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Lesley was walking the halls of the Valerious Palace. I was rarely entered now. Most of the towns business was done elsewhere. Lesley's father and mother had died long before. She was an orphan of 16. She, on cold night (which were most nights), would come to the palace to sleep. Tonight she was bored and not very tired, so she went exploring once again.

She entered a room with a large map of Romania painted on one of the walls. There was also an inscription in Latin. She could read Latin, a skill strange for a orphan to have but she had been taught by a family friend who was now also dead.

"In the name of god, open this door?" Lesley read. "What could that mean?" She repeated it.

All of a sudden the map became a mirror.

"OH MY GOSH" Lesley said "This is the mirror to Castle Dracula. So it's true. Everything. Anna and Van Helsing….Even Dracula. "

Any child born in Transylvania knew of the stories of Dracula and how Van Helsing and Anna killed him. Also how Anna died because of Van Helsing and the curse of the Werewolf.

Lesley was excited. She grabbed the torch she had just put in the wall hanger and headed for the mirror. She passed through and came out the other side. She gasped, as through the snow she could see a castle.

Lesley was curious to see the castle, so she headed up to the heavy doors and opened them. She was surprised to see the torches burning. She stepped inside and shut the doors. Then turned and began exploring the grand entrance hall.


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