Brenda and Dylan, but when I saw that people wanted to see more of them I gave them more to do and I think it really added to the story.

Thanks once again for reading. I'm sorry the story is over now. I'm going to miss writing it!