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1: Love Meetings

Tohaka High School for girls was not particularly exclusive. It did not house the most brilliant girls of Tokyo or the most beautiful. The exterior appearance was not lavish and it looked quite mundane in comparison to its neighboring buildings. Ivy hugged the edges of the tattered building and crawled across it like twine. The gate was old and squeaked like nails across a chalkboard if it was forced to close or open. The entry way into the school was rather boring and lacked proper landscaping unlike most schools.

The girls who went to school there weren't bothered by the school's appearance but by the school's reputation. It was known as the second-rate school for second-rate girls. The rumors were shameless and most girls were forced to leave the school after attending for only one semester. The embarrassment was just too unbearable. In almost all cases, the school was a last resort; punishment for failing to study for entrance exams. But there was also another reason why some girls chose to go to this school despite its tarnished reputation. The school offered something more than academia because its location was perfect for sight-seeing.

Ijumari Academy was an exclusive all male high school which was conveniently located directly across of Tohaka High School. Unlike Tohaka High, Ijimaru Academy only allowed the most promising young men to enter into their privileged academy. The young men entering not only had to be brilliant and wealthy but utterly handsome. Some of the students were already professional male models and it would be no surprise if some of them had actually discovered the cure for cancer because they were beyond brilliant and beautiful.

The girls at Tohaka High School could only hope that one of them might look their way. But for the most brilliant young men, only the most equally beautiful and brilliant young women would make the cut. Most girls ran around the school like love sick puppies, dreaming of their specific Ijimaru boy. No matter how you looked at it, it was just a pathetic attempt to nab a boyfriend.

Kagome Higashiri was no different. No one but her best friend Sango knew the only reason she attended Tohaka High School. She had convinced everyone otherwise that she was forced to enroll at Tohaka because her grades were shameful and her entrance exam scores were at the bottom of her class. But in actuality, she was quite smart and had gotten into one of the top schools in the nation. But she had given up her promising future for the man of her dreams.

She had fallen in love with him from the moment she set her big brown eyes on him. She first saw him when she was in junior high.

Flashback to 3 years ago:

Kagome had been late for school that day and was forced to take a later bus. She was in near tears because she had an exam that morning which she had studied all night for and then overslept that morning. She had buried her face in her hands, hoping to stop the tears from streaking down her face. Kagome had always prided herself on her perfect academic record. She spent every waking hour studying. If it were not for Sango, she would not have any friends.

She worried about what the teacher would say and whether she would be able to take a make-up exam. She hoped that her flawless academic record would show that it was out of her nature to miss an exam. She was the model student.

It was at that moment that she felt someone nudge her on her shoulder but she did not bother to look up. She wasn't in the mood to accept pity from some stranger. She asked him to go away, her hands still covering her face. He nudged her again and this time she was forced to look up from impatience. The nerve of the guy, she thought.

"Excuse me, I said…" but Kagome would barely finish her sentence. Her mind was too transfixed by the beauty staring down at her. She never felt her heart beat so fast in all her life. She could not believe she was staring in the face of perfect beauty.

Her mouth was still open from mid-sentence. She tried to close it, she tried to move but it seemed as though she was paralyzed from shock. She had forgotten all about the test, the fact that she had not showered that morning, and that her eyes were blood red from crying. Her mind was clouded by the vision before her.

"Miss?" he asked. His voice was heavenly. Kagome swore she saw wings extend from his back. Big beautiful white wings. But of course she was hallucinating. He was intoxicating and she was getting hooked fast.

"Miss?" he repeated. Kagome nodded and shook herself from the daydream taking place in her mind.

"Y-yes?" she could hardly utter a word.

He lifted his hands and Kagome looked down at his perfectly sculpted fingers. Yes they are mighty lovely, may I touch them, she thought.

"Do you need a handkerchief?"

Kagome looked down at his hands again and realized he was offering her his handkerchief. She tried not to giggle from joy. The most beautiful boy in the world was offering his handkerchief to her. She gladly took it from within his fine fingers and deliberately brushed against them. She was astonished to feel how soft they were. Softer than her own.

He looked down at her, still holding the rail for support and smiled. Kagome thought she would have fainted right then and there and it had taken all of her energy not to just jump him and declare her love for him.

"Are you alright?" he asked. Kagome could hardly nod from her paralysis. She had never liked a boy this much before. She wished the moment would never end.

