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Summary-Izumi and Takuya had a fight and broke up. Izumi, however, is determined to get him back. When she sees Takuya with a new girl, she concocts a plan to make him jealous. Unfortunately for him, Kouji's in the center of all her plans.

Heartbreak Hotel? Go To The Kimura Residence And Find Kouji Minamoto.

"Takuya, why do you always act like that!" yelled a frustrated Izumi.

Takuya glared. "ME? What about YOU! 'Oh, let's go here! We should do this! Let's buy this! Takuya, can you get me this?' What, are you just with me so I'll get you what you want?" he growled.

Tears spilled out of Izumi's eyes. "You...is that what you think?" she asked weakly, doing her best not to show her true emotions.


"FINE!" she yelled, slapping him. "I HATE YOU, TAKUYA KANBARA!" Without another word, she ran off.


Izumi held back tears, remembering their breakup. That was how it had all happened. All over Takuya's stupid attitude. For almost a week, Izumi refused to come out of her room. Her mother had begged and pleaded, Junpei had tried making her laugh, even Kouji and Kouichi couldn't make her budge. Tomoki, at last, though, got through to her.

"Izumi, please, open the door," he begged. "We can't stand to see you so sad. And Takuya...he's got a new girlfriend, too."

"WHAT!" Izumi yelled, opening the door, outraged. "When!"

Tomoki gulped and blinked. "Well...they started going out two days later."

I've been moping in here for a week, hoping he'd come and apologize, and he's been going out! This...he...Takuya, you stupid idiot! I hate you, she thought, her eyes glittering angrily. "Oh has he? Two days, after he breaks up with me...fine! I'll move on, and he'll be wishing he never left!"

Watching as she slammed stormed outside, slamming the door behind her, Tomoki gulped. "Well, I got her out," he mumbled to himself. "Poor Takuya. I should say R.I.P. in advance."

"I see," Izumi said in the phone booth. "Thank you Mrs. Minamoto." She put down the phone and walked outside. "Okay," muttered Izumi, taking a seat on a nearby bench, "Kouji's not home, so he's either at Kouichi's or Takuya's. There's no way I'm going to Takuya's, but if I did, Takuya would be even more jeal-oh..."

Izumi stopped her trail of thoughts, seeing Takuya and his new girlfriend walk past her without even noticing her. "HMPH," she said loudly, getting up and watching them leave, "I'll show him!" Even more determined, she headed to Kouichi's house, ready to put her plan into action.

Kouichi put down his book as he heard a knock on the door. "Kouji, can you get the door?" he groaned.

"No, I'm in the shower, stupid!" came the response.

Rolling his eyes, Kouichi got up and yelled, "COMING!" As he opened the door, his eyes widened. "Uh...Izumi, why are you smiling like that?"

"Is it wrong to smile?" Izumi asked sweetly. "I need to talk to Kouji. Is he here?"

Kouichi blinked, then narrowed his eyes on her. "He's in the shower," he said, "but you can wait, I'm sure."

Izumi nodded and took a seat on the couch.

"HEY, KOUJI, IZUMI'S HERE," Kouichi yelled, picking up his book and book marking it. "SO HURRY UP." He turned to Izumi and asked, "Exactly what plan are you concocting in which you need use of my lesser, stupider twin?"

Giggling, Izumi replied, "I'm going to make Takuya jealous."

The boy in front of her was skeptical. "By going out with Kouji?" he guessed, dumfounded.

"Think about it. Who's ever wanted to go out with Kouji? What other girl besides myself has even talked to him?" Izumi pressed.

Kouichi nodded in understanding. "Smart thinking. Takuya's going to flip when he sees you with him."

As if on cue, Kouji entered the room, a towel on his head. "Takuya's gonna flip when she sees Izumi with who?" he asked, using the towel to dry of his hair.

"You," the other two replied, looking at him with a grin.

Kouji's eyes widened. "No...oh, no, Izumi. NO WAY."

"Whether you like it or not, I'm afraid. We can do this the easy way..." Kouichi started.

