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It was god damn hot in the city. Hot, sticky, air and vents of steam rose out from the vents in the road. The sun shone annoyingly bright, scorching all beneath it in a bright blaze. The hint of roasting garbage was in the air, but it wasn't over powering.

An expensive car with four passengers was prowling the streets though. It was an uncommon sight in this particular town. Most everyone was in debt, or at least going to be. Tiny houses and jobs with little pay. People watching with fixed gazes as the Ferrari rolled down the street impressively.

Most spectators didn't know whether to mug the passengers for money, or let them be. Messing with the law was common, but this new group might be particularly troublesome. If they where important, a sentence in jail was almost certain.

Inside the Ferrari, where the AC was blasting, the four men where quite comfortable.

"So what's the word from your old man Kai?" Bryan, the 2nd guitarist, asked.

"We have to bring the ratings up." Kai, the 1st guitarist and lead singer, said simply as he steered the car. He kept a careful eye on the beat-necks on the side of the road. One of them tossed a rock around in his hands, almost threateningly. Most people did not seem at all trust worthy.

"And how do you propose we do that." Garland, The bass, said skeptically as he took another sip from his coffee. The hot drink burnt his lips and he winced, "Damn!"

"Watch it you moron." Bryan snapped from the passenger seat. "Scorching your tongue probably wouldn't be the best idea when we might have another gig soon."

"Oh shut up Bryan." Garland said with narrowed eyes, putting his coffee in the cup holder.

Kai shook his head in shame as he made another turn. "This is how the great Soul Release acts behind the scenes." He thought bitterly to himself. "I'm grateful that we don't offer backstage passes." He said quickly.

"Why is that?" Bryan asked.

"Because our bickering would probably kill the fans." Kai snapped.

They weren't usually at each other's throats so much, but after being on the flight for at least 14 hours, this was an exception.

As they argued and bickered over themselves, a rusty beat up pick up drove next to them. In the back where two boys, one playing a simple melody on a dark blue bass, the other singing and upbeat song.

The singer was a young raven-haired boy with shining gold eyes wearing jeans and a white shirt. It was simple, but very flattering to his body. The old beat up white shirt showing a strip of tan skin and let his navel peek out.

The bass player had fiery red hair and was wearing all black, and boots. Obviously a Goth. And from the looks of it, he didn't give a damn about anything.

Kai turned his head and listened to the singer. His voice ran through Kai's ears easily, and he listened intently. The voice was light, but by no means weak. It was rough in spots, but the glory of moden music was in true essence perfect imperfection. But before he could act on his thoughts, the pick-up turned onto a different road.

"Who was that?" Bryan asked intrigued by the bass player.

"I don't know. But I intend to find out." Kai said as he watched the pick-up vanish in the distance.


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