"I don't normally use the bus. Do you?" he asked.

For the first time, Kagome smiled and nodded, "Yes I do." She stared at him and wondered what school he went to. His uniform was very nice. She guessed he went to an exclusive academy. She had so many questions to ask him like his name for starters.

But before she could open her mouth to speak, the bus came to a halt and he gathered his things to leave. He looked back and waved at her before exiting out of the double doors. Kagome watched him leave, half in shock and half in despair. She was afraid she would never see him again.

She assumed that he was probably wealthy but he seemed so different. He was so kind to her. He had offered her his handkerchief. Oh no! His handkerchief! Kagome looked down at the expensive piece of fabric in her hands and pressed her fingers into the fine cloth. It was so soft. She had completely forgotten about it. She brought it to her face and brushed it against her cheek. It seemed sweet like him.

For the rest of the day she continued to admire it. She discovered it had been monogrammed. The initials H.I. were delicately embroidered on the edge of the handkerchief in bright yellow. Her thoughts were fixed solely on him that she could hardly concentrate on the lectures. Just that morning she had been crying over an exam but that afternoon the exam hardly mattered to her in the least. She was given the chance to make it up that afternoon but because her thoughts were completely filled with visions of her mystery boy dancing in her head, she could hardly concentrate. Luckily, she had passed but just barely. Her sensei had asked her if there was anything troubling her. She had said that it was just the opposite. She felt so good.

Grades for the meantime were the least of her worries, she needed to find her mystery man and give him back his handkerchief. It was least she could do, after all. Of course, she dragged Sango with her.

"How are we going to give him back the handkerchief if you don't even know his name?" Sango asked, munching on some fries after school. Kagome talked about nothing but her dream man all day. Every little thing seemed to remind her of him. But it was a good change from her always talking about grades and school.

"I don't know yet but I'm going to find a way. He wore some fantasy uniform so doesn't that narrow it down?"

"Sorry to break it to you Kagome but there are a million schools in Tokyo. I don't think that's going to do us any good."

"Well it was blue and there were buttons on the top."

Sango let go of her fries and sighed, "Kagome are you kidding. That sounds like every uniform I've ever seen. My brother wears something like that."

"Really?" Kagome asked.

"No way, I am not going to my brother's junior high school. Besides Kagome, how do you know Mr. Perfect isn't in high school?"

Kagome frowned, "So what if he is? No one said I couldn't get married to an older man."

"Now you're going to get married to him?"

Kagome sighed, "Let's just focus on getting him the handkerchief."

"Fine, fine…"


Ijumari Academy, Present Day

Kohaku tiptoed through the hall, being careful not to disturb the classes. He had already gotten detention last week and another detention on his already tarnished record would be suicide. He had always been a little smarter than his fellow classmates and his mother had always prided herself on the academic excellence of her youngest child and only son. Since his sister was a disappointment, the future of his family's welfare rested on his fifteen year old shoulders. It was a burden too heavy to bear.

He attended the most prominent all-male academy in Tokyo. Although he felt fortunate to have gotten high enough marks to be accepted in such an outstanding high school, he was also deeply depressed. He did not have many friends because he came from such a different background than his fellow classmates. They did not tease him or bully him but their indifference was cruel. He felt like a moving shadow. Kohaku realized that if it weren't for his brilliance, he would have nothing to live for. Luckily, Kohaku blended well with his school-mates unnatural handsomeness. He was a good-looking boy, slightly tall for his age, and had the cutest freckles across his baby-boy face.

He was normally a very good student but love began to make him do things he would have never normally done. He met Rin a month ago at the library. He had been looking for a book on Katsushika Hokusai for his Literature class. She had approached him first considering he had always been a little shy around girls. She was incredibly beautiful in a cute kind of way. He noticed how the apples of her cheeks were slightly pink like a porcelain doll.

"Do you go to Ijumari Academy? I can tell by your uniform," she approached him ever so slowly as he continued to stare at her, clutching a dusty book against his chest. He felt his palms sweating from anticipation and nervousness. He desperately tried to keep his composure. Boys from Ijumari Academy did not get flustered when a girl approached them. They were supposed to be calm, cool, and always collective. If only his heart would relax.

"Yes I do."

