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Chapter 3

The man on the chair turned to face the two, while smoking a pipe.

When Sakura saw him, her jaw dropped to the floor. She pointed at him accusingly and said, "…you."

"'Glad you remembered me, Sakura," he said as he placed his pipe on the side and intertwined his fingers in front of his face. With a wicked smile, he motioned her to sit down in one of the chairs offered in front of the desk.

"No thanks," she murmured still looking at his crimson pools. "Why have you taken me, Itachi?" she questioned as her voice rose with every word spoken.

"In all do time, your questioned will be answered. Meanwhile, why don't you settle down here for today? You look awe full," he pointed a finger at her torn and dirty pajamas. "We don't want your father to see you in that state… or me for the-matter-of-fact," he spoke the last part a little to suggestively.

"What has this got to do with father?" she asked, her brows knitted, "wait, don't tell me you're holding me ransom because you want father's money."

Itachi motioned Sasuke to exit the room. It seemed he had some private things to discuss with her. As was ordered, Sasuke left the room and went outside to stand in the hallway.

Sasuke waited and waited for a sign, so he can get on with his orders. Apparently talking privately did not fall on his schedule today, but without question he did what he was told.

He leaned casually against the marble wall and closed his eyes. He heard a couple of gasps through the wooden doors and wondered what Itachi might be filling her ears with. Or it could be that Itachi wanted to keep her here her entire life, in other words as his wife, but he wouldn't do that… would he? Would he force on her? He shook his head and tried to take his mind off of the subject, but no avail.

Just then the door opened, revealing a very sad Sakura. She sniffled a few times and shook her head slightly. With a sigh she turned around to face a very curious Sasuke. She had a look of innocence back on her features. Sasuke, at some extent, was relieved.

They started at each other for a few second before Sakura decided to break this eerie silence, "umm… can you show me my room?"

He looked away and motioned her to follow him to the opposite end of the hallway. Once there, they turned left and down the stairs that led to the room in the basement. Sasuke slid the pair of doors open and stood still, so Sasuke can enter the room.

"The door will be locked and only opened when it's breakfast, lunch, or supper time. No snacks and/or luxury items. Please do not attempt to escape through the tiny window. We do not want you suffocate," he said bluntly. He pressed a button on the device secured to his belt. "Lastly, there'll be a guard here to watch the door."

She digested all of it in. "Do you talk to all of your hostages like you're some sort of a robot? And am I that fat that I won't be able to go through that window?"

"Look, lady. I'm just doing my job. I don't care if you like the way I speak. I just tell you what I'm told," he said with a frown. Did he talk like a robot?

Sigh. "No point in arguing with you there," she said calmly.

He nodded. "I'll be back here in approximately three hours. That should be enough time for you to change and get cleaned up."

"Yeah," she said apparently to no one. With that he left her there and locked the door securely.

She looked around the room given to her. It was a plain cubic room with a small window right above the bed, which was located opposite of the door. There was a small side table beside it with a lamp on top. There was a door on the right side of the room. She guessed it most probably was the washroom. With a sigh, she strolled towards it and opened it. There were fresh cloths and a towel placed on the vanity.

At least they were fresh. She switched on the light and closed the door behind. She got undressed and realized she smelled horrible. She got into the shower for some relief of the funky smell.

After approx. thirty minutes, she got out of the shower with a towel around her neck. She had been given a long pair of dark blue pants, but she wasn't very fond of them so she cut them right under her knees to make a nice, comfortable pair of cupri-pants with threads sticking out. Along with that she was given a white, oversized shirt. She left that one the way it was and inserted one side of the shirt on the left side of the pants. She was glad there was something to cover her feet.

She dried her hair and sat on the edge of the bed, thinking. She remembered what Itachi had told her. Was he right? I mean he is evil, so should he trust his word? She was not getting anything. Everything he told her, seemed unreal and would her father do that? Nah. Itachi probably wants money… I hope…

She spent the rest of the time thinking and taking a long nap, since she didn't get much sleep. Juts then the door suddenly opened. Sakura jolted up at the sound and cursed under her breath.

"Calm down," a familiar voice spoke up.

"Sasuke. You scared me." she placed a hand on her chest to relax.

"Here's your supper," he brought a tray of food and placed in the hand she offered. "And don't tell me you don't want to eat it. At this rate you'll likely drop dead on us."

"Don't worry I'm kindda hungry." She took the food and placed it on the side table. She turned and offered him a small smile, but he had made himself comfortable on the opposite wall and closed his eyes.

She sighed and began to eat. It was nothing special, but it was something. A small bowl of beef and mixed vegetable stew, a few crackers and two hot-cross buns. To get it all down, a glass of what she hoped to be, apple juice.

Once done, she drank the last of the juice and faced Sasuke, who was still in the same position. "Sasuke, I'm done." She walked over to him with the tray in her hand.

As if on cue the front door unlocked and revealed a tall, heavy built man. Sasuke took the tray from her hand and handed over to the man, who disappeared soon after. Sasuke turned towards her and pulled out a small, thin silver bracelet from his pocket.

"Give me your hand," she obeyed and hand put her left hand forward. He placed a hand on her forearm and flung the bracelet with the other. It locked itself when it made contact with Sakura's skin.

"What's this?" she eyed it suspiciously, trying to pry it off.

"It's a security device. Even though you won't be able to escape, we have to take precautions. Further, do not do anything that forbidden. The consequences are grave. We're tracking your every move," he explained. "Be careful," he whispered before exiting her room. She heaved a sighed and plopped down on the bed.

After an hour or so she fell asleep.

A loud knock on the door disturbed her sleep. She peered up at the ceiling and then turned to look at the clock. "Six o'clock?" This better be good.

"Sasuke?" she said rubbing her eyes. "Isn't it too early for break-"

She stopped when she saw he was not holding a tray of food. Instead of leaving the door, he locked it. He approached her and pulled the hand with the bracelet. He took out a magnet like substance and stuck it over the holes on it.

He turned to look at her again. He had a colder face on. This scared her, immensely. "We need to talk," he said just above a whisper.


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