Kim Possible: Dark Trooper

BY Dragonfang33

Synapse: A prequel to Kim Possible: Quest for the Kyber Crystal, three years before the events of Kyber Crystal and Sailor Moon: Redempiton, Kim Possible faces her first encounter with a Sith Lord


A Master's Gift

Location: Taurus, Taurus System, Core Worlds, 10 years ago

Once the city of Vir-Nu was known as the jewel of the Taurus System. It's large elegant skyscrapers rising toward the bright blue sky. Around the various cities of the planet grew a lush tropical jungle populated with a variety of creatures, some friendly, others hostile.

But in the eyes of the boy who watched the city burn, it was the end of a life. The boy watched in horror as the black clad stormtroopers of the Imperial Black Guard burned the city to the ground, he remembered gazing upon the face of the man who had ordered the murder, it was calm, yet cold, lacking any trace of humanity. His name was Valarium, the Emperor's barbaric son, his mission was simply to inspect the boy's father's Emperor's Hand unit, but instead he turned the guns of his two Super Star Destroyers on Taurus, a planet that had never defied Emperor Palpatine, and rained what he called a cleansing fire down upon the planet, a fate that the rest of the nine planet Taurus System would soon share.

The boy felt a warm hand suddenly touch him on his shoulder. It was a mechanical hand; a sign of a warrior, the boy gazed upon the old man's face. The face that gazed back was cold, yet showed great wisdom, a small sweat bead slid down the old man's chocolate skin, though he kept his face hidden in a Jedi's robe. The boy had heard of the Jedi, once there were 10,000 Knights, each one sworn to uphold peace and justice in days that now seemed all but forgotten, but now there were barely 100 left.

"Young one," the old man said, "I can sense you have a strong potential with the Force, yet I must ask, who were your parents?" The boy struggled to answer, but his response was simple.

"My father was a Mandalorian, who became an Emperor's Hand, and my mother was a Jedi Knight," the boy replied, the old man simply looked at him, he'd heard of this type of being, a Force Knight, a being born of the Light and Dark Sides. But until now he thought they were just myths from the forgotten Silver Millennium. The boy looked at the old man.

"Where are my mom and dad?" the boy asked

"I'm afraid they died in the bombing," the old man replied, the boy fell into the old man's arms and began to cry.

"Worry not young one," the old man continued, "I'll take care of you." The boy looked at the old man, and then saw a small cylinder clip to his belt. The old man was a Jedi.

"You're a Jedi," the boy said, in shock.

"Indeed," the old man replied, "I'm a Jedi Master to be exact." the boy suddenly fell to his knees and began begging the old man to train him, but the old man sensed that his motive for such an interest was revenge.

"Understand," the old man said, "a Jedi seeks not revenge, but redemption. What happened to your parents and your world was not your fault. If you're willing to let go of your desire for revenge I will teach you all I know."

"I will do what ever you say master," the boy said, "but please tell me your name?"

"I am Mace Windu," Mace replied, "and I gladly take you, young Kyle Wolf as my Padawann Learner."

Location: GO City Chemical Storage

The three warriors faced each other across a narrow catwalk; suspended from the hard gray ceiling by a series of strong cables, beneath them sat a series of large vats containing Toxic Waste. Once two of them had been friends, one might even have said they loved each other, but now they faced each other as enemies.

"I can't believe you'd betray us," Kyle Wolf shouted

"Oh please," Shego replied, "you think I can stand being with my brothers and their constant rules about how to be a superhero." Shego smiled a sinister smile, "it's strange we're the same, both of us are Mutants, and yet your Mentor doesn't seem to care, while mom and dad gave me up the moment my powers were awakened."

"We sympathies with your plight young Possible," Mace Windu added, "yet this is not the way to get respect."

"You betrayed our trust," Kyle continued, "and that is something Jedi can't forgive."

"We'll take her together," Mace said, but he didn't need the Force to tell him that Kyle burned like a fusion torch.

"NO," Kyle roared, "I'M TAKING HER NOW!" he leapt at Shego, his double bladed lightsaber humming as he brought it down, barely missing Shego. Shego engaged her green power energy, and launched a counter attack, battling Kyle into a corner, before she was pulled away by Mace.

"You should remember to watch behind you," Mace said, as he held his purple blade under Shego's neck, "this is over." Shego just laughed, as she pushed herself out from under Mace's sword, and then leapt over Mace, and placed herself in the middle of the two warriors. Kyle, having regained his balance, charged toward Shego, who leapt out of the way, and landed behind Mace just as Kyle's blade plunged into Mace Windu's abdomen. Shego simply laughed at the sight before her.

"Unbelievable," Shego said, "you're worse then my dipstick brothers." Kyle couldn't believe what he'd just done, he'd never meant to hurt his master, Mace Windu was like a father to him, as Mace's body fell to the ground, the rage Kyle was feeling began to consume him, as the Dark Side of his heritage began to overtake him. In the space of a few seconds Kyle's eyes were bright yellow, and the look to his face enough to frighten even Shego.

Kyle leapt at Shego and attacked her like a madman, in her entire crime fighting career; she'd never faced off with an enemy like this. Shego leapt into the air, and grabbed two chains, that were hanging from the ceiling, and tried to fight back, but Kyle Force Pulled them out of her hands, and sliced them in half. Kyle approached Shego, looking like a demon rising from the lowest pits of hell. Shego and Kyle engaged in a brief hand to hand fight, before Kyle spun kicked her over the railing, but not before he Force Gripped her in mid air.

"You're the good guy," Shego said, for the first time in her life she was indeed frightened, "you can't drop me."

"You made sure I'd kill my Master," Kyle roared, his voice sounding, "If you think I'm going to spare you." He let go, and watched as Shego fell into the vat of Toxic Waste below them. Suddenly Kyle reverted back to normal, and raced to his Master's side.

"Master Windu hold on," Kyle said, as he attempted to use Force Heal on his dying friend.

"No Kyle," Mace replied, "it's too late, you've done well but you still have much to learn. Rachel's death was not your doing, but that of the Dark Side that inhabits you. My death was also not your doing, but the will of the Force."

"Master Windu," Kyle added, with a tear in his eye, "I can't go on alone."

"You must," Mace replied, as he pulled a small gold charm out of his pocket, "when you're truly ready, this will show you your destiny." With that Mace Windu finally became one with the Force, leaving a grieving Kyle Wolf standing over him.

Beneath them Shego clawed her way out of her Toxic tomb, as she tried to deactivate her powers, she found the Toxic Waste had not only made her Shego permanently, but also strengthened her powers.

"You'll pay," Shego whispered, vowing to avenge her defeat one way or the other. She made her way out of the factory before the cops arrived.

Stay Tuned for Chapter I: Darth Pelagius PS: This story marks the first appearance of Darth Pelagius, and the returns of Darth Maul, and the one cyborg killing machine General Grievous