She just nodded and continued to stare at him. He felt his face reddened. He was not really sure what to say or how to act. He could not believe that she was making him behave so idiotically. He tried to shift his focus to the books and pretended he was looking for something—anything that would hide his embarrassment.

"What are you looking for?" she asked. Kohaku wanted her to leave but at the same time liked her company. It felt good to be talking to another human being outside his family. He noticed that not having to look at her made the encounter more comfortable. He guessed it was her eyes that made him so uneasy. They were so beautiful.

"I'm doing a paper on a poet for class."

"I've always wondered what type of homework you smarties had to do in that exclusive academy of yours," she said giggling.


"Yeah, aren't you all suppose to be really smart and rich and…handsome?" she paused slightly before adding the last word. Kohaku felt himself blush again. Was it getting hot in here?"

"No, not necessarily. I'm not all that rich…or…bright…or-or handsome," Kohaku was having trouble saying the sentence. The situation, he concluded, was getting much too uncomfortable for him. As much as he really wanted to continue talking with the pretty girl, he needed to go before his face was red enough to eat.

Kohaku fumbled through a couple books and finally turned to leave, "I guess I'll be seeing you."

"Wait!" she called out. Kohaku turned to the librarian who was signaling them to keep it down. He bowed and turned to the girl.


"What's your name?"

"Atama Kohaku."

"Kohaku, my name is Shimo Rin."

Kohaku had wanted to leave but looking at her again, he could not help but smile. She asked him if he wanted to get something to eat and he agreed. He had just eaten but he wasn't going for the food.


Kagome peered out of their classroom's second story window and stared at the school across the street with its immaculate building and carefully manicured lawn. She had wanted to go in so many times but outside students were never allowed to set foot on the school grounds. Considering she was a girl, she guessed it would be fairly obvious she did not attend the school. But if only she could see him just once again, it would be all worth it. But she knew she could not afford to sacrifice another Saturday for detention. Her parents were worried enough about her grades as it was. They had already enrolled her in an intense cram school to ensure she enter into a respectable university. They were already so embarrassed she had chosen to attend Tohaka High School when she had been accepted to more prestigious high schools.

But she promised them she would do well and get into a top university. Trusting her all too much, they consented. However, the moment she attended the school, her brain was once again clouded by visions of Hojo. Awww, Hojo.

Kagome dug into her skirt pocket and retrieved the handkerchief he had given her three years ago. Sango and she had tried to return it to him but he had insisted she keep it. She remembered riding the bus to Kohaku's junior high the afternoon she met him on the bus with Sango. She prayed with all her heart she might meet him again. But the chances were so slim. She had to agree, many schools had that same uniform. She could not remember anything distinctive about his uniform. But, in all honesty, she was too captivated by his face to recall anything else.

3 Years Ago:

Sango continued to complain all throughout the bus ride that they were just in for a wild goose chase.

"Kagome, I cannot believe I actually agreed to go with you."

"Sango, I just need five minutes. Just let me look around a little and we can leave. I promise."

"Okay, okay."

"Thank you for coming with me. I don't think I could have gone alone."

Sango smiled and gave her old friend a hug, "I'm sorry. You know I'm there for you. You're just so pathetic when you're in love." Kagome punched her friend lightly on the side and they laughed.

The bus made a stop and Sango looked around, "Oh, we're here." They exited the bus and crossed the street to enter into the school grounds. Kagome was surprised at how massive the school was. It was only a junior high.

"Your brother goes here?" she asked, looking around in a daze.

"Yeah, he's some smart-ass genius so he gets a full scholarship."

Kagome knew that Kohaku was pretty smart but not a genius who went to a fancy high class school.

"Okay stop gawking. We're here to find your dream boy."

Kagome nodded and she took Sango's arm before entering. "I wasn't expecting it to be so big. Maybe I won't be able to find him," she said in despair.

"Maybe he doesn't go here…" Sango said under her breath. Kagome made a face and continued to walk through the gates, hastily looking around for anyone who looked like her mystery man.

"Since I have no idea what he looks like, you're on your own."

"Trust me. He's so absolutely beautiful; you would have no trouble finding him."

"Yeah, yeah," she stopped suddenly and Kagome looked around to see what had caught her eye, "There are a bunch of girls crowding around that area."


"Hello! Where there are a group of girls, in the center are always a group of incredibly beautiful guys."

