Birth of the Phoenix

By Senshi of 1

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Scene Break

Ranma ran as fast as she could as the police officer chased after her. She didn't like stealing but she needed something to eat so bad that she couldn't help it, she tried to steal a sandwich from the deli and a bag of chips from a small grocery store thinking that nobody would really miss it. One of the employees had seen her slip the food into the small bag that she found in the trash in order to attempt getting some food. She ran out of the store, dodging people left and right finally giving the officer the slip with her smaller body and greater speed it was easy.

Finally giving the man the slip Ranma slowed down and turned down an alley heading back to the park where she was staying at. As she passed an older woman and little girl that she had meet a few times while her in the city Ranma heard the little girl crying about being hungry. Ranma sighed to herself and handed the woman the purse while trying her best to ignore her own hunger.

"I-I can't…" The woman, Lyn said, trying to hand back the purse after seeing what was inside.

"Yes you can." Ranma said with a smile, "You guys need it more than I do."

"Thank you." The woman said as she took out the sandwich and chips giving them to the little girl. "I-I don't know how to repay you."

"It's nothing." Ranma said while scratching the back of her pigtail. "I just wish it was more."

"Thank you Ranma." The girl said, smiling up at Ranma.

"Your welcome, Miki." Ranma said, ruffling the girl's hair.

"Happy birthday, Ranma." Lyn said, "I wish we could have gotten you something…"

"Today's the twenty-first?" Ranma asked, shocked.

"Yeah…I guess it is kind of hard keeping track of the days while on the streets." Lyn said sadly.

"I know but its okay, seeing Miki smile like that is all the birthday present I need." Ranma said.

"Ranma…I…I have a favor I need to ask you…" Lyn said, looking at Ranma in that way again. Ranma knew what that look meant, she could control it now and could read people's thoughts and even say stuff to them in their heads. Whatever Lyn wanted, she didn't want her daughter to hear it.

'What's wrong, Lyn?' Ranma sent to the woman opening a mental discussion between the two.

'I'm scared, Ranma. My husband…you know how he threw me out when I became pregnant…well I think he is trying to kill me. I've seen people in dark suits looking for something around here and I recognize some of them as my husband's men.'

'I'll take them out.' Ranma replied.

'NO! Please no, I don't want you getting involved in that. I just want somebody I know and trust to take care of my daughter if something happens to me and I know how much she's come to like you.'

'You know I was born a guy, right?' Ranma asked.

'It doesn't matter to me, you showed me all of your memories of how that boy showed up just when you were getting close to Jusenkyo and he drove you to the cliff and knocked you off into the spring which made you a girl. If it was me, when I found out I was going to be a girl permanently I would have killed both Genma and Ryoga. Just the fact that you let them live shows that you have a kind heart.'

'Yeah…I'm sixteen years old today…I'm on the street with no hope of a decent future. There's not really much I can offer her or you.' Ranma sighed.

'Yes there is, I know you love Miki and I know she loves you…if she gets put in a foster home there's no telling what will happen to her. The people could mistreat her and I don't want that. She is better off with you…at least I'll know that she will be loved.' Lyn said.

"I'll do it." Ranma said, smiling down at the girl. "But don't expect me to just sit around if someone tries something."

"Please…if something does happen…just take her and run." Lyn pleaded, "Promise me."

"Okay…I promise." Ranma said.

"Thank you." Lyn said, "I'll see you later tonight at the park, okay?"

"Okay." Ranma said as Lyn lead Miki away.

"Bye Ranma!" Miki called back as the two disappeared out of the alley. When it was clear Ranma waved her hand through the air causing a dumpster nearby to go flying through the air until it crashed and flipped over a few feet away. Sighing again, Ranma looked at the damage…she was getting pretty good at the mind thing but the moving things she still couldn't control. If Lyn thought that Ranma was just going to sit by and watch something happen to the woman then the woman was nuts. Lyn and Miki were two of Ranma's only friends.

Scene Break

Illyana walked down the street of what she was sure was Japan, Japanese was what everyone was speaking after all. The problem was that she seen a newspaper and the date, she was sure, was two weeks after Belasco had kidnapped her from Magneto. That wasn't the real problem, the real problem was that she was six at the time and now she was sixteen, she had spent ten whole years in that hell dimension until she was finally able to win her freedom from Belasco, the demon overlord there.

She had paid a heavy price though, she was forced to kill several people, some of which was supposedly people from an alternate universe who were the counterparts of people here in her home dimension. The one that hurt the most though was when she was forced to kill Peter, her brother's counterpart, since it felt the same as killing her real brother. Belasco had warped them though, making them evil and demonic all except for two people, Cat and Storm. They became good friends and Storm taught Illyana all the arcane knowledge that she possessed while Cat taught her how to fight. In the end though, Illyana still ended up having to kill them both for different reasons.

