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Love is Love


"Yes, Lunette? What's up?"

"Aren't you mad at me? I mean…"

"I know I should be mad-scared even. Yet, you're my only friend. I could never be mad at you."

"You're my only friend too, and no matter what… I would never hurt you."

Hell seemed like a nice day on the beach compared to the hell Kouga was sitting in. There was no light in the prison. The only source was the moonlight shining in from the 6 by 15 sized window…Barred window. There was, surprisingly, a bed in the cell. Kouga figured they would only have put in straw, like his prison cells have in his cave, but nope. It was a bed. It wasn't until he looked at it did he realize why it was there. It was disease infected, bug ridden, and soaking. A bed of nails looked more comfortable.

The smell was even worse. It smelt of decay, wet dog, and throw up. Kouga had a feeling why it smelt of throw up. He wanted to at this very moment. The walls, from what he could see, where blood stained, moldy, and dirty. It had some un-nameable stains here and there, and looked frightful to touch. Same with the floor. Luckily, there were few places good to sit, no spills or stains of any kind. Everyone before him must have dubbed these spots 'safe spots'.

It was damp, water was leaking in through the roof of the cell. It was the only sound in the whole place- the drip drop sound of the droplet splashing into the forming puddle below it. It was enough to drive anyone crazy, that's probably why there were no guards around. Either that, or the smell. The only thing leading to the outside, and freedom, was a stairway. It looked old and feeble, making an escape a noisy one. Whenever someone would come down to give Kouga food, which looked and tasted like it was made from the mold on the walls, he could hear them trudging down the steps.

The people who came down were invisible to his eyes. Their black skin and black outfits made them blend in perfectly with the darkness around him. They hadn't really talked with him…They just threw him in the cell after trying to kill him. The only reason he was caught was because he tripped on one of the tree roots when he ran into the forest.

Expecting to be killed on the spot, like they were trying to do before, they dragged him back here to the cell. Whenever one did try and talk with him, they'd just start saying things about and Empress and how she would most likely want to decide his fate. He would always ask who and what they were talking about, but they'd just leave.

It wasn't until about three days after being captured did he finally get to feel and smell fresh clean air again. He was dragged out of his cell and into the towns center where many a people were gathered. Each had the smell and persona of death about them.

"Ah, hmhmhm…We have all voted on your fate, demon. Seeing as our life has been mangled with, by our own Empress, we have decided to take you to her. There we shall give you to her and she shall decide your fate. It might please her, showing we…care. Empress Lunette might then release the curse stricken upon us," said the one man in the middle of the crowed. He had an aura of importance radiating from him. Kouga knew at once he was the leader.

"The boat is ready, Skelous. You may depart when you wish to it," said someone who ran up to the man in the middle. Nodding, Skelous moved over and looked Kouga in the eyes. He smiled, and motioned at one of the men holding him. Getting the picture, the guards forced Kouga forward. Kouga was thankful only his hands were tied behind his back, and that his feet were free from bounds; making it easier to walk.

Kouga was taken north of the town. On one side was endless grass, on the other endless trees. It wasn't long until he heard the sound of waves crashing against waves.

Soon a ship came into view. It was a good sized ship. The ship was an ordinary looking one, nothing special about it. Men were going up and down the ramp connecting the ship and the land. They were fiddling around with objects and bringing the last minute supplies on board.

"Right," Skelous started, "take the prisoner to my cabin. I want to talk with him. Stay with him until I come. First, I want to get some ways out to sea before relaxing. Kurtelm has been up to no good lately."

"Yes sir!" the guards said, dragging Kouga onto the boat and disappearing below deck.

Skelous gave an uneasy look out to see then snorted. He wasn't afraid.


"So, who's this Kurtelm?" Kouga asked, after being thrown to the ground. The two guards looked down at him and said not a word. Kouga then started to try to get up…it wasn't working to well with his hands bound.;

"Stay down! If it'll keep you quiet until Master Skelous get here, Kurtelm is the Sea Serpent that lives in Krinon Ocean. He has been in these parts for some time. If we are lucky, we won't run into him. Many lives have been taken because of it. Now, stay down and don't talk. It'll make our lives, and yours easier," the tallest of the two said.

Kouga, secretly, wanted the serpent to come, but at the same time hoped it didn't. He wanted to get to the Empress' place to see if maybe Inu Yasha was there to, but he didn't want the possibility of actually being sacrificed. He wanted the serpent to come and kill the people on the boat, but that would mean him too.

He knew one thing for sure. If the thing came he would not just sit there and wish it would leave. He was ready for some action.

It was hours until Skelous finally came and he two guards. The sun was already set and he was practically invisible to Kouga. The whole cabin was black and grey, getting darker by the minute. Neither of them spoke for sometime. Kouga wanted to see what he was going to do before he did anything.

"Well," Skelous broke the silence, "It seems to me we will reach our destination by a little after noon tomorrow at this rate. Nothing but blue skies and the ocean. No dangers, that we know of as of yet. If Kurtelm does show up…Heh, we could always just sacrifice you to him. Ah, well, he would want the whole ship. No point there, then."

"The point of this all is…You are the ticket to our mind. I'm sure Empress Lunette will forgive us. She likes seeing others die, so if we bring her you, she will be pleased. Nothing personal, demon."

Kouga decided not to say a word and not respond to anything. Taking shallow breaths, Kouga twisted his arms, trying to get free. As soon as they were free, he was ready to attack. Just a little more..

'It's loosening…'

'Almost have it…'

'Got it!'

Kouga grinned, but made sure it wasn't a suspicious grin. He let the rope silently fall to the ground and shook his hands to get the blood flowing. He eyed Skelous' every movement as he paced around the cabin. He looked annoyed and agitated. He also looked a little distracted. Perfect.