Kagome smiled and dragged Sango over to where all the girls were. Sure enough they were crowding around a group of boys. Kagome could not quite make out who the boys that were captivating the attention of half the female student body were. But Kagome was very interested. She turned her attention to the other students in the school, hoping that she might catch a glimpse of her mystery man. But there didn't seem to be a single boy who possessed those same beautiful brown eyes.

She noticed that the boys lingering nearby looked a little disappointed that they were not receiving the same attention that was given to the lucky boys in the center of the ring of lovelorn junior high girls.

Kagome was positive he had to be the one in the center of attention. He was just too handsome. He was just too perfect. Suddenly she felt a little jealous and wondered how a boy as perfect as he was could still be available. He must receive a dozen confessions of love a day. She would just be another face in the crowd. A big nobody. But she was certain they were meant for each other. They just had to be, she screamed to herself. It was not fair that she had to like him so much for him only to reject her. But what would she say? Would he even remember her?

Sango tugged on her hand and Kagome was shaken from her pacing sub-conscience. Sango looked a little concerned. She seemed to read her mind so perfectly.

"If you don't want to do this, I am perfectly fine with turning around and--"

Kagome cut her off instantly, "No way! I have to see if he's here. Now let's go and get this over with."

Kagome pulled on her friend's hand and pulled her into the crowd of eager females. She pushed through the crowd, her heart pounding, anticipating for the best, but ready for the worse. She told herself that if he was not here, she would have to place Mr. Perfect back on the shelf, where she stored the rest of her disappointments and empty promises.

Excuse me. Pardon me.

Kagome felt as though she was trudging through the thicket of a jungle. She was positive that at the end of this forest of women had to be the most beautiful men of all of Tokyo. It was kind of pathetic but really she was no place to talk about what was and what was not pathetic.

Finally, she was able to hear a voice which belonged to a guy. It was rough and arrogant. No way it could be the same boy she met at the bus. His voice was pleasant, endearing, and kind. There was a second voice and Kagome felt her heart beating faster, hoping it was the voice she had heard that morning. But no. This voice was much too cool, smooth, and suave. It sounded pleasant but not particularly endearing. Kagome could feel herself getting closer to the end.

Then at long last, she saw the light beyond the sea of excited girls. She was sure not to lose Sango in the crowd. She was not sure whether she would be able to see her again. But when she looked around, she realized that Sango was no longer behind her. Kagome was clinging onto the hand of a girl who looked very scared that Kagome was holding onto her hand so tightly. Kagome let go of her hand and was ready to turn around when she was abruptly pushed toward. Then suddenly she was no longer in the crowd of girls but within the heart of the attention. Shocked and a little disoriented, she stared at the crowd who had shifted their immediate attention to her. Kagome smiled and was ready to enter into the crowd again when she felt a strong hand grab onto her left shoulder and twirl her around.

Kagome turned and looked straight into a pair of dark raven colored eyes. They were mysterious but sexy. Kagome had to do a double take before finally straying her eyes away. He still had his hand on her shoulder and his grip was strong. Kagome loosened away and touched the place where his hand had been. She was sure she would wake up the next morning with a giant bruise.

The boy with mysterious eyes scanned her up and down before nodding his head and smirking. Kagome was taken aback by his unperturbed arrogance. She felt ready to punch the guy in the face. He had magnificent chiseled features and his hair was an alluring black which matched perfectly with his dark black eyes. He wore the school uniform comfortably: his tie was loosened and his shirt was casually untucked and hanging loosely over his structured physique. But Kagome hardly noticed how handsome he was. She was preoccupied by his pompous attitude.

"You don't go here," he said, tugging at her skirt. Kagome's eyes widened and she slapped his hand away.

The crowd murmured and whispered. No one had ever dared slap the hand of the most beautiful and powerful guy in school. Actually, no one dared touch such a remarkable human specimen. Kagome looked around and turned slightly red.

"Sorry, I have to be going," she mumbled while trying to dig herself back into the crowd of jeering junior high girls.

"I didn't say you could go," he said sternly. Kagome felt her temper reach boiling point but she was not about to let some egotistical guy break her down and make a fool of herself in front of total strangers. She had better sense than that. She clutched her fist and forced an awkward smile.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"I said I didn't say you could go. No one can leave until I tell them they can leave."

Kagome could hardly keep her fist from punching him across his arrogant face. Without his looks, he really wouldn't have anything going for him.