Belasco had already turned Cat from a girl named Kitty Pryde to a cat like woman named Cat. She escaped him though before he was able to corrupt her and make her evil. After that she had fought against Belasco and his demons until Illyana showed up. She taught Illyana everything she could about fighting distrusting the magic that storm had been teaching. That had come to an end though when Cat thought she had the perfect chance to get Belasco and finish him off for good. Instead, Belasco had tricked her and corrupted her into another of his servants who Illyana was forced to kill in self defense.

Storm, she was different than Cat in many ways. She wasn't as hot headed as the cat girl nor as impetuous, instead she was cool and calculating. According to Storm, she was once a very powerful mutant who controlled the very weather until she was trapped in the hellish dimension. Her powers became useless but for some reason Storm had been able to channel the world's natural arcane energies and became a very powerful sorceress. Storm had taught Illyana everything that she had known until Belasco captured her and was going to corrupt her soul, turn her evil. Storm begged Illyana to kill her before it happened and she did, even though it was the most difficult thing that she had ever done.

That wasn't the only price she had to pay though, she had lost her innocence and a part of herself. Illyana caressed the pendant around her neck, it was the pendant that contained the bloodstones. If all the bloodstones were ever collected then it would open the gate to the deepest pits of Limbo to Earth, releasing the highest ranking and most evil demons that were imprisoned there. It currently had three of the five needed bloodstones, each one made from her blood and spirit.

Still, there was so much more to the price she had to pay. She had seen and experienced horrors there that would have driven most insane. She wouldn't let herself fall into that though, she fought long and hard to win her freedom. She had finally defeated Belasco and banished him, never to return to Limbo or to bother her.

He did bother her after that though, she had been free for almost a month now as she struggled to find out what to do. She was no longer the sweet, six year old girl that Belasco took two weeks ago according to this dimensions timeline. She was sixteen now, just how was she supposed to show up and tell her brother what happened. He would think it was all a lie or trick by Magneto.

A week after earning her freedom, Belasco had sent S'ym to kill her or bring her back with the bloodstones to him. S'ym no longer scared Illyana like he once did when she was still younger. She took care of S'ym easily and he begged forgiveness and pledged himself to Illyana. He sickened Illyana but she could use help if she needed it if Belasco or anyone else ever came back to try and take her again. Reluctantly she agreed and released him, sending him back to Limbo until she summoned him again.

Now she was walking through Japan trying to decide what to do. She wanted to return to America but she had no money. She could use her stepping disks but she didn't want to go back to Limbo anymore than necessary which is where they took her she learned. To use her stepping disks to teleport somewhere she first had to enter Limbo and then use another one to go anywhere on earth she wanted. The few experiments that she tried with them led her to different times which added more complication. If she wasn't careful she could end up anywhere, this was the best she could do to return as close as she could to her normal time. After all, she had no intentions of staying in the dark ages and being courted by that idiot in the armor named Kuno. Illyana still shuddered at the unnatural stamina the man had, she hit him with all kinds of magic and the idiot still kept coming back for more.

With a sigh Illyana decided to head back to the park that she seen earlier to try and relax a little. As she was walking she noticed a red haired girl about her own age with her hair done in a low ponytail and looked like she hadn't eaten in awhile, much less had a proper bath or washed her clothes very good either. The thing that bothered Illyana the most though was the very sad look in the red head's eyes.

"Hi." Illyana said as she got close to the other girl.

"Huh?" the redhead mumbled.

"I said hi." Illyana said.

"Uh…hi." The redhead said.

"My name is Illyana Rasputin." Illyana said with a smile.

"I'm Ranma…Ranma Saotome…well, I guess just Ranma now." Ranma said sadly.

"Why just Ranma?" Illyana asked confused.

"My father was trying to use me to marry me off to one of his friends so I left." Ranma said, "I'm a ronin now."

"What's a ronin?" Illyana asked.

"It means I don't have any family…or anyplace to go…" Ranma sighed.

"No place to go…" Illyana whispered.

"I'm homeless." Ranma said, looking to the ground to avoid the blonde's gaze.

"But everyone has a home…" Illyana whispered. But did she have a home anymore herself? If she went back either to her home country or to Peter, would any of them recognize her…accept her?

Scene Break

"I'm homeless." Ranma sighed as she looked at the ground, she didn't want to look the blonde in the eyes and see either the disgust or disdain that she always saw in people's eyes when they found out.

"But everyone has a home…" Illyana whispered sadly.

"Not everyone…There are a lot of people that don't have homes." Ranma said, "Some because of choices they make, others because of circumstances and then there are those who end up on the street because they waste everything on drugs and alcohol."

"So what about you?" Illyana asked.

