"What have I done?" gasped Lesley as she slid flat against her headboard.

"We sleep together…again" Dracula said.

"You…you tricked me!"

"You tricked me"

"You knew what you were doing" Lesley yelled. "You knew it was me"

"Yes" Dracula confessed. "But I knew that if I tried to take you back by force or by stealing Allegra it wouldn't go over well. So I did the only thing I could think of…I became someone else. I acted as I always have but because I was someone else you loved me."

"No…No, I did not"

"You sleep with someone you didn't love?" Dracula asked. "You leave me before and you love me now."


"Lesley, what is the point of hiding from this?"

"I do not like you"

"Lesley…I will ask you one last time to come of your own free will" Dracula said. "I love you. I have searched far and wide for you because I couldn't let you go. What can this world offer to compare with my love and the gift of immortality?"

"What if I don't want immortality?"

"Why don't you want immortality?"

"Who really wants to be bound to this world forever?"

Dracula stopped to ponder this. "I'm sorry for turning you against your will, Lesley but I cannot live alone anymore. I miss Nadia…That is why I turned my brides. So that maybe one of them could bring the love I needed."

"Why didn't you just…die and go to Nadia?"

"Nadia is in heaven and I am not going to heaven"

"Then what can I do for you?" Lesley asked.

Dracula reached out and took her hand. "You are the only girl who has ever shown love for me other than Nadia."

"You are sure I love you aren't you?"

"Don't you?" Dracula's blue eyes sparkled with anticipation.

"I don't know?" Lesley whispered. "I did then I didn't…now I don't know. I want to love but everything you've done over all those years."

"Forgiveness can take your pain"

"I can't forgive"

"You can…if you want to…" Dracula got up and dressed. "You have till Allegra wakes up to decide."

"If I decide no?"

"I don't know" Dracula said, sitting down in chair as Lesley got up and dressed.


Allegra crawled out of bed and ran down the hall. She pounded on her mom's door and opened it. Lesley was sitting on the bed and Dracula sat in a chair. Allegra looked between them. "Where is my mom?"

"I'm your mom" Lesley said, crawling over the bed and knelt in front of her.

Allegra gave her a funny look. "My mommy is blonde"

"Honey, I have to tell you something." Lesley told her of everything. All that had happened and why things looked the way they did.

"Why did you not tell me the truth?" asked Allegra, now sitting beside her mother on the bed.

"Because I feared…" She looked at Dracula and back to her daughter. "He would find us."

Allegra looked over at him. "But he did find us"

"I know" Lesley whispered. "Now you have a choice to make" She swallowed. "Me, your mother, or him, your father" Allegra and Dracula looked at her in shock.

"Lesley, you can't make the child choose between her parents" Dracula growled.

"I just did" Lesley snapped, but even as she said it she began to cry.

"Allegra, darling" Dracula said. "Please go to your room and play quietly while your mother and I have a conversation." Allegra nodded and left the room; closing the door quietly behind her. Dracula rose and slammed Lesley into the wall. "That was a stupid, stupid move"

"I won't go back" Lesley yelled at him.

"I won't let you make that little girl choose between the father she's never known or the mother who she has" Dracula yelled back.

"Why?!" Lesley shoved him and stormed across the room. "Because you know she'll choose me over you?"

"No" Dracula said, "Because it is cruel of you to expect a 7 year old girl to choose between her parents."

"Oh yes, and you'd know all about cruel" Lesley shot back with venom.

"I tried!" he screamed. "I always tried! I loved you and you shoved me away. You got so close and then this!" He slammed his fist into the wall. "You'd run and yell about how I was cold hearted! You are as cold hearted as I ever was."

Lesley fell back at this accusation. "I-I am not"

"You played nice and let me believe you loved me" Dracula whispered, leaning his head and hands against the wall. "You made love to me and then while I slept you ran away."

Lesley stumbled and sat down on the bed. "I-I…that was different"

He whirled around. "Different?!?!" He started towards her. "You used my love for you against me." He stopped as he was level with her. "You are as cold heart and cruel and vicious as I ever was."

"I didn't mean to" she sobbed into her skirt. "I just wanted to get away. I did love you! I do love you." She looked up, tears streaming down her face. "I just couldn't take being locked away for eternity. I wanted to travel the world, to have a family! I didn't mean to hurt you. I truly thought you didn't really care; that I wasn't anything to you"

Dracula dropped to his knees and ran a hand down her cheek; wiping the tears. "No, you mean the world to me."

"Please forgive me" Lesley sobbed. "I am as cold hearted as you"

"But I love and if you love me, we can raise Allegra together" Dracula gripped her hands in his. "We can travel the world…we have the potion. Daylight means nothing to us. We can do all you dream. Just let me be part of it." He pulled her to her feet. "Will you?"

Lesley nodded. "Yes, I love you" Dracula picked her up and swung her around. As he sat her back on her feet he kissed her.

"Shall we tell Allegra she doesn't have to choose?" Dracula asked. Lesley nodded.

Allegra burst into the room. "Ma'ma!" She hugged her mother who knelt to her. Allegra turned to her father. "Daddy!" She hugged him around the middle.

Dracula picked her up and swung her around, squeezing her tight. "I love you" he whispered.

"I love you too" she whispered. When he set her down, Allegra looked between them. "So are you going to get married?"

"I suppose" Dracula said, pulling Lesley close and kissing her. Allegra burrowed between and they hugged her too.

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