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Chapter Twelve: And so we leave them.

"I'm going to my office and I don't want to be disturbed." Kaiba snapped as he walked off of the plane and towards his personal car. It had been a long plane ride and all he wanted was to be in his big plush office chair and to take a nap to the comforting buzz of his computer. Roland was trailing behind him muttering apologies and 'of course sir' along with 'I'll arrange that sir.' Kaiba rubbed his temples and only hoped that Mokuba would behave when he saw him.

"Big Brother!"

That would apparently not be the case. Kaiba forced a smile. "Hello Mokuba."

"I was so worried about you!" Mokuba cried as he tackled his older brother. He barely remembered getting back because he fell asleep on the plane but that was okay! "We were looking all over the desert for you!"

"You were what?" Kaiba lifted an eyebrow at Numbers 2, 3, and 4 who were now grimacing and smacking their heads. He'd fire them for such insubordination as to let his brother wander through a desert, but if they had been baby-sitting him that long alone than they had probably already been punished enough. "Never mind."

"Hmm? Are you hungry, Seto? Let's get something to eat!"

"Sure." Kaiba nodded and started walking towards his car again. Maybe this time he'd make it to where he wanted to go without things getting in his way and causing unecessary flaws in his plans.

Téa in the meantime, was walking off the plane stretching her arms over her head. She made a face when she caught the smell of sand, sweat and Kaiba. "Man, I'd kill for a bath."

"That can be arranged immediately, Madam."

"Huh?" Téa looked to her side at a random servant bowing at her. The woman was young and had the look of a 'yes man' about her. She had the Kaiba Corp Logo stitched to her uniform. The brunette hesitated a response. "Can it?"

"Of course, we had a separate car prepared when we were notified of your presence on the plane. Your personal room at Kaiba Corp has been set up and is waiting for your arrival." Number 8 clicked open her cell phone and typed a quick text message. "Your bath is being drawn as we speak."

Téa blinked. As nice as all this sounded, she was suspicious. Kaiba wasn't that nice. He probably didn't even know she got on the plane, or if he did he was ignoring her. Her eyes shifted towards Kaiba and his brother who were heading towards the limo with Roland. Granted, if the price was right... "How much is that going to cost?"

"Nothing, of course." Number 8 smiled sweetly. "We'd never dream of charging Mr. Kaiba's girlfriend for anything."

Girlfriend? Téa's mind was screaming at her. That was so, so very wrong. her and Kaiba? No Way! But, then again. A bath, a room, and possibly... "Does that include room service?"

"Name it and we'll get it."

Well, maybe she'd let this mistake go for as long as she could milk it. She deserved it for putting up with that bastard for so long in the wilderness. As long as she excused herself in a timely fashion, Kaiba might not even know she was leaching his stuff; or better yet he might not care. "I want steak, medium rare. And a sundae waiting for me after my bath."

"Of course, Ma'am."

"And a new outfit."


"And some mints."


Téa could get used to this.

Kaiba tried to ignore the sudden shivers going down his back.

"I can't believe no one's noticed the plane in our yard."

"It's the apartment complex's yard."

"You'd think the superintendent would say something about it..."

"It's hard to do that from the shadow realm."

"Why is he there?"

"He wasn't going to let me park the plane."

"I don't remember that."

"You were sleeping."

Ryou was about to give some retort but stopped himself and smacked his face. "You know what." Ryou rubbed his eyes and walked into his apartment (while still wearing the crown). "I'm taking a shower and a nap."

Bakura smirked and stared down at his bounty. As soon as Landlord was inside the room he stuck his hand out and summoned a swarm of shadows. The plane on the lawn was just a joke; he wasn't stupid enough to keep that kind of hot item in plain sight. A quick trip to the shadow realm insured the safety and easy access of his spoils. Though, something was bugging him. As Bakura followed his Landlord by going into the apartment, he said what was on his mind. "Do you think we forgot anything?"

Ryou played with the crown in his hands before setting it on a table. It probably wouldn't be wise to take that into the shower with him. "Setting up good alibi?"

