Usagi's reborned in a world where ninja's reside and demons are sealed within bodies, as she grows, she not only catches the eye of a kyuubi boy, but also the eye of a sharingan eyed child... R x R Naruto x Sailor Moon Usagi x You'll have to find out...

- Ages -

Usagi: 12

Rei: 12

Makoto: 12

Minako: 13

Hotaru: 6

Naruto: 12


oO Planetary Ninja Oo



"Hey Usa-chan! Let's go to the arcade!" yelled a sunny blonde haired girl. Her hair was tied back by a red bow.

"Yeah! Lets go!" nodded another blonde.



"Usako..." whispered a jet black haired man. His midnight blue eyes gazed into her crystal blue ones.




"No... No!" cried a girl, her blonde hair was now tainted with blood, not her own, but of the eight bodies surrounding her. Another blonde laid in her lap, her blonde hair was also tainted with blood. "Minako... Minako... Wake up... Wake up!" she yelled desperately, shaking the body in hopes of waking the girl up. "Onegai (please)... Wake up!" She choked on a sob as the girl before her didn't budge. She closed her eyes and breathed in and out, hoping that when she opened her eyes all of this would just be a dream... no a nightmare...

"Mina-chan..." she whispered as she opened her dull crystal eyes. She put a hand over her chest, before it started to glow and a gem appeared. It hovered over the dead body, as she concentrated on bringing back the girl.

"It's no use." laughed a voice behind her. Still, she didn't turn around, "Serenity, Serenity. You're just wasting your time and energy."

"Shut up." she mumbled, but it was still audible.

"Why bother trying to bring her back?"

"Shut up!"

"They'll never come back. No matter how hard you try." he continued and circled around the two woman lying on the ground. His jet black hair was as dark as midnight, matching his stormy blue, nearly black, eyes that were once a midnight blue. He was wearing ancient armor and a black cape with the other side was red.

"SHUT UP!" she screamed and covered her ears trying to block out his voice.

"It really is no use, you know." She lifted her head and without warning grabbed a sword and attempted to attack him. Of course he dodged the attack and took out his own sword.

"Serenity, you're not strong enough to face me. You may have beaten me last time, but things change." he sighed and leaned on his sword as if waiting for something to happen.

'He's right...' she sighed mentally and shifted her eyes to the ground, 'Without them... I'm nothing...' she held back a sob as pictures of them flashed before her eyes. As she closed her eyes to calm herself, seeds that glowed their own colors and held a small symbol within them, emerged from the eight bodies surrounding them. Her eyes snapped open when she saw the seeds floating towards her and were trying to enter her body. As they became closer to her gem, she started to resist the seeds that were trying to merge with her.

"Don't try to resist power that is rightfully yours," came his voice. It was too late. They got close enough and soon began merging with her body.

"No..." she whispered out in a hoarse voice and silver light surrounded her. When the light died out, her once torn and battered uniform was no more. It was replaced by a second skin-like body suit connected with a flowy transparent three-layered skirt.

The first layer was transparent gold, the second was a see-through blue, and the last a transparent silvery white. A gold sailor-like collar was attached to the top of the body suit; a silver and blue line edged the collar. A gold choker was around her neck with a transparent, silver, crystal eight-pointed star was hanging from it. Her pale blue eyes looked like they were mixed with a silver mist. Her hair was now a platinum blonde and was wrapped up in heart-shaped buns, with streamers that fell near her ankles.

A pair of gold, transparent gloves went from her upper arms down to her wrist, before it turned into a V shape, and the point of the V was wrapped around her middle finger. A pair of silver and gold wings were at the sides of a silver crystal eight-pointed star pendant, that was on top of her chest. In between her M-shaped bangs and between her brows, was a silver eight-pointed star that was emitting a faint light. A thin chain, made of transparent crystal, was connected to the eight-pointed star on her forehead.

A pair of blue studs decorated ears, three more on the left ear. She had on a pair of blue stilettos that gave her 5'4 height an extra three inches. A pair of silver and gold-feathered wings sprouted from her back, they were lined in blue and were about 6-feet long. In her slender hands was a gold staff, with a transparent silver eight-pointed star at the very top, a pair of blue wings at the sides of the staff. The tips of the star would turn into a color of the senshi and a pendant of the senshi symbols hung from the points of the staff; glowing their own colors. Written in Lunarian on the staff, read 'The Goddess of the Stars'.

