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The Rising (Pt 1)

Elizabeth didn't know how it was possible, but there was a steaming cup of coffee on the desk in the office room she'd taken as her own. She wondered if the stress was getting to her and causing her to hallucinate. The city shook again, reminding her why this was an impossibility.

At this moment, Rodney McKay, who'd been running from console to console, discovered that he'd misplaced his mug of coffee. He didn't want to accuse anyone in case he got any comments about the appropriate times of coffee drinking. It was a common fact that any scientist under stress needs a stimulant. Preferably coffee.

Desperate after fruitless searching, Rodney finally spied his precious coffee. Just where he'd left it...in the small room off the command centre. He was dismayed to find Dr Weir sipping it appreciatively.

Rodney scowled and took what he hoped was an unnoticed detour, walking in without knocking. He said bluntly, "That is my mug."

Elizabeth looked down at it. Masking tape had been stuck to the side with the words property of Rodney McKay - keep citrus products away.

Elizabeth smiled, mistaking his intent. "So you were the one who left it for me."

Rodney was floored for a moment. First, he was a little miffed that she'd just assumed it was for her. But then a little voice in the back of his head reminded him that he wanted to keep in her good graces, even if it was only until the city imploded.

Rodney nodded mutely.

Elizabeth drained it, unaware that his eyes followed the movement of the cup. She held it out to him, saying sincerely, "Thank you."

"Um...you're welcome," Rodney quickly took it back.

He turned to go.

Elizabeth, seeing this, quickly said, "Most people would be surprised that you would do this."

He made a non-committal grunt.

"But," she continued, "I know you're really not who you pretend to be. Again, thank you."

There was a moment in which they held eye contact.

"If we don't die, do you want to have coffee together sometime?" she asked - too light heartedly, Rodney thought.

Time ticked away for a few more moments. He cleared his throat, nodded and left the room. He had a city to save, after all.