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Summary: Sakura is kidnapped one night by non other Sasuke. The road gets tough when unwanted feeling develop. And what's this got to do with Sakura's father? SasuSaku AU

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Chapter 1

Unpacking her stuff, Sakura heaved a sigh of relief. It was her first time in a dorm. She didn't know what to expect. It was a heck lot tougher then she imagined. Fortunately, her roommate was kind to let help her out.

"Here's the last of your boxes," her roommate walked in with a broad smile, "Sakura, I was thinking, maybe we could order some pizza and relax for a while?"

"That'll be great," Sakura beamed her a smile.

"Cool. I'll go order us a double-cheese down the block and pick up a movie."

"Yeah, but is it ok? I mean it's dark out and all," Sakura said in a worried tone.

"Oh, don't worry. Besides you won't get scared. There are people moving in remember?" she said with a reassured grin.

"Yeah, true. Okay, I'll see you in a bit," Sakura waved her friend goodbye before going back to her unpacking.

She placed her clothing in the dresser and all her books on the shelves above the desk. Only one light source in the middle of the ceiling was giving off light. Sakura made a note to herself to go shopping and pick up some study lamps, a few paintings for the bare walls, some greens (plants), and some luxurious, but funky bean bags. Also this room lacked homely touches and most importantly color.

If college was as tough as she imagines then she's got to at least get used to her surroundings before starting her actual studies. She wandered how her teachers are going to be or how was she going to make new friends. This all added to her troubles even more.

It was true that Sakura was smart, intelligent, slight feisty girl, but this was a big step even for her. Her mother had always told her to be strong, but calm in every situation. She always took her advice seriously, but soon she realized that this world isn't what she imagines it. For her it was too scary to think about it.

"So then he released the content of the milk shake through his nose. His expression was priceless," she and her roommate laughed at the joke.

"I bet it was," Sakura replied. She wondered how her roommate could be so carefree, probably because she didn't have an overprotective father as Sakura. Sakura envied her.

After around 12:00 am, they finished the movie and were just relaxing on the small carpet, "Why are you always so carefree?" Sakura questioned out of the blue. This stunned her roommate.

After recovering from the shock she spoke with a chuckle, "What do you mean?"

"You know, you're always happy when I see you. You never worry or complain," Sakura asked.

"Well I see life as an opportunity to be you. I want to enjoy myself while I'm here. I mean how many times do you get live a life? Once. My dad always told me that 'everything will work out.' I believed that since… I can't even remember," she closed the pizza box lid, "I want an easy, carefree life. (A/N: sound familiar?) If everyone can see that then there's nothing to worry."

Her words struck her. Maybe she was being too uptight and a worrywart. Maybe this college experience won't be so bad. She smiled at her friend before giving her a hug before going to sleep.

Sakura woke up the sound of a something unlock. She looked around and saw the window opened. She looked around her room before approaching the window. She closed the window gently. Funny, she remembered closing it.

She leapt on her bed. She was about to fall into a deep slumber, but she felt something tighten around her waist. She let her hand slide down until she met a, what felt like, an arm. She screamed, flipped open her covers and switched on the light, but there was nothing there. Maybe she shouldn't have drunk so much soda. It was never a good idea, but that seemed a little out there.

She decided to ignore it and try for another sleep, but it was difficult. She was beginning to sweat a bit. She told herself over and over again that it was nothing, but she had a feeling something was wrong. She tried to fall a sleep, but was no use. Finally, she began thinking about how fun college is going to be and how many friends she'll make. It was working.

Suddenly the same hand wrapped around her waist, but that wasn't all. She felt another hand snake around her neck up to her lips. Her eyes widened in horror as she watched the figure beside her. Before any words spilled out of her mouth something soft like a handkerchief was placed on it and before she could take in what was happening, she fell lifeless in the figures arms, eyes closed and body cold.


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