Birth of the Phoenix

By Senshi of Valis

Chapter 2

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Ranma yawned as Miki climbed out of the bed, a wonderful smell filling their senses. Groggily Ranma sat up and looked around to get her bearings, remembering that she had agreed last night to come here and learn to control her powers more and to think about letting that Xavier guy adopt her. It was tempting to agree to the adoption as it would gauruntee her a home but she wasn't sure if she could trust him yet. Of course she could see his thoughts but there was so much there that she couldn't see past and her heart wouldn't let her wrecklessly agree to it.

"Come on mommy, I'm hungry." Miki said tugging at Ranma's hand.

"Okay, okay." Ranma giggled, "I'm coming but first we have to clean up. Charles said that the bathroom was down the hall and he would leave a bag outside with some clothes for us."

"Okay…" Miki said more subdued.

"Let's go then, honey." Ranma said, feeling a little strange have a child to take care of but at the same time making her feel so good inside. The cost of it though was a price she could have done without and she could see the depression filling Miki's mind but the young girl was trying her best to stay strong and Ranma intended to stay strong for the girl's sake even though she just wanted to cry over the loss of the woman she had come to think of as a mother.

As the two opened the door and stepped out into the hallway Ranma spotted a couple bags sitting by the door and looked in them. Sure enough there were a change of clothes for both Miki and herself so she grabbed them and headed off to where they bathed the night before when they were given some pink pajamas to sleep in. She hated pink but didn't want to insult her hosts so she was now wearing the dreadful thing.

A quick bath later since Miki, and Ranma reluctantly admitted that she too wanted to hurry and get done and get down to breakfast. The only thing that was making her hesitate was the choice of clothes. The simple dark blue shirt was okay, the undergarments she had long ago accepted as necessary but the skirt…the skirt was worse than even the pajamas. It felt like the last little bit of her true self, next thing they would start expecting her to wear make up.

Sighing as Miki was looked questioningly at Ranma she dressed the rest of the way then helped Miki with her shoes then donned her sandals and led Miki out of the bathroom and right into a red haired girl with a white streak in her hair. The two older girls fell to the ground in a heap, Ranma's forhead hitting the girl's chin. At first she could feel a draining sensation from the contact but that died quickly. Slowly she sat up and pulled the shaken goth looking girl up thinking that she was kind of cute.

"Are you okay?" Ranma asked, "I'm really sorry about that."

"H-How?" the girl asked in shock, "When I touch someone…I usually drain there powers and leave them unconscious. I…I can't control it so how come you're still okay…And…I don't have your powers…"

"I don't know." Ranma replied confused.

"Come on mommy, I want breakfast." Miki said dragging Ranma awy from the goth looking girl.


Roughe shook her head, trying to sort out the thoughts and memories as they slowly started making their presence known. It wasn't the girl's powers, she knew that she didn't absorb that but there was something that she did absorb beside the memories but she wasn't sure what it was.

She looked at the retreating form of the redhead in awe as the girl's life replayed itself in Rouge's head. It was so hard believing that the girl was really once a boy but she had seen so much strange stuff since finding out that she was a mutant that she couldn't really disbelieve it.

The pain that the boy turned girl went through growing up was quickly starting to anger Rouge as she thought aboust all of the stupid things that bastard who claimed to be who she now realizes was Ranma's father made Rouge decide on one thing for sure, she would make the sadistic bastard pay one day.

She remebered how Ranma was cursed at Jusenkyo while her father actually managed to avoid gaining a curse. Rouge had to wonder if Ranma was a mutant before Jusenkyo or if it was the curse that gave the red head her powers.

She felt sorry for Ranma though as she remebered all the changes that she started noticing after the curse, especially as Ranma fought tooth and nail to retain what little of her manhood she had left as it slowly faded away day by day.

The worse part was when Ranma seen what Genma was planning to try and force Ranma into doing, it was disgusting on so many levels. Apparently Genma had a friend that Genma had a deal with to join the schools through marrying their children but that, though stupid, wasn't really all too bad. What was bad was what Genma was planning on doing after Ranma was cursed, he knew Soun only had daughters and that Soun's wife died so Genma was going to force Ranma into marrying Soun in order to unite the schools.

Rouge was glad when Ranma left then but she hated seeing the struggles the girl had to endure while living on the streets but smiled as Lyn and Ranma grew close, the older woman becoming like a mother to Ranma. Miki came to love Ranma very much to thinking of Ranma as family.

Then it happened, Lyn was murdered and Ranma became Miki's new mother all on the same day as meeting Illyana and being recruited by the proffessor.On top of that it was the red haired girl's birthday. Rouge could feel the depression from Ranma's memories and it threatened to make her start crying.

"She thought I was cute..." Rouge mumbled to herself in surprise as Kurt joined her in the hall.

"Hey Rouge, did you know we have new students?" Kurt asked, smiling.

"Y-Yeah...I just met one of them." Rouge replied trying to figure out how she felt about that little bit of information of the new boy turned girl thinking that Rouge was cute.


"Where is my son you ignorant, worthless bastard!" Nodoka growled at the waste of space in front of her as the Tendo daughters started backing away from irate woman as Soun, for once, did the smart thing as moved along with them instead of backing up Genma.

"N-Nodoka." Genma whimpered. "The boy...h-he...well, he..."

Nodoka sneered at the yellow stain that was growing in the pants of the fool in front of her as she drew her katana, calling on her powers to make flames appear around the blade, bathing the room in an eerie glow.

"Now, Genma...where...Is...MY SON?" Nodoka demanded as Genma started bowing and scraping before begging to live as he told her everything truthfully from Jusenkyo to where Ranma ran away. It was taking every ounce of strength not to kill the fool...after all she didn't want to get blood on her new kimono...diid she?

"Your a mutie!" Akane snarled, stalking forward before Kasumi grabbed the girl's arm.

"Akane!" Kasumi snapped in surprise.

"I-If you're a m-mutant..." Soun stuttered in shock, "Then there is n-no way the schools can be joined. Saotome, you never told me Ranma was the son of a freak!"

"FATHER!" Nabiki cried out half angry half hurt at her father's words.

"No mutant shall stay under my roof." Soun stated crossing his arms.

"That's right." Akane huffed imiatating Soun.

"Y-You really feel that strongly?" Kasumi asked, crying.

"You don't have to cry, Kasumi, I'd never let a freak get near you." Soun said walking to his daughter who slapped him.

"If I'm just a freak then I'll leave." Kasumi cried, "As soon as I get my stuff I'm gone."

"Not without me your not." Nabiki snarled as she glared at Soun and Akane before following Kasumi upstairs to pack. "And Akane, before you go judgeing mutants you better think about how you summon that damned mallet."

"Genma, if I ever see you again I will call you on your side of the contract." Nodoka said before storming out of the house to the waiting limo.

"Are you finished, Lady Himura?" Winston asked.

"Not yet, I think we will be having two more accompany us." Nodoka said as she waited for a few minutes. Sure enough a devastaed Kasumi and Nabiki came out carrying a few bags a piece.

"You can put those in the trunk girls." Nodoka said with a warm smile.

"Huh?" Nabiki asked, confused.

"I will not let you two go without a place to stay, your coming with me." Nodoka said, "Besides, I can help you learn to control your powers."

"But Auntie..." Kasumi started.

"No buts, honey." Nodoka said, "I will not let my sister's children stay on the streets."

"Thank you, Auntie." both girls said as Winston took the bags and stuffed them in the car's trunk.


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