"Well, well, well, it seems Cosmos has arrived." he laughed and straightened from his position of leaning on his sword, "Let the fun begin, Serenity."

"Dead Scream." she whispered and terrifying cries of the dead were heard before a maroon orb grew to the size of an exercising ball flew towards its target.

Chaos, or Endymion, swiped his sword through the ball so that it split in half. "Galactic Sword!" He slashed his sword in her direction, the attack slicing through her shoulder blade. She gasped in pain, holding her hand over the cut so that a silver glow emitted from it, stopping the blood flow of the cut.

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!" a golden chain of hearts wrapped around him, burning his skin, which he ignored.

"Is this supposed to hold me?" he easily broke through the chain only to be hit by a golden orb. Getting up, he charged at Cosmos, sword in hand. She dodged, and blocked another hit with her staff. Jumping up she called out another attack.

"Silent Glaive Surprise!" ribbons emerged from the ground to wrap around him and held him in place, "Neptune Deep Submerge!" tides crashed onto the hard concrete ground, destroying anything in their path, reminding you much of a Tsunami. As the attack hit him, his sword fell from his hands to clatter onto the ground.

"Galactic Beam!" a black beam shot out towards Cosmos, and she barely dodged, it brushed against her shoulder, causing her to give out a silent cry of pain.

"Why? Why did you take his body?" she cried out and looked straight into his midnight blue eyes, the midnight blue eyes that she used to love so much.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to attack your lover. Besides he was weak. A baka (idiot, fool) to think he could beat Me." he laughed. Tears once again formed in her eyes, blurring everything around her. Shaking her head she wiped them away and began to perform her attack.

"Starlight Honey Moon, Therapy Kiss!" a bright white light was seen as the attack was done.


Chaos stumbled leaning heavily against a tree that managed to survive their attacks. He looked down at Cosmos, "You know that we cannot survive without each other. You may be able to defeat me or I may be able to defeat you, but sooner or later we will return to once again fight our battle. To keep the balance of dark and light. Why do you keep trying to join them when all of your sacrifices are futile?"

"Because I can always try." She whispered from her position on the ground, lying in her pool of blood. "And if I shall die this time… Then you shall join me." Lifting her staff, she murmured in a faint breathless whisper, "Death." Chaos chuckled, "So you will not give up?"


"Then I guess I shall see you in the next lifetime." Chaos mock saluted her, beginning to take off up to the air. "Revolution." Ribbons shot out from the Earth, swallowing everything in their path. "Che, do you really think it is so easy to rid of me?" He looked into her eyes for the last time until another few thousand years before he disappeared in a whispery cloud of black smoke.

'I wish... We could all start over...' Was Cosmos's last thought, before she allowed the black ribbons to pull her into the underworld.



'Nani (what?)? Where am I?' thought Cosmos looking around.

"You have nothing to worry about, Serenity-hime (princess)." said a calm voice.

"Why have you brought me here?" she asked the voice.

"Simple, your crystal reacted to your wish, and brought you to us Fates, Serenity-sama." spoke another voice.

"So what are you going to do to me?" asked Cosmos with a raised eyebrow.

"Grant your wish." another said simply.

"What are your names?" asked Cosmos

"You've never heard of us!" Cosmos could practically see one of them with their mouths open.


"I am Fate." said the one in the center. Her silver hair mixed with black and silver highlights, fell to ground and her silver eyes mixed with a black haze, held wisdom; she wore a pure white gown. In fact, all three of them wore white gowns, each with a small customization.

"Destiny." said the one on her left. Her hair was silver and fell to the ground, obsidian eyes smiled at Cosmos.

"I'm Chance." said the one on the right. Her hair was silver and also fell to the ground; her eyes were silver. They each had an ageless ethereal beauty to them. And weren't ugly or sharing one eye like the mythology books described them as.

"And we are the three sisters. Call us the Fates." they said in unison.

"The ones to choose and set your path." spoke Destiny.

"To choose if you are worthy of life." said Chance.

"To choose your destiny, fate, and your chances in life." said Fate.

"Now about your wish." stated Fate as a chair appeared behind her and she sat down.