"No, something else." Bakura rubbed his chin. He wanted to say it had something to do with the Pharaoh; but Bakura didn't care much what happened to that jerk. "Something not quite important, but will come back later."

"We were lost in the desert, we stole a plane, we stole another plane and the crown jewels and landed said plane in my front yard." Ryou spoke plainly. "At this point, I rather don't care."

"Sounds good to me." Bakura plopped down onto the couch and turned on the TV as his landlord disappeared into the back and the sound of running water filled the apartment.

"Yugi! Where are you! I swear if you answer I'll never leave you again!" Yami cried mournfully into the desert. It hadn't taken them long to get back where they started, only this time he and Joey were decked out with proper food, supplies, and survival experience. If only his success as a wilderness survivor could help appease the overwhelming guilt at forgetting the most important person in his life. "Oh, Joey! I'm a horrible person! How could I forget my partner!?"

"Chill." Joey laughed nervously. Yami was going nuts on him; sure he was worried about Yugi too, but this was a bit extreme. "We had sunstroke, or something. It was a natural thing to do..." Joey trailed off as he adjusted his headpiece. Proper head-cover was essential when traveling a desert in hot conditions. He pulled the camels' reigns and followed behind Yami. They were taking this time to walk while their steeds took a quick break. "We'll find um' So don't worry."

"How can I not worry? He's out there all alone! I forgot him! I'll never forgive myself..."

Joey rolled his eyes as Yami went on and on about Yugi. He shook his head and huffed. Those two were joined at the hip or something. Ah well, only thing he could do was to help out. "Yugi! Get out here you little squirt!"

"YUGI! I'm sorry!" Yami cried throughout the desert. "The moment I find you I'll make it all right again! I promise."

Joey smiled. "Well, at least we've got practice this time around."

The two friends continued their desert search for the lost Yugi, tan capes and head pieces flipping in the wind while camels trailed behind slowly.

"Poor Pharaoh." The Dark Magician sighed softly to himself as he stared through the portal. The bets were long done and over with, but he still worried. "I wish I could help them find the little Master."

"Me too." Dark Magician Girl nodded. "Maybe he'll remember he can summon us and then we can teleport him there or something."

"Yes, hopefully he remembers that at some point in his pity-party." Dark Magician smiled softly at his assistant before feeling something against his leg. Looking down, he spotted Kuriboh. "What is on your head?"

Dark Magician Girl looked down as well. "It looks like a necklace."

"Where did you get that?"

Kuriboh bounced up and down and pointed back behind him. The two magicians looked up to see Bakura's monsters playing gleefully with stacks of jewelry, crowns, and other goods and what looked like...a plane?

"I love our Master!" Change of Heart spun around with rings adorning her fingers and a tiara on her head. "He always lets us play with the best toys."

Dark Necrofear laughed along as she watched the Celtic Guardian and Flame Swordsman start fake dueling with some decorative swords that were littered among the goods. She sat herself was wearing one of the nicer gemstone necklaces. All in all, it was a good haul for all.

"Wow." Dark Magician crossed his arms and stared at the others having fun. "Dark Magician Girl."

"Yes, Master?" The perky blonde had to tear her eyes from all the sparkling goods.

"Do you think that ring would look good on me?"


"Go hurry and get some before it's all claimed."

"Yes sir!"

Dark Magician knew it was good to be the boss. He looked back down and smiled as his Pharaoh continued his search. Times were good. Unless of course you were the little Master and his pointy haired friend.

"Is that what I think it is, Tristan?"

"Do you think it's Stonehenge?"


"Than, yes. Yes I do."

"Just checking." Yugi stared up at the giant rock pillars and green grassy hills that surrounded him. They were definitely standing in front of the famous historical and ancient site that was Stonehenge. Of England. "Tristan."

The brunette rubbed his head as he watched the sun setting over the hill and backlighting the giant rocks that stood before them. "Yeah, Yugi?"

"How did we get here?"

"I don't know."

"I want Yami."

"I blame your hair."

The End