This takes place in the movie universe but the only thing it has in common with the movie is the characters. I have changed everything else.
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Alive and safe.

"Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light"
Milton, Paradise lost.

Hell: Day 1

The man in the other cell had been unconscious for a long time. He just lay there, in the shadows, like a pile of old rags, not moving, hardly breathing and Scott began to wonder if he was breathing at all or if it was a dead body he saw in front of him.

Once again he tried to call out for Jean and Professor Xavier, Hell for any telepat out there. But he got no response and he wasn't surprised, not really. He and his wife had a special connection, a mental bond that never faded, but he didn't fell it now, that mend, that there was some sort of shielding preventing them from hearing him.

He carefully touched the visor on his head; they had told him that there was a bomb attached to it that would explode if he tried to remove it.

He believed them. They had showed him what kind of men they where.

The body in the other cell moved, scaring the hell out of Scott. So the man wasn't dead after all, He took a large breath that sounded like he had fluid in his lungs and started coughing up blood. The sound made Scott touch his own broken rips. It was pure luck that they hadn't punctured a lung.

The man sounded horrible and not for the first time Scott wondered, why they had brought him here. He had been on a mission to find a young mutant girl, when the military guys ambushed him. When he woke, his own visor was replaced with this new one and when the beatings started, they where careful not to kick or hit him in the head.

He dragged himself closer to the bars of his cell to get a closer look at the man in the other cell. The guy was covered in wounds and scars in different stages of healing. There were traces of dried blood coming from his ears, his eyes and his nose. The sight made Scott want to through up.

Whatever this place was it couldn't be good. He had never been so scared in all of his life.

" If you're into S/M you've come to the right place"

The voice made Scott flinch, which hurt his broken body. He realised it was the man in the other cell that had spoken and he gave him a confused look.

" You're leather suit"

Scott realised that the man mend his leather uniform and he wanted to explain to the man, that he was a member of X-Men, one of the good guys, by some refereed to as a hero. But all he could do was stare at the shell of a man in front of him and even though he had the sentence in his head his mouth would not form it.

The man looked at him and seemed to understand how he felt, because he told him to rest. They could talk later. And so Scott rested.

He awoke in darkness and for one happy moment he didn't know where he was. Then he remembered and with a moan he got up.

The man in the other cell watched him until Scott broke the silence.

"Do you know where we are?"

" Some kind of military complex. They got me outside Laughlin City 2 weeks ago and I woke up here."

" What do they want with us?"

" The fucking "Doctors" call it research of the mutant genes. I call it seeing how much torture they can inflict before you die"

" Experimenting with mutants. Its been seen before"

"Yeah" the man almost growled.

"My name is Scott Summers"


"What's your gift?"

"My Gift?"

"Your power"

" I have very strong senses, I have a healingfactor and then there is these" With a *snikt* three claws appeared from LoganĀ“s knuckles.

Scott stared at them, they were coated in some kind of metal he pointed at them and asked:

"Did they do that to you?"

" I woke up 15 years ago in the snow. I can't remember much before that, other then my name. I have dreams of people operating on me. But that's about all I know. "

" God!"

"Not God. Doctors."

For the first time Scott noticed that some of the scars and wounds on Logans body was faded. Only the dried traces of blood revealed where they had been.


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