"We are able to grant it… How long? We cannot tell you how long we will give you your 'normal' life. After all, where would the fun in that be?" Chance did the same as Fate, as did Destiny.


"Instead of you dying, and making your last wish, where you will reborn and wish your wish, we shall give you another body, since you didn't kill yourself." answered Chance.

"What'd you mean? I used Saturn's ultimate attack on myself." Destiny sighed, "But it was not your time to die. You fought against your destiny and fate. In that battle you just fought, you were suppose to defeat Chaos and roam the Earth before Chaos reawakens. But instead, this time you decided to kill yourself. So I had to pull a few strings and adjust their path so that we could retrieve your body from Hades."

"We will be making you another body, where another soul lives; it is like you were reborn only there is another soul with you. We shall seal you in your reincarnated body," explained Chance.

"Eh?" Cosmos gave them one of her blank looks from her position on the misty ground.

"Alright," Fate sighed, "We've never done something like this, reforming someone's body when they aren't dead, so we aren't really experts in this category. We only know one way that we can guarantee you will come out perfect. We can seal you into your newly reformed body, where there is another soul residing in it, which is your other half or other soul. We aren't experienced on how to make a body without creating a soul with it, so we were forced to make another soul, we've made it to become very much like your old self, when you were a child, only now, she has a few traits of the senshi that we can't get rid of, since it's like taking away part of your soul.

"You can communicate with your other soul, and see life through her eyes. The same for the senshi. They will also be reborn also, where? I cannot tell you but basically in the same world as you."

"Am I able to communicate with the senshi?" asked Usagi.

"We aren't sure of that yet. You'll have to experiment with communication." Fate shook her head.

"What about Mamo-ch- I mean Endymion? Is he going to be reincarnated with the others?"

"Gomen, but we aren't able to when someone has his body in their hold; especially when they're using it. In this case, Chaos has his body and is using it," replied Chance.

"I understand..." Cosmos nodded sadly and looked down at the ground.

"Do you accept?" asked Destiny.

"Hai. I shall accept." nodded Cosmos determinedly.

"Very well." They chorused and with a wave of their hands everything became white.


A platinum blond haired girl shot up from her bed, panting for breath as perspiration made its way down her cheeks.

'Who's Cosmos? Why does she have my name?' she thought looking at the clock, 'It was just a dream Usa, just a dream. Besides, Mina-chan is gonna come in soon.' She laid back down and closed her eyes as she waited.


"You should really stop giving her nightmares." said a mysterious voice. A portion of her sea-green hair was pinned up into a bun with the rest flowing to her knees and her tanned olive skin gave her an exotic look to add to the ruby red eyes she possessed.

"Yeah, yeah. I just want her to understand her past. She'll find out sooner or later," waved off the platinum-blond haired girl.

"Don't you think it's a little too early for that?" the blond woman shook her head.

"It probably is, but she'll meet me soon, right? Besides how did you get in here? I tried teleporting out of here." said the blonde.

"I have my ways. And yes, she will be meeting you soon... I'll need to train her in your magic and show her how to use your chakra." smiled Setsuna.

"What are you doing here?"

"Just checking on my hime." she replied.

"Whatever." the blonde rolled her eyes.


In Another Room


"Usa-chan! Run!"


"USAGI!" a piercing scream was heard.


"Hey Usa! Did you hear! The new Sailor V game came out!"

"Let's check it out!"

"You bet!"


"Lets go see Motoki-kun!"

" -sigh- Minako-chan. You should study more often!"

"Aww! Ami-chan! You're no fun!"


The blond shot up from her bed with a gasp. Looking at the clock she thought, 'It's almost time to wake up Usa-chan,' she swung her legs over the bed and stretched. She pulled her sun-kissed blond hair into a half-ponytail with a red bow, allowing the rest of her golden strands to reach her hips. After she was done with her morning routine, she looked at her reflection in her full-length mirror. She wore a pair of gold one-inch heels that wrapped around her ankles and covered her toes. She wore a pair of red short-shorts that was two inches above mid-thigh were seen underneath the yellow skirt that only covered the back and sides of her body, showing the front; the skirt falling to her knees.

