Chapter 9

The next morning, Isabel walked up the steps to what she thought, was the house she was looking for. She took a deep breath, and walked up the small steps, ringing the doorbell. After waiting a few moments, the door opened, exposing Leah standing there in pajama pants and a tank top.

"Shit." She swore, turning away from the door, making some sort of motion to someone behind her, as she turned back to face Isabel, Rusty came up behind her, resting on the door frame. "You came to arrest us?" Leah asked.

"Oh God!" She shouted, jumping to assumptions, "Listen...uh...there's something you two don't know about each other?"

"That she's our child?" Rusty asked, "I already know. Leah figured it out...she told me yesterday."

"Then why'd you..."

"We didn't!" Leah shouted through laughing.


"Why're you here Izzy?"

" tell you the truth, I don't' really know."

"I haven't considered a job change if you're going to ask."

"I wasn't."

"Have you." Rusty asked. Smiling, Leah turned and walked back into the house, leaving the two alone.

"If that means moving back with you...or here...then yes." Rusty smiled, sweeping Isabel into a kiss as the door closed behind her. When they departed, Isabel walked over to Leah. "I'm so sorry for everything, if I had known..."

"It's okay...but...if I'm not that nice to you for a know why. I mean, you did try to shoot me." The young woman smiled, hugging her mother tightly.