Lu was shocked again for the second time that day. Dana had lost her baby! She knew how much Dana had wanted a baby. Now she understood why Dana was crying so much.

"Dana" Lu said " I'm really sorry! If you still really want a baby maybe you could adopt? There might be a baby out there that needs you as much as you need him or her! You're a doctor think of the help you could give a child."

Dana looked up she hadn't really thought about adoption but now that she started to think about it. It was a really good idea, and it wasn't as if she was poor, she could give the baby everything it would need and then some.

Dana smiled, "Thanks Lu that was a brilliant idea and I think I know a baby that really needs me!

Lu looked confused for a second before she figured it out. "The HIV baby upstairs?" Lu asked

"Yep who better to adopt an HIV baby, then a doctor ? I mean think about it, I already know how much work it going to take for her to have a good life plus the medication. She will have a good education even with her condition." Dana said

Lu knew Dana had made up her mind as soon as she started talking about schooling. This baby was going to have the proper love and care she would need to stay healthy and Lu vowed right then to help as much as possible