Kouga jumped up and took a swing at Skelous. Having no warning the punch hit him dead on in the face. Falling to the floor Skelous started to growl in anger. Leaping at Kouga, Skelous tackled him to the floor. The two started to flail around the cabin fighting for the upper-hand.

Scrolls, parchment, tables, and everything in the cabin was knocked over. Guards rushed in at the sound of fighting and tried to see what was going on. When finally realizing what was going on they rushed into the middle of the fight and tried to pry Kouga away.

This only resulted in Kouga reaching out and ripping out the eyes of the guard closest to him. Angry, the eyeless guard thrashed around with his fists, hitting the other guard and Skelous. Smirking, Kouga leapt out of the room and up to the deck. The men, who were up to keep everything in check, were startled to see Kouga. They quickly blew a horn and in a matter of seconds all the crewmen were surrounding Kouga.

"You got to be shitting me." Kouga said looking at the numerous crews people. It was growing darker and darker and he realized it would be a challenge to defeat them. This was why they loved to fight…Because they attack at night and the enemy doesn't even know what hit them.

Kouga watched as the sun went down and the moon started to rise. He could sense their presence and that was enough for him. As long as the shards in his legs still worked, he had nothing to worry about. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and charged.

It didn't matter who or what he attacked so he just killed anything near him. He used his ears to listen for movement and lashed out at whatever made noise. Even though he was outnumbered he was doing okay. He bite, scratched, punched and kicked anything.

Thudding was heard from somewhere on the ship, which was starting to distract Kouga. When it stopped, everyone stopped. Silence.

"It's funny. To think you survived this long without being killed. I'm impressed, really. We can see perfectly in the dark, while you… you can't see shit. You know what? Screw the Empress. I want you dead," said a voice from the darkness. Kouga new it was Skelous.

"Yeah, well, you can't get rid of me that easily. Why don't you come and get me? Just you. Leave your stupid little crew out of this. Just you and me, or are you to scared to fight me by yourself? Kouga taunted, smirking.

"What? To scared? No, no I am not. Men, stand aside. I'm going to show this outsider what it means to be afraid." Skelous replied, motioning for everyone to form a circle around the two.

Kouga wasn't afraid of this guy, not in the least. He looked weak and was no threat to Kouga. There was something, something in his mind that told him otherwise, though. He brushed it aside and got in battle position.

Skelous was the first to attack, throwing a punch into Kouga's right cheek. Kouga sensed him coming so he quickly dodge right. Skelous, seeing him dodge, ran to catch him and quickly kicked him in the gut before he could react.

Kouga fell to the ground, clutching his stomach. Getting up, he ran to the other side of the ship and tried to hear where he might be. It was no use, though. The crew was making noise- cheering for Skelous. Shouts, cries, thumping, and whistling. It was distracting.

'Damn it all. I don't think I can win, if he can see perfectly. This isn't looking to good. Inu Yasha…Where the hell are you when I need you?' Kouga thought, moving back and forth trying to find out where Skelous was.

"Just give up! You can't see your hand in front of your face, while I can see as if it were light. Haha, this is fun, fighting hand to hand. Yet," Skelous stopped for a moment to run up to Kouga and take is head and slam it on the side of the ship. "I do believe there is more fun when weapons are involved. It's even more fun when one doesn't have weapons while the other does. Guess what?"

"What, you sick bastard?" Kouga forced out. Sadly, the rail slammed him in the part of his head he hit himself, when he tried to forget. He was wobbling everywhere and felt faint. Everyone was laughing at him. His hearing started to go and right before he was getting better Skelous came up and punched him to the ground.

"I like weapons," he whispered into Kouga's ear. He slowly left Kouga's side and went down into the ship's cargo hold. Kouga took this time to getup and regain his balance. He took deep breaths and concentrated on focusing all the noise but Skelous' distinct footsteps out.

He could hear him coming back onto the deck and run towards him. Kouga squatted down and head butted Skelous in the gut before he swung his blade down. The dark skinned man went flying into the air and landed head first on the deck.

The ship went quiet.

Skelous got up slowly and he was seething. Picking up his blade he rushed over to Kouga, and started to swing at him rapidly. Kouga was struck a few times, but only cuts were formed. He was quick enough to jump back before any serious damage could be received.

Now that the ship was silent, it was easier to hear Skelous and his movements. His eyes might be failing him now, but his ears didn't let him down. This angered Skelous which made his movements much more predictable and easy to counterattack, making him even more angry.

"What's wrong? Angry that I've turned the tables on you?" Kouga asked. He dodged another swing and countered it with a kick in the face. He went flying into the railing and bits of wood from the ship cold be heard falling into the ocean.

No one made a sound, no one moved. Skelous staggered up and threw the sword into the ocean. "I was doing better without it.." he mumbled. He looked around the deck and at the same face of all his crew. "What is wrong with you? Make some noise. The true fight is just about to begin!"

Said, the crew went crazy again. This time, though, they were louder than ever. Hearing only Skelous was nearly impossible. Strike that…It was impossible. All the voices and stomping and breathing morphed into one big blob of noise. Kouga's ears throbbed with all the noise.

It wasn't until he could feel the heavy breathing of Skelous that he wasn't defending himself. It was to late, though, and he was kicked into the air. Kouga closed his eyes, even though it made no difference. He knew he was going to land in the water, he was close to the side of the ship and was kicked far.

At that, Kouga landed on something hard. It didn't feel like the wood on the ship and was definitely not the ocean. All at once, it was quiet. Kouga opened his eyes and all he say was this big red glowing eye right up in his face. It was the only thing he could see.

Just then, someone from the crew yelled, " Kurtelm!"


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