"I want to know why you came here"

"To see someone."


"That really isn't any of your business," Kagome said, her mouth hurting slightly from her forced smile.

"It isn't?" he asked condescendingly.

Kagome sighed and tried to escape his presence from pushing herself through into the crowd. But being the humble servants they were, his follower of girls blocked her from entering and enclosed the circle tighter. What was this? A cult?

"Come on Inuyasha, just let the poor girl go," said the second voice whom Kagome had not noticed was there. She turned around and saw an equally handsome boy with long dark brown hair which was tied at the back in a slick ponytail. He looked a little nicer than this Inuyasha fellow.

Kagome wondered if he would be kind enough to help her get away from the boy that was terrorizing her.

He walked over to her and bent low to look into her face. He wore dark shades which covered his eyes completely but Kagome was quite aware that he was staring at her. She blushed from the thought and was surprised to feel his hand on her chin. He lifted her chin up and smiled.

"Or you could give her to me," he said coyly. Kagome stepped back, away from his touch and was ready to scream.

"Miroku you could have me!" shouted a girl somewhere within the circle.

"Or me!" shouted another one. Obviously he was quite popular.

"Ladies, ladies! Calm down. There is enough of me to go around. Everyone will have their fair share of Miroku," he smiled and a hoard of girls flauked towards him like they were being pulled by a magnet. The boy seemed to like their attention and welcomed them all with open arms.

Kagome took this as the perfect opportunity to sneak back into the crowd unnoticed. And where was Sango when you needed her? Kagome had managed to bury half her body into the crowd when she was unfortunately pulled back into the circle again. Kagome looked up and saw Inuyasha.

"What do you want with me?" she pleaded. No one seemed to be watching them anymore because Miroku had pulled all the attention towards himself.

"I just want to know who you are here to see."

Kagome thought that if her hand happened to slip and punch his face, maybe everyone would have thought it was just an accident. But she was positive the mob of admirers would trample over her body. She sighed and felt like giving up when she saw a glimmer of something she recognized. It was the same undeniable porcelain face. The same light brown hair that just gently grazed his forehead. The same unmistakable smile.

Before he could say anything more, she heard herself mumble, half in daydream, "Him." Inuyasha turned around and frowned.

"You mean Hojo?" he asked. "You know Hojo?"

"Not really," Kagome mumbled, her eyes following his every move as he steadily approached them. Kagome felt her heart quicken its pace. Hojo, so that was his name.

Hojo made his way past the crowd of remaining girls, who had somehow regained energy to burst out into another fit of screams. He was more handsome than she had remembered. Was it possible to grow even more handsome after a day? She could hardly believe she was staring again at the man of her dreams. She knew it then. It was too impossible for her to find him again in a city as big as Tokyo. She was positive that this meant they were meant to be. They just had to be.

She could hardly take her eyes off of him even as he was standing just inches away from her beside Inuyasha.

"Hojo!" Inuyasha laughed and gave him a pat on his back. Hojo just stood there and smiled.

"Hojo, theres someone here to talk to you," Hojo looked down at Kagome and smiled.

Inuyasha leaned in closer and whispered, "Watch out, I think she's in love with you."

Kagome choked on her own spit and began to cough. The nerve of him!

But Hojo just continued to smile as if he had heard those same words millions of times.

"No, that's not true." Technically. Kagome said.

"Then why did you come all this way to see him? Huh?" Inuyasha asked, circling around her.

But Kagome was much too preoccupied by the hot man in front of her to notice what he was doing. Every fiber of her petite body was focused on only him.

"I-I just wan-wanted to give him this," she said, digging into her pocket for his handkerchief. She retrieved it and handed it to him, bowing slightly.

He looked down at the handkerchief and smiled, "You go ahead and keep it."

"Excuse me?" Kagome asked slightly startled.

"Go ahead and keep it. If I gave it to you, you should keep it."

Kagome wasn't sure if he actually remembered her. Maybe he had already forgotten all about her. After all, she wasn't the prettiest girl in the world. He could have any girl in the world. Why would he want her? Kagome felt disheartened.

Suddenly, Hojo leaned forward and whispered, "Whenever you feel like crying on the bus again, use it." His breath against her skin felt warm and exhilarating. Kagome could not keep her face from turning an embarrassing red.

As soon as he came, he just abruptly turning around and left. Kagome stared at him and smiled.


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