Kim Possible: Dark Trooper

By Dragonfang33


The Beginning

Location: S.H.I.E.L.D Skytrain Transport over Middleton, a few hours later

Most of what happened after Darth Plaguies and Darth Blood had retreated was a blur to the two warriors when they awoke on board the Skytrain.

"Welcome back," a familiar voice said, "you've been out of it for nearly an hour." Kim opened her emerald eyes, to find General Fury standing over her.

"What happened," Kim asked, it was then she remembered Dark Jedi, "Dark, where is he?"

"Standing behind you," Fury replied, Kim looked behind her, to find Dark Jedi standing there.

"Welcome back kid," Dark Jedi said, at first Kim remained silent as she gazed into Dark Jedi's eyes. It was then she took notice of Ron standing behind him. Ron didn't say anything as he took his leave.

"He hasn't left your side," Dark Jedi said, "I've got to admit, he's one devoted friend," it was then Dark Jedi changed the subject, "the doctors say you're going to be find, which reminds me." Dark Jedi suddenly extended his hand, at first Kim didn't understand what was going on, as she placed her hand within the black glove that covered Dark Jedi's hand, as he helped her out of the bed the sounds of a celebration could be heard echoing through the streets below.

Location: Middleton High School Campus, a few hours later

The First Earth War was over, though its scars were still fresh parts of Middleton and countless other cities all across the planet were in ruins, and the memories of those who were lost were still burning in the minds of those who had gathered to celebrate the victory.

Soldiers, police, GRSO operatives, and the citizens of Middleton had gathered in the main parking lot of the High School, fireworks lit up the night sky as elements of Colorado's Air National Guard, and the US Air Force's 35th Fighter Wing flew over head. Troops and civilians, who had recently returned to the city congratulated each other on a job well done, though most of the civilians present were demanding to know what had happened, and what was being done to prevent it form repeating. The only answer most of them got was that the President would be making an address to the nation tomorrow afternoon, on the events that had transpired.

With that one exception, the celebration was going off with out a hitch; the sounds of rock music began echoing through out the night. On the main dance floor couples danced to the sounds of Nightwish, Backstreet Boys, Metallica, and others. Even Bonnie, who had mercifully survived her encounter with a blaster though she was now confined to a wheel chair for the next two months, was there.

The band was about to strike up a slow dance, when two figures approached from out of the darkness. It was Kim and Dark Jedi, holding each other by the hand.

"It finally happened," Bonnie said, barely able to hold her laughter in, "she's dating a Goth. KIM POSSIBLE IS DATING A GOTH." With that Bonnie broke out laughing, but to her surprise no one else did. It was at the moment, the band began playing the melody to the song Could it Be, one by one the couples made their way onto the dance floor. At first Kim and Dark Jedi were hesitant about joining them, but it didn't take much to get them out onto the dance floor.

The soft music echoed in the background as the two warriors gazed at each other, their minds drifting. For the first time, Dark Jedi saw the beauty reflected in Kim's emerald eyes, and the light of the full moon reflecting in her fiery orange hair. For the first time Kim saw something different in Dark Jedi's cold yellow eyes, for the first time she didn't see the arrogant cold blooded killer she'd met in Tokyo, for the first time she truly saw the man she'd dreamed of since she was a little girl. What happened next neither of them could explain they shared a simple kiss beneath the light of the full moon.

As the music continued, Dark Jedi took notice of Ron, sitting near the stage, by himself. It was at that moment he let go of Kim's hand.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly, "but I have to go." Kim couldn't believe what she'd just heard him say.

"Go," Kim said, with tears in her eyes, "but why?"

"I have a promise to keep," Dark Jedi replied, "to an old friend." It was then he motioned for Ron to come over, when Ron arrived, the dark warrior placed his hand into Kim's.

"You deserve one night to be happy," Dark Jedi said, looking Ron in the eyes, before he turned to leave.

"Wait," Kim shouted, "at least tell me your real name." Dark Jedi stopped in his tracks.

"I'm sorry," Dark Jedi replied, "my name is my own, maybe if we meet again you can finally see me without this cursed mask." Before Kim could form a reply Dark Jedi disappeared into the darkness.

Location: Possible Household, a few hours later

"R4," Dark Jedi shouted, to his Droid, "get her ready for take off." The little Droid whistled his reply, asking why his master was in such a hurry.

"Don't ask," was all Dark Jedi said, as he entered the Jedi Starfighter's cockpit. Slowly the triangular fighter rose into the night sky. As the starfighter exited the blue green atmosphere, Dark Jedi removed the scarf that covered his face, it was at that moment, the locket his mentor had given him so many years ago opened, and a hologram of Mace Windu appeared before him.

"Kyle Wolf," the hologram said, "if you're watching this it means I'm dead and am unable to present this message to you in person. But it is a story that must be told. The legend that I am about to tell was known only the most senior members of the Jedi Council, thirty three millennia ago, long before the Republic ever existed, we Jedi served the powerful Moon Kingdom, fighting along side our Sailor Scout Sister we maintained peace and justice. However, the tranquility of the Silver Millennium was shattered by a traitor named Sieg Darklighter, who is known to the legends of history as Darth Chaos. During this battle the most sacred of our treasures, the Jedi Crystal, was shattered into two crystals the Kyber Crystal and the Imperium Silver Crystal. Both have long since been hidden away, and their locations have long been forgotten except by a few. If it wasn't for the threat of an ancient evil I would never break my silence on the matter. My request is this Kyle, seek out the Kyber Crystal, and find it before the enemy can. The name of this enemy I can not reveal to you, for it has been forbidden since the birth of the Galaxy to speak his name, but you will know him when you see him. Good luck, and May the Force be With You old friend." With that the hologram faded.