Her yellow corset top had a red sash around her abdomen to have a large bow in the back. To cover up her shoulders, she wore a see-through fishnet sleeveless tank top. Her makimono pouch and shuriken and kunai holster in their proper places. As an accessory, she had a yellow ribbon wrapped around her throat to form a ribbon on the front with a orange rose in the front. Her eyes, much like her cousin's, were a bright sky blue.


Usagi's Room


"RISE AND SHINE, SLEEPY HEAD!" came Minako's booming voice.

"Yeah yeah, Minako." waved off Usagi and yawned as she stretched.

"C'mon! It's our turn to wake up Naruto." she said and opened up the curtains in the room, allowing the sun's rays to seep through.

"Aww! Seriously?" groaned Usagi as she walked out of the room towards the bathroom that was across the hall from their separate bed rooms.

"Yup! Mako-chan woke him up yesterday. Of course, he was already up, he didn't want to face the wrath of the great Amazon." giggled Minako.

"Figures, he doesn't take us blondes seriously; only Rei and Makoto can wake him up without any trouble," Usagi sighed.

"Well! Your breakfast is on the kitchen table," with that Minako left the room.

Usagi stepped out of the bathroom, before she stepped into her room to change.

"Hurry up, Renity!" came Minako's voice from the kitchen.

"I'm coming!" moments later, Usagi stepped out fully dressed. Her platinum blond hair was up in a pair of buns so that the streamers would fall to her calves. She wore a transparent, sleeveless, fishnet tank top with a white top underneath it that covered her breasts only. She had on a tight pink spandex vest that zipped up to bust line and yellow short shorts much like Minako's shorts. And unlike the heels Minako wore, Usagi had pink custom ninja sandals, much to her friends' amusement, that had a one inch heel. She also wore a pair of white combat gloves with a pink star on the top of her hand. Around her neck was a white ribbon, like Minako's, only hers had a pink rose. Unlike Minako's sky blue eyes, Usagi had crystal blue eyes with a misty silver residing in their depths.


Naruto's Apartment


"RISE AND SHINE, RUTO-CHAN!" came Usagi's cheerful voice within the apartment. A few mumbles was heard and then a few things breaking and crashing. Minako smiled at the noises coming from the apartment, remembering the time all four, her and her friends, had met Naruto.


"Class! I would like you to meet Tsukino Usagi." came the voice of their teacher. A six-year-old Usagi walked into the room and her large crystal orbs looked at the class curiously, "Please sit in the back, Usagi." Usagi nodded and slowly sat in a desk between a black and blonde haired boy.


Lunch Time


"You're Usagi right?" asked a voice behind her. Usagi turned her head and saw a blonde and pink haired girl. Usagi nodded in reply.

"I'm Yamanaka Ino," greeted the blonde.

"Haruno Sakura," smiled the one with pink hair.

"Would you like to sit with us, Usagi-san?" asked Ino.

"No, that's okay, demo (but)... How come that boy's all by himself?" asked Usagi, pointing to the boy sitting on the swing.

"He's the class clown." shrugged Ino, not caring much.

"I'm gonna go sit by him." Usagi got up and soon began making her way towards the boy.

"Matte! Usagi-san!" but it was too late, by the time Sakura yelled out, Usagi was already talking to the boy.


"Why are you by your self?" she asked him curiously.

"No one wants to eat lunch with me..." he whispered, never taking his eyes off the ground. Usagi frowned at this, but immediately brightened when an idea came to her.

"Why don't you eat with me? I don't know anyone here and since we're both lonely we can keep each other company!"

"Really?" he asked as his ocean blue eyes gazed into her crystal orbs. Usagi nodded with a cheeky smile.

"I'm Tsukino Usagi."

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"You can come with me after to school to meet my cousin!"


Days Later


"Hino Rei." introduced a raven.

"Kino Makoto." grinned the brunette.

"Why don't you two sit next to Usagi, over there." the teacher pointed in the back where Usagi was sitting in the back with Naruto.

"Hai." they nodded and sat next to the two blondes.

"Hi! I'm Usagi and this is Naruto." smiled Usagi. The two girls looked at her, before giving her a smile.


"I'm Makoto."


"Alright! We're ready!" announced Usagi, dragging out a reluctant Naruto.

