Chapter 1

We will start right where we left off, with the stealing of the egg in Rome. After the twelve of the "Ocean's 12" gang reunited, along with Isabelle, Isabelle had stayed with Robert (a.k.a Rusty) for around a year before she suspected him of thief work. The couple got into what ended up being a massive fight, and Isabelle went back to Amsterdam and continued her job.

Sixteen and a half years later

Meet Leah Marc, she is a new undercover detective working with the Amsterdam Police Service. The young woman has just recently turned twenty, and has been upgraded from an intern to an actual worker. With parts of her job, most of it actually, she'll work undercover at one of the most dangerous (in terms of theft) clubs in the country. Sometimes, she'll help out with bartending, others, an extra DJ, but mostly, she was a dancer. This club, was one of the ones in a chain owned by Terry Benidict.

After having the Americans rob the Belajio vaults, come to Amsterdam, and steal more, he was lenient about opening the chain of clubs, but when they went back to America and separated, Rusty with a cop, he assumed it was safe.

Little did he know, that he had a thief, Shadowfax, working for him, earning his trust while she would steal small things. Isabelle Lahiri had the case of Shadowfax, however, she had no idea that this thief was sitting beside her in the police conference hall.

"Shadowfax should be our main concern, yes, I do know that Le Marc is still out there, but he has remained inactive. Because there are no records of any other thief who is as skilled as Shadowfax, she must be our main concern.

Over to the woman's left, a slender hand went up. It was Leah, the new, just barely of age, young woman, who drove Isabelle insane.

"Yes, Miss Marc."

"Actually, there is someone to be more concerned about." Leah spoke firmly.

"And who would that be?"

"Well, sixteen years ago, there was a group of people who managed to steal the actual egg from before it got to the museum, and before the Nightfox, who you said had to be the number one threat."

"I know that Miss Marc." Isabelle tarted, as she began to get irritated.

"I'm not finished yet." Leah flicked her long dark brown hair behind her shoulders. "Three and a half years before that, the same group of Americans robbed the Belajio vaults, which was said to be impossible."'

"What is your point? They went back to America."

"How would you know that?"

"I was keeping tabs on them, it was part of my job."

"Hmph." The twenty-year-old crossed her arms, "Well they're back."

"What!" Isabelle shrieked.

"They're back."


"Most likely something to do with Terry Benidict, as his clubs have all opened recently."

"Well then," Officer Douglas interrupted the two, "Leah, you should take the case."'

"Why her?" Isabelle was beginning to get pissed.

"Miss Lahiri, Leah works at the Benidict clubs, she's also one of our best detectives, and you already have Shadowfax's case."

"But these Americans are all older than her, ninety-percent of them would be her parent's ages!"

"I don't care Miss Lahiri, Leah's taking the case and that's final. We are done this conference now." With that, everyone began to pack up their things. As Leah and Isabelle left, they ended up walking together.

"How did you find out they were back?" Isabelle asked suddenly, adding voices to the clicking of their shoes on the floor.

"Benidict was talking about them last night."

"Oh." she paused, "You work at the club on weekdays too?"

"It pays good and better, so anytime I can, I do."

"Ah. You know, it probably only pays better than here because you're new here."

"Actually, I get more money that you at this job."

"What? Why?"'

"No idea. Maybe it's because I'm younger than you."

"Are you implying that you're better looking?"

"Maybe I am, what is it to you?"

"You're horrible!" Isabelle turned sharply toward her car at that point."

"Hey!" Leah shouted over to her, "Have you gotten any leads on Shadowfax?"

"Not yet."

"Well you better get moving on that if she's your number one concern."

"You know what?" The woman walked over to Leah, "You are a little bitch, and you either need to quit it, or quit this job. I can guarantee that within a week, I will be able to find something that you've done that will get you fired."

"Oh?" Leah leaned back against her car.

"And why, at twenty, do you know so much about thievery? Who the hell were your parents?"

"I have no idea, I never met them. I learnt everything from my grandfather."

"A thief?" Leah shrugged.

"No idea." Isabelle looked hard at her, then hurriedly walked off, "I' giving you a week!"

"I'll have it done." The older woman snapped, getting into her car and driving away. Leah laughed to herself, shaking her head.

"I should probably stop being so rude to her." She muttered to herself before driving off.

Halfway through the twenty-year-old's drive, her cell phone rang, quickly, she picked it up.


"Miss Marc?"


"I've found the hotel the Americans are at."

"Good. Are they all there?"

"There's eleven of them."

"All male?"

"One female."

"Descriptions?" Leah clicked it onto speaker phone, and turned on a small tape recorder.

"One female, Caucasian, late forties, long, straight, auburn hair..." He continued on, listing all but Danny, who was absent from the group.

"Thanks." She turned off the recorder, "And where's the hotel?"'

"Corner of hundred and eleventh and sixth. Do you want me to book a room?"'

"Yes please. I don't want to have to drive in every day."


"Thanks again James."

"No problem." They both hung up the phone.

"Sixth and hundred and eleventh eh?" Leah muttered, turned down a few roads, and parked infront of the hotel. "Well, time to do my jobs." The young woman picked up her bag, locked her car, and headed for the hotel.