Izumi finished with a hint of glee in her voice, "Or the embarrassing way!"

"ON ONE CONDITION!" Kouji yelled, turning red. When he realized the other two were looking at him in anticipation of the condition, he said, "Takuya can't beat me up."

"Like he would!" Izumi replied, smiling broadly. "Then it's done! Oh, by the way, whom is he going out with? She seems familiar."

Kouichi and Kouji stared at each other, but remained silent.

"WELL?" Izumi pressed, glaring at them both.

"He hasn't even introduced us to her," Kouichi replied at last.

Kouji nodded. "I think, though, he said he was coming over today. So we can start your plan then, how's that?"

"Sure!" Izumi replied with a smile. "If he's coming over with her, that's even better."

Suddenly, Kouji snapped his fingers. "That's it!" he exclaimed. "All right, so this is what we do..."

The other two fell silent and listened to his plans.

"Are you sure this will work?" Kouichi asked for the thirty-eighth time.

"YES DAMMIT, NOW SHUT UP!" Kouji snapped, looking out the living room window. "Okay, here he comes!"

Izumi smirked. "Is he with his girlfriend?" she asked in a bitter voice.

Kouji turned around and nodded. Then he ran to the couch and sat down by Izumi. "Okay. Just for now, we-"

Rolling her eyes, Izumi cut him off with a kiss, just as Takuya walked through the door. Momentarily, the goggle-headed boy's eyes widened, but returned to normal as soon as he realized what he was doing. "ACHEM," he said loudly, turning to Kouichi. "Hey."

Kouji, who had done his best to pretend to enjoy it, pulled away with a straight face. Izumi smiled triumphantly, looking away from Takuya. Inside, Kouji was panicking, Ach! She kissed my in front of Takuya! Takuya'll kill me! No...wait, they broke up. Wait! We're just acting! No! AAAAAH! I'm confused...no wonder Kouichi thinks I'm stupid. I think too much. He looked at Izumi and muttered something, causing her to giggle.

Takuya threw them a disgusted look. His girlfriend just stared at a nearby wall.

Trying his best not to snicker, Kouichi replied, "Hey. And she is...?"

"My new girlfriend," Takuya replied, staring at Kouji. "So you're going out with Izumi now? I pity you." There was a cold edge to his voice, one that made Kouji realize that Izumi's plan was clearly working, a little too well.

Izumi's eyes flashed, but she said nothing. Instead, Kouji said loudly, "WELL, I THINK WE SHOULD GO NOW, HUH, IZUMI?" She nodded, her nose in the air as Kouji escorted her out with his hand around her waist. As Kouji passed Takuya, he shouldered the goggle boy, and exchanged a cold look.

Kouichi closed the door behind them. "My, my, what violent relationships," he muttered to himself. Out loud, he motioned to the couch. "Okay, have a seat, both of you." He turned to the girl. "Say, I didn't catch your name..."

As soon as they were a distance away from the house, Kouji let go of Izumi and practically collapsed. Sitting on the dusty sidewalk, he closed his eyes. "I think your plan is working Izumi. Can we stop now?"

Izumi kicked him. "NO. Get up, lazy bum."

Whining about her evil ways in his head, Kouji grumbled and obliged. "Yes ma'am. Where to now, ma'am?" he asked sarcastically.

Twitching, Izumi hit his shoulder. "Shut up, Kouji. This is why you don't get any girls and Kouichi gets them instead."

"It's not my fault I find girls annoying."

"You think girls are annoying? Just try dating Takuya! He's so unenthusiastic about anything! He hardly gives his opinion, and-" Before Izumi could finish her rant, Kouji covered her mouth with his hand.

"That's what you fought about?" he asked, a look of disbelief on his face. "Because he acted like that?"

She nodded angrily. "Mmmf. Mm MMMF mm."

As his jaw dropped, so did his hand. "So I'm stuck in the middle of all this," continued Kouji, a distant look in his eyes.

"Yes, you are."

"HOW DO I GET MYSELF INTO THESE THINGS!" he screamed as he nearly tore out his hair.


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