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Eight Months Later.

Scott watched Logan as he sat on the porch. In his arms he had his daughter, Isabel, who was now two months old. It was a cold night so he had wrapped her in a pink baby blanket, and because he sat down, it covered most of him, too.

" Mr. Pretty-in-pink."

"Hey, Scotty."

Scott sat down next to him, pulled the blanket back a bit and looked at the tiny face. The baby was dreaming and her small lips were making motions as if she was nursing. It had fascinated Scott that she dreamt. It is such a cliche when you see a new baby and marvel over the tiny fingers and toes, but it is a miracle to see this little person in miniature and know we were all once that innocent. Jean was now six months pregnant and she and Scott looked at Isabel as an example of what they had in store. They tried very hard not to be annoying, but they knew they were.

For a while, they both just sat there in the dark and watched her.

"You know, Scott, when I sit here with my child in my arms and my wife inside... Its hard to believe I am the same man who spent fifteen years alone moving from place to place--never planning ahead." Logan said.

"We have all changed. Sometimes I wonder what kind of man I would be today if those bastards hadn't caught me. I wonder if that man would be someone I would like."Scott said.

"If the old me had met the old you under different circumstances I would have probably managed to piss you off somehow. I would have hit on Jeannie or stolen your bike or something." Logan half smiled.

Scott laughed at the thought. "And I would have done something stupid like telling you to stay away from my girl!"

They both laughed and talked until the little girl woke up and Logan's sensitive sense of smell told him someone needed to have their diaper changed.

The End.

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