have heard news that Fanfiction is changing the rules and songfics are no longer allowed. So I changed this one. all of the itallics which used to be Kelly Clarkson's "Hear Me" (which is totally beautiful) are original lyrics. However, I an not a poet. I'm an authoress. I tried to keep my lyrics to a minimum, knowing the issue with rhyming I have. Tell me what you think please!

disclaimer: I don't own teentitans, or kelly clarkson, or Hear me. I do however own kelly clarkson's cd, breakaway and you should too. IT ROX!


Hear me

I should not feel this way. It is not right; it is not fair. I have many friends, Raven and Beastboy and Cyborg. They are all so dear to me, but... I feel as if my heart is being ripped in two. Never have I felt so alone and unwanted. I want to share his pain. And no matter how selfish it may sound, I need for him to share my own.

Hear me

I know that he is busy and he does not want to be bothered by someone such as me. I know that he does this to keep us safe, to keep me safe. I know that his is only down the hall and can hear me if I scream. But I still miss him. What if I cannot scream? I move about the tower and smile as I often do and he smiles back. What of the old Robin? The one who used to come running when I screamed. Why can he not hear me now? When my screams are silent, yet so much more desperate.

Please hear my plea.

This agony, this unbearable agony. I wish I could know, did I do something to cause this? Have I somehow pushed him away? He once said that he would never leave me. Then why is he leaving me now? I can feel, or rather can no longer feel, the way he is no longer connected with me. I cannot take the pain much longer. The uncertainty of it all is killing me slowly. My Robin, how long must I wait for you? How long until you listen and hear?

Do you remember what I used to be?

My friends, the others, they look on curiously as my shoulders start to slump and my eyes begin to dull. "What is wrong with Starfire?" they think. They believe my cheer to be permanent. "Just some Tamaranian thing." Oh my friends, how wrong you are. I cannot remain happy. I cannot carry them all. I need help. I call for help, but he cannot hear.

Know I'm hurting and return to me

Sometimes I wonder. Can he hear me? Perhaps... perhaps he won't hear me. But I need him to hear my pleas. His friendship is so very dear to me, as are that of all of my friends. But he has a special way of coming to my aid. He makes the world quiet again. When the roar of it all gets so unbearable, he is there, restoring the peace and calm. But I fear that it is much too loud. For he cannot hear me and I fear he never will.

Please don't forget. Please hear me.


I look up in astonishment. He is here, looking at me with concern in his blue eyes. Only in the security of my room or his will he remove his mask. When he wishes to speak to me. With him so close, emotionally and physically, the pain almost comes to a physical form. I call for him. I want him to see. I want him to see my pain. I want him to hear my screams. I want him to hear me.

Quickly, he surges forward, capturing my lips with his own. The roar of it all, the weight on my shoulders, it all is gone. He quiets it, silencing each of the voices until it is only he and I. Together.

Don't disappoint and don't hesitate

"H-how did you know?" I ask breathlessly. He is holding me tightly, kissing me lightly.

"I-I heard you."

To be what I know you're meant to be.