As the energy beam from the laser sped towards them, Danny quickly put up a repelling shield. The blast bounced off it and headed back to, not the laser, but to Jarrod. He was engulfed in a bright red light and his screams could be heard. When the light disappeared, Jarrod could be seen again, but he looked different. His red hair had turned a pale grey and his skin a pale green. Where his legs were supposed to be, they was only a grey trail of ghostly matter. His own machine had backfired.

"No, It can't be. I'm a ghost!" Jarrod said, surprised. While Jarrod was still in shock, Danny had quietly slipped away from the group and phased into the ground. He reached up through the floor and grabbed the net that was lying behind Jarrod and phased it underground as well. "Well," Jarrod said, calming himself down. "Even though my plan back fired, I can still take my revenge on you!" He pointed to Mystery Inc. Shaggy and Scooby cowered behind Velma as the new, ghostly Jarrod floated over to them.

"Not so fast!" Danny yelled, coming out of the ground and threw the net over Jarrod. He then quickly grabbed the open end of the net and tied it into a knot. "Try sneaking your way out of that." Jarrod muttered something inaudible under his breath.

"Like, is it safe?" Shaggy asked.

"Yep." Fred replied. Shaggy same out from behind Velma.

"You guys should be safe now, but you should probably call the Fentons anyway. Just incase he gets loose again." Danny pointed to Jarrod. "Any of you have a cell phone?"

"Oh, I do!" Daphne started rummaging through her purse until she pulled out a purple cell phone. Danny gave her the number. She informed them about a ghost at the Amity Park in once someone had picked up. Daphne hung up. "They said they'll be right over, but why do you have their number in the first place?" She asked Danny. "Aren't they hunting you?"

"No, reason." Danny said nervously. Daphne shrugged. "Well, I've got you go now. Skulker's still on the loose." he flew up through the hole and left.


"Hey. What happened?" Sam asked when Danny returned. He turned himself human.

"We caught the villain and unmasked him." Danny said. "Listen, my parents are on their way here, so we'd better go before they arrive. I'll fill you in on the way to my house. The trio began to walk away. Danny explained to them all the events, starting from his battle with Skulker at the warehouse, up until now. They reached Danny's house as soon as he finished telling the story. "Well, I'll see you two later." He said and went inside. Sam and Tucker waved to him and went their separate ways.


The gang was at the Mystery Machine, packing their bags into the van. A familiar white-haired ghost appeared in front of them.

"So, you guys are leaving now." He said.

"Yeah, we've had enough adventure for one weekend." Fred replied

"You know, you never did solve the mystery."

"I guess some mysteries are never meant to be solved." Danny smiled.

"Well, if you're ever in the area, feel free to come by.

"Thanks, we will." Velma said as she got into the van with the others. Fred started the engine and drove out of the the parking lot. Shaggy looked out the back window and waved at Danny, who hovered in the same place, waving back. The van with a bump, throwing everyone and everything in the back around. Shaggy picked himself up and looked back out, only to see Danny, not Phantom, but Fenton, walking away. As the van drove out of the city limits, Shaggy secretly wondered is Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton were one and the same.

'Nah!' he told himself. 'Like, whoever heard of a human with ghost powers anyway?'