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Hugh was sound asleep quietly snoring while Slayn began to stir from his dreams of an endless pancake banquet.

"Mmm…more…syrup…please…" he mumbled. He then nuzzled something soft and warm. "Morning Hugh…" Slayn said as he was beginning to slip back to reality. After a few moments it finally clicked, he was nuzzling Hugh. Panicking, he immediately shoved his friend off the bed.

Hugh's head hit the nightstand next to the bed and then landed hard on the floor with a loud "THUD!".

"Ow!" Hugh shouted as he sat up. "What just happened?"

Slayn blushed slightly as his friend looked at him hoping to get an answer. "Um…earthquake?"

"Come on Slayn, enough with the goofy jokes…" Hugh then got up and began to wobble off to the wash room. Slayn could notice a cut on the side of Hugh's forehead from hitting the night stand.

"Um, Hugh…I think you should maybe sit down for a minute…you did hit your head pretty hard…" Slayn said a little worried.

"There's no alcohol in my liquor officer!" Hugh shouted randomly. "Pink elephants are here to invade France! Sorry R-Chan!"

"Huh? Are you okay, Hugh?" Slayn asked.

"Uh…………Nope." Hugh then collapsed. "Platypus…"

Slayn blinked confusedly. "I think……you need a doctor…"

Later that day Hugh and Slayn walked out of the doctor's office.

"Now Mr. Foster, please no more silly stunts…" said the doctor.

"Yeah, yeah, I know…" Hugh said with a sigh.

"Hmph…That's what you said last time…" The doctor mumbled as he went back in his office.

Slayn rolled his eyes at his friend's silliness, then suddenly he spotted Annette walking down the street. "Hey, Annette! Over here!" he called to her motioning to her to come over.

"Hi guys." she said as she walked up to them.

Just then something caught both Slayn and Hugh's attention, Annette was wearing a rather "scandalous" outfit. Both boys blinked in disbelief; causing Annette to blush, she then frowned at them.

"Just what are you two staring at?" she said in a demanding tone.

"Uh…" they both said while shooting a glance at each other.

"Um, did you get a haircut?" Hugh asked. He then quickly dodged Annette's hand, which was trying to strike him. "It was a joke! It was a joke!"

"Well then save your poor sense of humor for someone else…" Annette snapped at him.

"Well then…" Slayn began. "What's with the outfit?"

Annette gave an irritated huff. "That witch, Barbra…"

"Simone." Hugh and Slayn they both corrected her.

"Whatever! She threw out all of my clothes! She said I dress like a "battle ballerina"…She then had the nerve to get me this!"

"She did have a point…I mean, Annette does dress in tu-tu's a lot…" Hugh whispered to Slayn, who gave a nod in agreement.


Both Slayn and Hugh were now covering large bumps on their heads.

"Ow…what was that for Annette?" Slayn asked.

"For being idiots!" Annette huffed she then stomped off.

Tsk, tsk, tsk…you two have real bad women skills…"said Buddy as he walked up to the two of them. "You know, aside from being an anger therapist I also dabble with affairs of the heart…"

"Oh no…" Hugh said as he backed away. "I've seen what you've done to a few people…"


I have found the perfect woman for me!" Vincent said excitedly.

"Really?" Hugh asked. "Who?"

"Look! Look!" Vincent then pointed somewhere.

"………Um, Vincent…that's……a pancake…" Hugh said, now a little disturbed.

"Really? No wonder she smells like syrup…"

-New Flashback…-

"Hugh! Buddy found me a new girlfriend! And this time she's not edible!" Vincent said while dragging someone with him.

Hugh's eye twitched slightly when he laid eyes upon Vincent's new girlfriend. "...I…am scarred for life…"

"What's wrong?" Vincent asked.

"That's Randolf! In a dress!" Hugh shouted.

"A nice pink one with white frills!" said Kenneth Reimon as he randomly walked past.

-End of Flashbacks…-

"Yeah……I'm not going to let you pair Slayn up with a pancake! Or a dress wearing freaky bastard!" said Hugh.

"Tsk tsk, watch you're temper Mr. Foster, there's no need to raise your voice. True, I may have had some……drawbacks…but…well, if you need me just call. Oh and by the way, tomorrow we start level two of our program…" and with that said Buddy left.

"Oh boy…this…is not good…" Hugh said with a sigh.

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