The scream was louder and more painful than those metal things from outside. The Autobots had to cover their receptors (A/N: that right?), but not even that seemed to block away from that retched scream. Optimus Prime fell to his knees, suddenly not able to stand in pain. Through pained eyes, he looked up to see Alexis run to the object that was once attached to her, the boys in tow. The scream came from it, he had to stop her.

"N-No . . ." he reached out for her, "Alexis don't! - - Agh! It could be dangerous!"

She reached the object and fell to her knees, the boys kneeling beside her. She reached in it and retrieved something small - - Optimus couldn't tell - - and began rocking back and forth. Suddenly the noise quieted, until it finally stopped. The Autobots recuperated from the sudden screech, and looked to the huddled humans whispering amongst themselves once again. He wobbly stood up and stocked toward them. As he neared them he heard a soft humming, a melody coming from Alexis. He never thought that Alexis had a good voice. Though there were no words, her voice was soft. Smooth. Calming. Something he never thought she had. He stopped as the muttering got louder, an argument, or a cross between that and confusion and nervousness, had risen. Suddenly, Carlos got up looking decided.

"It's ok, I got it covered. Be back so you take care of Alexis for me, 'kay, Rad?"

"Yeah, I got it."

Carlos nodded, and headed towards Shurshock and asked to take him to his room, needing to get something. The Minicon obliged, and Carlos was off. Meanwhile, the other Minicons neared the remaining humans, Rad, strangely, gathering Alexis in his arms and standing up with her in them. He didn't seem bothered by her weight, which surprised Optimus and the others.

The Minicons neared Alexis and what appeared to be a bundle in her arms. They suddenly backed up and spoke in their language in a stuttering and shocked way.

That got Optimus curious. "Rad?"

"Optimus," Rad called out, "Your not gonna believe this." He turned and faced them with Alexis in his arms . . .

. . . And an infant sleeping in hers. A naked, human child with a head full of white hair.

"W-WH-WHAT IN PRIMUS'S NAME?" he cried out.

"THAT'S what was in there?"

"But-but how?"

"Its flesh and blood!"

"How could THAT be in the core!"



"Ok, ok, you guys!" Alexis cried out as Rad sat against the wall with her on his lap, "One at a time! Your giving me a headache, something I DON'T need right now. And I don't think you want that either if you wake this baby up!"


"Yes, a baby, and I wanna know what's up with that." She looked up to Optimus expectantly.

"I have no idea why . . . THIS happened, but are you sure you didn't leave anything out that was important?" that startled them, "the three of you have been acting strangely ever since we saw you running from those things. AND when you were . . . treating Alexis."

"Oh, well, for that part," Rad answered, "that's easy. When we began to face danger with you guys, we thought ahead and learned how to treat wounds like Alexis here if that ever came to the point. We were trying to be prepared was all."

"And IS that all? What about with the child?"

Hot Shot finally spoke after the shock. "You act like the three of ya are its parents."



"It's a girl, Hot Shot."

"Oh . . . how can you tell?"

"Uh . . .

"We told ya everything we knew, Optimus," a voice called from the side. Carlos walked toward Rad and Alexis with an armful of his shirts and other accessories with him. "We had no idea what was in that thing. What we DO know is that . . . well lets just say were her . . . LEGAL guardians."


"Well it's a bit hard to explain," Alexis said, handing the child to Carlos, "When the thing opened up and revealed the crying baby, it triggered something in the three of us to respond. I think it was the wires that gave us that reason. The ones that stabbed us back in the cave."

Rad spoke up. "Y'know, that makes a lot of good sense about everything. Especially with us."

"I'll take that any day." Carlos said, laying the baby and appearing to rip his clothes.

"Carlos?" Smokescreen, now Hoist, asked, being nearest to him. "What are you doing?"

"Just a minute," he called out, the problem at hand already forgotten. Moments later, he held her up in arms length, wide-awake and alert, to show them his shirt over her like a night shirt. "Ta-da! What do you think?"

"You just put a shirt over her." Rad said.

"Yep. And I also fixed the diaper problem!" He held the baby in one arm and revealed under her a made-shift diaper by his torn shirts.

"How'd you know to do that?"

"Don't tell me you forgot that I have a huge family! AND a whole lot of baby cousins. We go on trips all the time and are never prepared when it came to diapers. So, we had to use our own clothing for it. No prob!"

"What about rashes?" Alexis noted. Carlos just smirked and brought out a lotion bottle.

"Lotion can be the perfect replacement sometimes. Remember that."

Rad laughed and shook his head. "Ok, ok. Stop showing off already and let's switch places, Carlos, before we die from all your pride and glory."

"Shut up." Carlos said with a glare and a grin. He gave the child back to Alexis, then Rad placed her in Carlos's arms and took his seat, Rad sitting beside the two and watched the baby in Alexis's arms.

Their strange behavior caught everyone's attention. They acted as if this were a natural thing, which scared all of them. Rad and Carlos were suddenly strong men, and neither of them before had shown them that they had any strength. Alexis was being dragged between the two like a damsel in distress. She doesn't seem to mind at all. And the way that the three acted around one another was like they have done it before, as if the child were really theirs. But there was something else.


"Yes?" he looked up to the commander.

"Why did you . . . do that?"