"It's about time Naruto!" yelled Minako. Naruto came out in a pair of orange cargo pants that went to his lower calf and wore a black t-shirt under an orange jacket. He had on a pair of blue ninja sandals and had olive green goggles around his messy mass of gold spikes. "Mou! Don't go nagging me yet, I just woke up and I didn't get to eat any ramen for breakfast!" Naruto pouted, arms crossed.

"Let's hurry before Iruka-sensei gives us detention." Usagi piped in. "Who cares about Iruka-sensei? It's Rei-chan you should be concerned about." Naruto nodded in agreement to Minako's truthful statement.


"Where are they!" yelled a raven. Her black hair had noticeable dark red highlights and went down to her hips. She was waiting impatiently with two other girls for a certain three. She wore a black spandex vest over her transparent fishnet tank top and had red arm warmers that were buckled from the upper arms to her forearms. She had a black ribbon wrapped around her neck with a red rose in the center and wore a pair of black ninja sandals. She wore a red skirt that was two inches above mid-thigh and had on black fish netting around her right thigh and left calf.

"Relax Rei! I'm sure that they'll be here soon." Soothed a girl with light brown hair with pale green streaks in her hair, her hair was being held up in a high pony-tail with a forest green hair band that went to her mid-back. Her emerald green eyes glowed as the sun reflected off of them, and she wore a pair of khaki-colored cargo pants that stopped above her knees, a forest green ribbon wrapped around the end with the ribbons facing off to the side. A forest green skirt was wrapped around the top portion of her pants, one side was above upper-thigh length while it gradually became longer on the other side to her mid-thigh, much like / (yes the slash thingy). Her top was a forest green one-shoulder top, while the other had fish-net covering the shoulder, it acted as a sleeve also that reached her wrist. She wore a pair of mud brown combat gloves and had a brown ribbon wrapped around her neck with a green rose in the middle of hers.

A eight year old girl behind them giggled her amusement. She had deathly pale skin and innocent amethyst eyes that bore wisdom. Her dark violet hair was cut neatly to her chin and she wore a black turtle-neck upper-thigh length dress that covered every inch of skin with matching black leggings that even covered her feet like pantyhose. Her black flats were not ninja sandals, but regular civilian sandals. Around her neck was a black ribbon with a purple rose in the center.

"Gomen! Gomen nasai, Rei-chan!" Minako, Usagi, and Naruto sobbed. Rei rolled her eyes and nudged them lightly in the sides with her foot.

"C'mon. Let's go before we're late."

"Ohayo, Usa-chan, Naruto-kun, Mina-chan." smiled the girl.

"Ohayo Taru-chan." smiled Usagi as she waved to Rei's younger cousin. Minako parted with the group at a stair case that led to the second floor and the group dropped Hotaru at her classroom.


Lunch Time


"Eh? Nani? Ruto-chan, where are you going?" asked Usagi curiously as she watched Naruto stand up.

"I'm... Gonna go for a walk..." he trailed off, and soon walked away from the academy.

"Uh-oh... Things are never good when he goes for a walk." Makoto shook her head, arms crossed while doing so.

"You don't think he's going to do a prank again do you?" questioned Usagi

Rei snorted, "Usagi, that's what he always does when he goes for a 'walk'."

"Yup! You should always know, that when he wanders off, good never comes from it." nodded Minako.

"By the way... Did you guys have weird dreams last night?" Minako said suddenly. All looked at her.

"Yeah..." they all nodded.

"I had a dream about a girl that looked like me only 17, chasing a girl that looked like Usa-chan... Who looked 17... And me chanting to a fire. Along with screaming..." nodded Rei.

"I had a dream that I was baking cookies for Usa-chan. And we were all 17. I also had a dream where all of us were dying." spoke up Makoto.

"My dream was that I was talking with Usagi about a Sailor V game and this boy. And this girl telling Usagi to run..." Minako looked up at the sky as if it had all the answers to her questions.

"I had a dream where eight bodies were all around me... Your bodies, including Hota-chan's body, and the other four were others. One had blue hair, another sandy blonde, aquamarine, sea green, and dark violet. They were all dead. And this guy called Chaos called me Serenity, Usagi, and Cosmos. It was like I was her. And I looked like her. She asked him why he took over that body, and he said he knew I wouldn't be able to attack her lover. He knew my whole name practically! Just not the last name." spoke up Usagi.