"Me?" Ranma asked, surprised. "Well, it was my choice I guess. My father…well, I saw in his mind when we got back to Japan and he was disgusted with me. He was planning on trying to get me marry one of his friends children but it wouldn't have worked so he was going to try and force me to marry his friend…I decided I had enough and left him and declared myself ronin. The problem with that is nobody around here likes ronin, people see them as worthless."

"That's not fair." Illyana said, "It wasn't your fault what happened…if you ask me your father is a sick man."

"Don't I know it." Ranma snorted, "I'm sorry but I have to get to the park, I'm meeting a friend there."

"I was heading to the park myself, do you mind if I tag along?" Illyana asked.

"I don't mind." Ranma said as she started toward the park with Illyana walking right beside her.

"You said that you saw in your father's mind…are you a mutant?" Illyana asked.

"What's a mutant?" Ranma asked in confusion.

"You don't know?" Illyana asked in surprise and tried her best to explain after Ranma shook her head no. "Well…a mutant is a person with something extra in them…a lot of times it gives them some powers and sometimes it might change their appearance and sometimes both. I know a few mutants who are telepaths…they can read people's minds. I also know one who is also telekinetic, she can move things with her mind."

"Is that what it's called?" Ranma asked, "I can do both of those."

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" a voice screamed loudly from inside the park, a voice that Ranma recognized all to well.

"LYN!" Ranma screamed taking off at a run toward where the voice came from. She looked back long enough to see a sword appear in Illyana's hand along with silver armor that went from her hand up to the blonde's elbow.

"What's going on?" Illyana asked as she kept pace with Ranma.

"That was my friend." Ranma cried, she knew she should have stayed with them but she had so much on her mind that day. Her world went dark as she seemed to float in a void. A large fire loomed in front of her taking on the shape of a bird.

"Greetings child, I am the Phoenix. I have been watching you for some time and I have a deal to make with you." The bird of fire said, a feminine voice booming all around.

"I have to save Lyn and Miki!" Ranma cried.

"While you are here no time passes in your world." The bird said, "However, I am sorry to say that you are too late to save the woman. If you want though I can help you save the child, but you have to bond with me."

"I'll do anything." Ranma sobbed, "Just please don't let them hurt Miki too."

"It is done." The bird said.

Ranma's world went red. Fire surrounded her, warming her but not burning her. She felt herself float off of the ground and fly toward where she could hear Miki crying, "MAMA!"

"What the hell is that?" one of two men in black screamed pointing at Ranma who hovered before them, Lyn on the ground with blood pouring out of her chest.

"YOU KILLED HER!" Ranma screamed as the two started firing on her, there bullets never reaching their target as the melted into nothing.

"How could you?" Illyana cried as she rushed between the girl crying over her dead mother's body and the two men.

"S'YM, KILL THEM!" Illyana cried out as a disk of light appeared dropping a large, purple lizard like man out of it with a cigar in his mouth.

"Finally letting me have some fun, huh babe?" S'ym asked as one of the men broke off from Ranma and started firing at the purple thing with a black vest and green shorts.

Ranma watched the thing grab the man's head, his bullets not even phasing the thing as it squeezed the mans head until it exploded. Ranma couldn't help but smile, the man got what he deserved for killing an innocent mother. Ranma reached out to the other man, lifting him off of the ground with her mind, twisting him around until his spine broke and the man ripped in half at the wait. Sirens were heard screaming in the distance, getting closer.

Ranma landed next to Miki, crying for the woman who was her best friend, the woman who had in a sense became the mother the redhead never had. "Miki, sweetie, I'm so sorry." Ranma cried.

"They killed mama." Miki sobbed.

"Come on honey, we have to get out of here before the police get here." Ranma said picking up the girl.

"That was too easy babe." S'ym said.

"Whatever." Illyana said, banishing the creature in another disk of light.

"What about Mama…" Miki cried.

"The people coming will take care of her, honey." Ranma whispered, "But they will take you away if they get here so we have to get away before they do."

"Okay mommy Ranma." Miki sniffed.

Scene Break

"So this new mutant is in Japan?" Logan snorted, he should have known there was some ulterior motive of the professors for this. He was relaxing at the mansion when a frantic Professor asked for him to fly with Charles Xavier to Japan to inspect the very large power source released that he swore was from a mutant that cerebro picked up. Of course he didn't really want to, he had just got back from an altercation with one of Magneto's punks and the metal guy ruined Logan's bike! There was no one else available though at the time and it was an emergency so Logan relented to find himself aboard the blackbird just a few minutes within range of their target.

"Yes, but there are two different signals now." Charles said, "I can read some from the first one but the second one…I can't tell what or who they are, only where it is and it's right with the first one."

"It's not Magneto is it?" Logan asked he prepared to land the plane…he hated landing the plane. It shook roughly as they touched down which drew a glare from the bald man.