"Whaddaya mean?"

"I mean, you . . . switched places in carrying Alexis. Why?" though it wasn't quite what he wanted to ask, it was a start to get them to speak. They seemed to close the Autobots away from them.

"Oh. That." He returned gazing at the child, "Remember back outside where we were runnin' from that thing?"

"Y-Yes." The others listened intentionally.

"Carlos was carrying Alexis on his back. He's a lot stronger than I am. Sure I'm strong too, but he can last longer then I can. Plus he's faster even with the added weight."

"But what does that have to do with right now?"

"We're being prepared." Carlos said, looking up to him, "If there was ever a surprise attack here, we'd be ready to run."

That took Optimus a bit back. "But what about Rad?"

"I'd try and defend them with this." He brought up the pole he used before. Optimus hadn't even noticed that he had it with him for the whole time.

"But you won't be able to . . ."

"We wouldn't care." That took him back, "I guess you don't realize how stubborn and full willed we humans are, huh, Optimus?" he smirked up to him.

"Rad . . ." This caught him off guard. Rad had changed, somehow. All three of them had. But they were still themselves in a sense, slightly mature, though. Optimus glimpsed at the infant in Alexis's arms, the child watching him with big eyes. She suddenly reached up, her hands trying to reach him.

"Um . . ." he didn't really know what to say. He's never seen a baby human up close; let alone what to do with one.

"I think she likes you, Otimus," she said with a smile, "Do you want to see her up close?"

"But—I—I can?" he asked, for the first time, nervous.

"Of course you can! Aren't you curious what we look liked when we first started out?" she said with humor in her voice, secretly enjoying his behavior.

"If . . . its alright." He extended his hand to them. The others huddled up against him, wanting to see as well.

Alexis smiled. "Carlos?" she looked up to him expectantly. He got up, along with Rad, and walked towards the awaited platform and took his seat. Optimus carefully raised his hand to his level as everyone observes the child watching them all with those big eyes of hers.

"Wow," Sideswipe mused, "I've never seen one of these human baby's up close before. Can she talk?"

"Baby's at this age don't know how to talk. They have a voice, but they can't speak any words. They have to learn." Alexis explained.

"So their just born with absolutely no intelligence at all?" Jetfire retorted.

"No, their born with the remembrance of their mothers voice, though, most of the time their fathers and other people."

"Fascinating," Red Alert mused. The child looked to all the Autobots who asked questions, but she continued to stare at the commander of them all. Optimus slightly shrunk at her heavy gaze, but why should he? He was far superior to all here, but her gaze said otherwise. She looked like she was staring through him. She once again reached for him, and muttered something he couldn't truly put in words.

"She spoke!"

"Sorta, I guess," Alexis said, looking down at the child, "but she really does like you, Optimus. Maybe she has a crush on you!"


The kids laughed at him while the others stayed quiet, not really getting the joke. Optimus looked helpless. Alexis, noticing his look, ceased her laughing as did Rad. As for Carlos . . .

"Carlos, shut up." Alexis said in a deep and menacing tone that left him speechless (and frightened). She then looked down to the child and held her up at arms length slightly above her, smiling at the little white haired baby. "Is that it, eh, Akida? Do you like Optimus?"

"Akida?" the boys repeated.

"Yes. She needs a name doesn't she? And besides, she looks like an Akida." She gave her to Rad, who accepted her warily. The baby looked up to him with her big eyes, a thumb in her mouth.

Jet Fire snorted out of impatience. "How can you just look at a kid and immediately tell the name? It sounds silly to me."

"I agree." Blurr said.

"We're strange that way, I suppose." Alexis's soft words rang the room, startling everyone. He words held so much meaning. "Humans are the strangest race of all, holding the belief that there are such things as miracles, like this little bundle that we hold with us."

She indicated the baby in Rad's arms.

"Your right," Rad's voice broke the trance, "she is an Akida."

"Told ya."

"Yeah, Rad, I told ya she was an Akida!" Carlos said.

"I didn't exactly hear you agree."

"You just weren't paying attention to me was all." He shot back.

"Really," with that, everyone began laughing, the tension slipping, but what caught them all off . . .

. . .Was the small, soft laughter coming from the little girl, clapping her hands in joy.

Rad smiled and lifted her up from his arms, "you got quite a voice there, don't ya, eh? Here I thought you'd be as quiet as a mouse after that cry."

"Don't jinx it, Rad!" Carlos cried, "She's still a baby, meaning that she's gonna CRY for changing, feeding, and attention. Do you know what that means for the Autobots?"

"Oh . . ."

Optimus sighed, "So much for peace and quiet."

"We'll try our best to keep her quiet, Optimus. Be lucky the three of us are experts in babies and little kids." Alexis said.

"You are?"

"Yep! I've been babysitting my baby brother ever since he was born."

"I'm a favorite cousin, uncle, AND brother in my family!" Carlos said with pride. He turned to Rad and awaited his answer.

"Well, to tell you all the truth, I'm an only child," Rad said shyly, "But I had a babysitting job, if you don't remember. Why do you think I never asked for money all the time?" he looked to Carlos.

"Hey, I pay you back!"

"Name one time."

Carlos stayed quiet, and baby Akida continued to laugh and clap her hands without a care in the world.

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