"Serenity Usagi Tsukino." Makoto murmured.

"What else?" asked Rei.

"Three woman... The Fates, said they could grant my wish: to live a normal life and all of us to start over anew."

"Why are we getting these dreams?" Minako queried. Makoto crossed her arms and leaned against a tree.

"I don't know. I wish all of this would make sense though."

"Let's get back to class. I have to meet my team somewhere." Minako said, getting up. With that all four of them re-entered the academy.


Some Where Else


"Why did the fates have to intervene? All this trouble for her body," a man sighed. His jet black hair was cut short and his dark midnight blue eyes, that would be mistaken for black, were gazing into a portal that were shades of black. He was at the moment watching a blonde haired girl speak with another blonde. Looking into another portal, he suddenly became interested in the image that was shown in the portal.

"Hm... What do we have here?" he stated moving closer to the portal.

"He knows kinjutsu... That will come in handy... Orochimaru? Well than... We'll have to pay him a visit." he smirked.


Moments Later


Three girls were all sitting in a desk by the windows, waiting for their teacher to come back from his, 'chase' with Naruto. They heard running and a few yells.

"Oi! Naruto! How could you do such a thing!" yelled one of the jounins as they chased after him.

"Is he ever gonna stop?" sighed Usagi.

"I highly doubt it." Makoto shook her head.

"Think they'll catch him?" Rei asked craning her head to the side to glance at them.

"Who knows?" shrugged Makoto.


Hokage Tower


"Hokage-sama!" came a jounin as he barged into the Hokage's office.

"Nani? What is it? Is Naruto causing trouble again?" asked Sarutobi.

"Hai! On the Hokage monument." said one of the two.

"He's covered it with graffiti!" yelled the second.


Back in the Classroom


"Listen Naruto," started Iruka, before him was Naruto tied up so he couldn't escape, sitting on the floor, "You have failed the last two graduation exams. This is no time for pranks, moron!"

"Mmph." Naruto merely turned his head to side and Iruka's right eye began to twitch.

"For today's class we're having a review test on Henge no Jutsu! Everyone line up! Even those who passed!" Iruka yelled to the class, turning to face them.

"Eh!" they all cried out. All lined up in front of Iruka waiting their turn.

"Haruno Sakura, here I go!" said a pink haired girl with her hair falling to her waist and was tied around her head a red bow, wearing a red short-sleeved dress with a large circle on her back. "Henge!" a poof of smoke suddenly appeared and when it disappeared an exact replica of Iruka was seen. Brown hair held in a ponytail and a scar that went over his nose, dressed in a olive green vest with dark blue pants and a hitai-ate around his forehead.

"Good." another poof was heard and the transformation disappeared.

"Yay!" she cheered and turned to a boy with black hair and dressed in a blue shirt with white shorts, "Did you see that Sasuke-kun?"

"Next, Uchiha Sasuke." the raven haired boy walked up and did the same as the girl before.

"Good." Sasuke walked away to the end of the line that was formed as Iruka called up another student.

"Next, Uzumaki Naruto."

"Geez this sucks." sighed a boy next to Naruto. His black hair in a pony tail like Iruka's with a gray vest lined in olive green and a fish net like shirt, also lined in olive green. Wearing matching brown pants.

"This is all your fault." joined in a blonde. Her hair up in a high ponytail, wearing a purple turtle neck and purple skirt where it had slits to show bandages around her thigh area.

"Like I care." Naruto replied and walked up.

Usagi, who was next to them, glared at the girl, "Good luck, Ruto-chan!"

"Here I go..." he said silently.

'Good luck, Naruto-kun.' thought a short dark blue haired girl her pupil less eyes were pearly lavender and she wore a beige coat, concealing her shirt.

"Henge!" blue chakra swirled around the boy and when the smoke that came with it left, a naked girl version of Naruto appeared, smoke concealing private areas. Iruka looked at him in shock as he flew back with a bloody nose. The transformation disappeared and Naruto stood there laughing at him.

"What'd you think? I call it, Sexy no Jutsu." he laughed.

"You dumb ass!" Iruka yelled, tissues stuffed up his nostrils, "Don't invent stupid skills!"

"Naruto..." sighed Rei and Makoto stood next to her shaking her head in amusement with Usagi giggling lightly next to her.


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