"You really need to practice more." Charles said.

"Well excuse me Chuck." Logan grumbled as he activated the stealth mode of the jet turning it invisible to the outside eye.

"Let's go before they start moving again." Charles said, heading for the opening ramp.

Scene Break

Ranma sighed quietly to herself as she leaned back against the tree trunk next to a sleeping Illyana, leaning against the other girl for comfort while holding a sleeping Miki tightly. She was blaming herself for what happened to her friend and surrogate mother. If only she didn't leave them then Lyn would still be alive…some birthday present. She smiled slightly at that though, Miki was alive and she was grateful for that but she couldn't help but feel that she failed the young girl.

'Hello.' A male voice said in her head, 'My name is Charles Xavier.'

'W-Who are you?' Ranma replied to the voice, startled.

'I help people such as yourself learn how to control your unique gifts, I have a school in New York for gifted children like you and your friend. I can't sense her mind, her blocks are too strong but I know you are both mutants.' Charles said, 'I would like to talk to you both if that is alright.'

'I guess…but if you try anything I will kill you…I won't let anyone hurt Miki.' Ranma warned, 'I-I already failed her once.'

'I swear we won't try anything.' Charles said, 'I am the one in the wheelchair walking towards you.'

Ranma looked up to see two people coming toward her, she was actually surprised that the wheelchair wasn't having much of a problem with the terrain. Next to him was a man who was a little short, but seemed to have an animalistic nature to him. For some reason she felt heat rising in her body and tried to fight it down again. She liked girls not guys, heck she was really a guy and would still be one if it wasn't for Jusenkyo. A few months after Jusenkyo she noticed how her body reacted sometimes to some guys, she was attracted to them as much as she hated admitting it. She was a guy though and refused to let the confusing emotions bother her, she was a guy who liked girls.

"H-Hi." Ranma said quietly as she noticed the man walking wrinkle his nose. It wasn't her fault she didn't have no place to go or a way to wash the last set of clothes she owned very well.

"I'm sorry about my friend, Ranma." Charles said, "One of his abilities is heightened senses, no offense but you look like you haven't had a proper bath in awhile."

"Well gee, living on the streets really gives me a lot of chances to clean up." Ranma said, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"You live on the street?" the dark haired man asked in shock, "Where are your parents, kid?"

"Don't care." Ranma said sadly, "I left my father when he tried to use me for his own sick purposes."

"I'll kill the bastard." The dark haired man growled as three claws extended from his clenched fists startling Ranma.

"Mama, what's going on?" Miki asked sleepily.

"Who are you?" Illyana demanded, pressing closer to Ranma.

"They just want to talk to us, Illyana." Ranma said.

"Logan, now is not the time for that." Charles said. "I would like to offer you both boarding at my school for the gifted and help you learn to control your powers."

"What about Miki…my daughter?" Ranma asked.

"This is highly unusual but I wouldn't dream of separating a mother from her child so she could stay to." Charles said.

"What do you want from us?" Illyana demanded, "There is no way that you would be offering us this for free."

"Of course not," Charles smiled, "In exchange for room and board all I ask is that you try not to show your powers unless absolutely necessary to the outside world and when you do it is to help people and not hurt them. I ask that you try never to hurt anyone, even if sometimes they seem that they may deserve it."

"Before I make my decision, I want you to do one thing first…" Ranma sighed, she wanted to accept this so much but she wouldn't unless he knew the truth and she knew that this would be the fastest way. "You're like me, right? You can read minds?"

"Yes, I am very good at that." Charles said.

"Then read mine…see my past and decide if you still want me. All I ask is that you don't tell anyone else about it." Ranma said.

"All right." Charles agreed.

Ranma felt his presence enter her mind wholly as she dropped the walls that she had learned to create to keep the other people's thoughts out. She could feel him looking over her past and could feel his shock and anger, though it was directed not at her but something else.

"I…I don't know what to say." A visibly shaken Charles said.

"Are you okay Chuck?" Logan asked, putting his hand on Charles's shoulder.

"Yes Logan, thank you." Charles said. "Ranma, I still want you to come to the school but I have an additional offer that I want you to think about. I don't want an answer now but I want you to seriously think about it. I want to adopt you, officially make you my daughter and heir. You…I've never seen someone go through so much pain and still remain with a heart like yours. Don't worry about earlier…I…I would have don't the same thing if I were in your shoes."

"What do you say?" Ranma asked Illyana, "Want to go to school?"

"If you go I guess I'll go…I…can't return home right now." Illyana said.

"I want to go to, mommy Ranma." Miki said.

"Okay, we'll come but I don't know about being your heir much less daughter." Ranma said, "I…I'll think about it though."

"That's all I ask." Charles said as Logan stood there with a shocked expression on his face doing a very good imitation of a fish.

Scene Break

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