"Little one...oh, little one...do not lament..."

Tears rolled down her pale cheeks as she felt pain tear through her heart. All the beautiful feilds of green...all the beautiful flowers...all were fading away. The Planet's connection was fading. Aeris was being ripped from her Mother's hold, torn away from Eternal Peace. And she didn't even know why...

"I...can't go..." she whispered, then screaming as a rift of darkness opened in the ground beneath her, drawing her in. Aeris clung to the side of the fissure, eyes closed as she sobbed.

"Save them, Aeris. Save the Children. Save Me."

The Planet's ethreal voice took the pain away, calmed her spirit. Aeris' hold began to loosen. This...this was for a reason...? Her Cetra-like serenity took over, washing away her previous fears. Something was stealing her from her Rest, snatching her from the Planet's Lifestream...but she would do this, to help the land she always loved.

"...Goodbye, Mother," she whispered to the lush green grass, and one solitary, red rose that began to fade. Aeris let go, and fell into the abyss.

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Ab aeterno...ad astra...ad vitam, ad vitam, alea iacta est..."

The three men stood around the glowing circle, watching the floor as it spun like a black whirlpool. The two elders listened as their younger brother chanted the spell, his silver hair whipping about him in the unnatural winds that formed in the dark, dank room.

"Do you think he's going to do it?" the eldest asked quietly, looking nervously at the vortex as it bubbled, faster and faster.

Yazoo's cold eyes flicked to him. "Do not doubt Kadaj, brother. His powers are beyond our understanding."

Lowering his head, Loz watched as the vortex spun and spun, suddenly bursting straight up into a collum of black as Kadaj raised his arms to the sky, green eyes gleaming in triumph.

"Ex Terra, ex Terra! EXCELSOR!"

An explosion rocked the room, all falling to their knees as the circle surrounding the vortex broke, sending off a flash of bright light. After several seconds, the light diminished into darkness, and there was a dead silence inside the underground lair. Kadaj lowered his hands from his face, looking upwards towards where the pillar of black had stood.

"Oh, gloria," Loz whispered, eyes widened.

Rising to his feet, a smirk crossed Kadaj's lips. He took slow, sauntering steps around his victim, the cat-like pupils of his eyes widening with a mix of amusement and curiosity. The girl didn't move, didn't blink, and hardly breathed. Was this really the Cetra that their "father" had killed?

"Awaken, Ancient One, and speak!" Kadaj commanded suddenly, irritated by her silence.

Aeris slowly turned her eyes to his, and a feral growl escaped her throat. "Fuck you."

With that, she collapsed onto the floor, unconciousness a welcome relief to her new hell.

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