For a few minutes Kyle Wolf sat silent, before finally forming a few words.

"R4," Kyle said, "set course for the Yavin System. We've got a lot of work to do."

Location: The Temple of the Ancients, Blood Mountains, outside of Korva City, Karova, Avalon System.

The Blood Mountains had earned their name long ago; they were the site of an ancient battle between the first Karvoians and the serpent like Snakir, the original inhabitants of this ancient rock. Standing over the site of this bloody battle was a crumbling temple built by the Ancients. On the surface it looked like any of the other ancient ruins that dotted the surface of the planet known to strangers as KO-35. The once white marble that made up the temple's battlements and columns was covered with blaster residue, and other battle scares, the stone had also turned an eerie shade of yellow.

For the two men who entered the temple the history was the last thing on their minds.

The first looked more like a combination of a human and junk yard, nearly 20 machine, his right arm had been replaced by a cybernetic one, as well as his right leg. His left eye had been gouged out and replaced by a blood red cybernetic lens; the entire left side of his face was a mesh of cybernetic circuitry and flesh. At once time he had friends and a family; at one time he had a name, Kevin Firewind, High Prince of the ancient Firewind Dynasty, now he was known simply as Deadeye, right hand to Karvoa's current ruler, Crown Prince Valarium.

The second man was shorter then Deadeye by only an inch, but was by far more powerful. One of his eyes burned redder then the rawest fire, another shown colder then the coldest ice. His wore jet black Sith robes, and a flowing black cape. He was Valarium, the only son of Emperor Palpatine, and the christened Black Knight of the Sith, for the cruelty he showed all who dared to defy him.

"Stay here," Valarium ordered, holding Deadeye back. The cyborg didn't say anything, as Valarium made his way into the ruins. Deep down, Deadeye wished for nothing more then to see Valarium dead, not out of a lust for power, but a lust for revenge. Long ago he'd been engaged to be married to the Avalon Princess Karone, the love of his life, but then he was injured in an ambush, after which Valarium transformed him into the monster he was now, and as a final test of absolute loyalty Valarium ordered Deadeye to kill Karone himself. Afterwards, Deadeye's hatred of Valarium knew no bounds, surpassed only by his fear of the Dark Prince and his Black Guard army.

Valarium made his way into the inner sanctum of the temple, it was then he spied what he sought, a black stone carved with an ancient language that hadn't been seen in the Galaxy in more then three billion years, spelling out a warning.


Valarium didn't head the warning. He grabbed the black stone, but the moment that he did, a burst of raw Force Energy shot from the stone, dissolving every fiber of skin, muscle, and nerve on his hands, leaving him with nothing but bone, held together by the will of the Force.

Location: The Remains of Byss, Beshqek System, Deep Core.

The Order of the Shadow Fleet emerged from hyperspace in the middle of a graveyard. Massive asteroids criss crossed the blackness of space, some barely missing the Order ships as they approached their target. Among the numerous asteroids were the remains of a massive starship, the Eclipse II, the one time flagship of the Clone Emperor Palpatine.

Darth Plaguies stood on the bridge of the Star Destroyer Shadow's Thunder as it approached a massive asteroid, upon which the vague outline of a human skeleton could be made out.

"Bring the skeleton aboard," Plaguies ordered, "I'll be waiting in Hanger Bay C123."

"As you wish my Lord," one of the officers replied, as Plaguies made his way off the bridge.

Two modified ARC-170s made their way out of the Star Destroyer's hanger bay, and headed toward their destination. Slowly the robotic arms attached to the fighters' cockpits lifted the skeleton from its final resting place, and began making their way back to the Star Destroyer.

Location: Hanger bay C123, Shadow's Thunder, a few moments later

The skeleton that was placed at the Dark Lord's feet was clad in the robe of a Sith Lord, other then that it was all but featureless.

The Dark Lord raised his hands above his head, and began directing the Force back into the skeleton, wreathed in the energy of the Force, the skeleton began to change, taking on the features of an old man, with graying red hair, that was beginning to thin.

"Arise," Plaguies said, gaining the old man's attention, "Lord Sidious." Darth Sidious recognized the voice that spoke to him almost at once.

"It can't be,"Sidious said, for the first time in his life the tone of his voice reflected fear "how you can still be alive."

"My survival of your betrayal my apprentice," Plaguies replied, angrily, "is mine and mine alone. For now we must talk of business. You have been resurrected for a special mission. You will go to the planet known as Earth, and from there you will infiltrate a dimension known as the Negaverse. There you will sabotage their efforts to conquer the planet, after words you will conquer the planet and prepare for my return. Have I made myself clear Apprentice?" To be called Apprentice was enough to get Darth Sidious's blood boiling, but he knew better then to try and attack his former master now, his resurrection had sapped nearly 80 of his power. He'd mentally decided that he would obey Darth Plaguies's commands, for now.

"Indeed," Sidious replied, "my Lord." It was then Plaguies tossed a small black crystal to the ground.

"This is but one of two fragments of the crystal embedded in my hand," Plaguies said, "the other is hidden on Earth, use it's powers well my apprentice, succeed in your mission and your reward shall be beyond your wildest dreams. Fail me, and I will exact the revenge I have long craved for the betrayal you inflicted on me so long ago. Have I made myself clear?"

"Crystal," Darth Sidious replied, seething with anger, "my Lord."

To Be Continued

PS: This chapter is meant to tie up the lose ends between Kyber, Redemption, and this story, which is part I of a planned IV part Prequel series.