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This is a Post-War fic.

No One.

"Hello Charlie. Is he up?" Draco Malfoy asked the owner of the Little Loved Ones daycare center.

"Yes, Carla just went to help him pack up. How was your day?" She asked easily falling into their daily routine.

"Same as always. Was he any trouble?"

"Of course not. He's always an angel." She said with a smile, turning to look when a little boy came into the room hand in hand with a beautiful red haired woman.

"Daddy!" The child shouted, grinning ear to ear as he ran to his father and was lifted up in a warm embrace.

"Did you have a good day Jules?" Draco asked looking to the young blonde.

"Yep! We finger painted!" He said green eyes sparkling, holding up a kaleidoscope of colors on paper.

"That's wonderful. We'll put it on the fridge at home." With that he turned to Carla to retrieve the small blue backpack and then faced the two adults. "See you tomorrow morning."

An answering "Take care." and "Goodbye Jules." and the man and boy left.

Driving back to the apartment and beginning dinner Draco paused to put his son's newest artwork in the middle of the collage on the refrigerator.


"Eat your carrots, Jules. A Malfoy doesn't leave food on his plate."

"But I already ate three!" The child whined looking up with big, emerald doe eyes.

"Alright. Just two more okay?" He would never say no to those eyes...


"Okay Jules. Its time to get out." He announced lifting the smaller blonde out of the bath and began to towel him dry.

"Which pajamas do you want?" The Slytherin asked, searching through the bureau.

"The red ones!" The youth squealed jumping off the bed to rush over to his father. Once dressed and in bed the child had begun to calm down.

"Daddy, tell me a story."

"'Kay, which one? Giants? Goblins?"

"Tell me the one about my Papa." The child said with total entrancement.

"Well. He was a wonderful hero. The bravest there ever was. He had dark, messy hair and the brightest green eyes you had ever seen. Exactly like yours. He slew giant snakes and talked to huge spiders and when he always won when he fought bad people and every one liked him a lot. One day he went to a dark, scary place and battled with an evil wizard king and he defeated the horrible man, but he too was injured and his price for winning was his own life. But everyone loved him more because he had saved the world and no one ever forgot him."

"You tell the bestest stories." The little boy whispered, his eyes drooping shut.

"Yeah." Draco sighed with a sad smile. Kissing the child's forehead he turned out the lights and quietly left the room.

No one.


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